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  1. Couple of delayed Christmas presents!!!! 1/35 Tamiya R35 French light tank 1/35 Tamiya Souma A35
  2. Hi, Could you stick me on list for this one? I have a few WW2 AC in the stash. Cheers Andy
  3. Thanks for all the info guys, lots of good ideas. Looks like the combination of several sets is the way to go, plenty of bits for a few projects.
  4. Hi Currently working on Tamiya's excellent little 1/48 Panzer II. I have found a picture of the vehicle I am making and it has a fair bit of stowage (ammo boxes, tarp, bucket etc) on it. Just wondering if anyone makes any sets including these types of items? Cheers Andy
  5. Thanks for the replies guys. I'll think I will paint it body colour on this occasion. Cheers Andy
  6. Hi guys, hope you are all well. Just entering the final stages of finishing the above kit and have a question about a piece of equipment mounted on the rear engine deck. It's part A20 and it looks like a fire extinguisher. I was wondering if anyone could confirm this and what colour it should be? The instructions don't give a specific colour and if it is an extinguisher I believe they were not painted red during this period. Many thanks Andy
  7. Hi, great looking build. I normally stick to wwll stuff but I was brought this one as a gift, so have it in the stash. Do you mind if I ask what colours you used? Cheers Andy
  8. Thanks, I'll give them a buzz on Monday. Andy
  9. Hi all. Been trying to order a few bits from Creative Models via their website. However, despite trying several devices, I only get an error message when selecting the PayPal option to pay. Anyone else having this issue? Also does anyone know if they are currently taking phone orders at the moment. Many thanks Andy
  10. Just got my hands on the newish Tamiya M3a3 scout car and very nice it is too. Andy
  11. Hi Thanks for the info, go given me lots of food for thought. Looks like the Finnish example is a no go. Think I might go for a Romanian example. Cheers Andy
  12. Hi guys Decided my next build will be the above kit and although the decal options in the box look fine, I was wondering what after market options are available? Would like to make a non German machine. I would particularly like to make a Finnish aircraft as I believe they operated this type. Does make a sheet with this option? Many thanks Andy
  13. Hi, Looking great so far. Didn't forget to paint the rear of the nose mounted machine guns black/gunmetal Cheers Andy
  14. Hi, Looking great so far. I have the 'nose art' version of the same kit, so I have been following with interest. Andy
  15. Hi, Would love to get involved in this one. Never made a British tank, although I have a few in the stash. Cheers Andy
  16. Hi, Would be interested in 1/48 please
  17. Hi. Have this kit in my stash. Looking forward to see how it builds.
  18. New Tamiya P38 Lightning 1/48 1/35 Tamiya Valentine 1/48 Revell Mosquito Very happy bunny!!!!!!!!
  19. Hi Great build so far. Just wondering what revell colours you used, out of tin or custom mixes? Andy
  20. Hi. Afraid not, but I seem to remember that it was more than the instructions stated. Andy
  21. Hey Roger, Finished the KV-1s version of this kit at the beginning of the year, looking forward to see how yours turns out. Watch out for the tracks, the instructions were wrong about how many links were needed. Regards Andy
  22. Hi, Sorry having bit of trouble photos but I have made a start . Lower hull assembled, now all those wheels to paint!!!!! Andy
  23. Hi guys, About to make to a start on my Tamiya Tiger I Early. For the first time I'm going to adding a little aftermarket in the form of some Eduard engine grills and some ARV Club single link tracks. The kit will be brush painted using Revell and Humbrol acrylics ( not chosen the exact paint scheme just yet). I will be shamelessly copying some of Plastix excellent techniques to get the best finish possible. Will put some photo's up in the next few days. Cheers Andy
  24. Hi, Room for one more? I would like to join in with a tamiya 1/35 Tiger l early. Looking to try workable tracks for the first time.
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