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  1. I've got the same kit,will watch this with eager anticipation
  2. This is my first tank model in 30yrs and I made a few mistakes along the way.Noticeably the storage bins are missing,having used the PE brackets on the fenders,I found out that these are 20% bigger than the plastic alternatives so making the bins protrude over the hull line so i left them off! Sprayed with AK-Interactive IDF Sinai Grey 73 and then given a wash using Ultimate Modelling Products sand wash.Stowage from Legends M51 set.
  3. Cheers theanorak I just love the look of the car
  4. Got this for Christmas,really enjoyed building albeit the seams were shocking,some of the parts didn't fit and the instructions left a lot to be desired!
  5. Got this for Christmas off my daughter,started work on it a few days later.The seams were shocking but most are hidden from view so it didn't bother me. Cockpit sub assemblies Cockpit painted with a little panel wash to outline the details Cockpit extension and wheels added Rear end added All painted Wheels added,these were really hard to get onto the metal shaft,had to use my PE tool as a hammer! Side pods on
  6. Many,many thanks for the comments guys,really appreciate them and yes vicarage Vee,totally agree.If you haven't heard the 787b rotary engine in earnest then here's a little sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ox2wgHqrNy0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=az39eqLIbyU
  7. Finally finished it Made a few mistakes with the decals,especially the blue 'Renown' decals,they should have a white background to them,only noticed this after applying 2,so there was no going back at that point!Also I touched the side after using Mr Mark Softer,decal just went to mush,lesson learned! Got a ScaleMotorsports sticky base for it,just need to make a base from some acrylic etc
  8. Started on the decals,carbon fibre one on the dashboard Close up of the dash Never done so many decals!!
  9. Cheers guys,really appreciate the comments Put a few coats on the body work,a single one on the spoiler up to now
  10. Cheers Mike,done a little more,side pods added Added the tub Side pod decals added Wheels added Rad and airbox fitted
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