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  1. I have one in the stash: I just need to pull the trigger and buy all the extras to make it awesome, so I will definitely be watching this!
  2. I tend to use filler to fill the gaps in the layer lines, sand it back, then use spray putty to get the surface silky smooth. If it is made of PLA, it is tough as old boots and sanding by hand doesn't have much of an effect, unless you really like sanding! The last big prints that I created were rotary sanded with 320 grit paper to get a 'smoother' surface to work from, when filled, sanded with 320 and 600, then spray putty, with sanding between each coat. The finish was wonderful, but even with mechanical assistance, it was a real grind.
  3. I think they are bracing rods for the undercarriage wheel struts. They were added to XR220 due to the shimmying that Roland Beaumont experienced when he landed XR219 at the end of its first flight.
  4. Oh, I like that! As with Ruffmeister 101, I thought the in-flight photo was the real thing. Congratulations on an excellent result Yury!
  5. As ever, a stunning piece of work General! It has a no-nonsense look about it, but I really like the aesthetic of the F-108. Whenever I see the cancelled aircraft from the late 50's and early 60's, I see a tanalising glimpse of the road not taken. Aircaft such as the XB-70, F-108, CF-105 and TSR.2 were on the bleeding edge of what could be done with aero design and technology. The powers that be often were looking in the short-term (3-5 years) instead of taking a longer view of the direction of aviation. It makes me wonder just what would be flying today if politicians' actually allowed those projects to come to fruition.
  6. Doesn't it always! It took me 5 years to finish this, so you're outpacing me! At the end of the day, it doesn't matter how long it takes as long as you enjoy it.
  7. It's worth the effort. Just make sure everything is absolutely spot on: even a coat of paint is enough to throw some parts off, and that can be bad when putting the radiator cowling on. The measurement Airfix gives in the instructions needs to be precise.
  8. I knew a chap who owned one. Never rode it, just had it as a show piece behind glass. It was much more attractive in the flesh (or carbon-fibre) than photos suggest. Even then, certain parts were only made on request.
  9. That's a lovely conversion and is a wonderful piece of work. My brother had a CB750F many years ago, and I remember it being a heavy brute of a bike, but yours looks as light as a feather!
  10. That is glorious! The paint is stunning and a testament to your skill. I suddenly feel the need to do a 1/48 diorama of a Bucc and Tornado at low level, and I have a Tornado in the stash... Now where's my wallet?😁
  11. This was an accidental build. I bought the kit when they were going cheap at Hannants with the intention of selling it on later. Buuuuuuuut.... I decided to build it because it looked awesome. It was a 100% trouble-free build: it really is one of the first kits that have literally fallen together for me. I have noticed that despite the metal reinforcement, the rear undercarriage is sagging, so I may have to break out my 3d printer to make some replacements sooner rather than later. I added some Eduard PE to the ejector seat to make it look a bit busier, and everything else is straight out of the box. The paint is Mr Hobby, which is lovely to use, and I gave the aircraft some weathering, but not too much: this is a CAG bird after all! FA18_low_mid2 by DaTinz, on Flickr side_view by DaTinz, on Flickr Top_Side by DaTinz, on Flickr underside by DaTinz, on Flickr cockpit by DaTinz, on Flickr landing_gear by DaTinz, on Flickr
  12. I tend to lurk on the site, and in that time, I've built a few things here and there but never shared them, which I realised it quite selfish, and doesn't really contribute, so I am biting the bullet and showing off a couple of buiIds. So here goes! I finished this kit about 7 months ago, but actually started it back in 2017. Yep, I'm a slooooow builder... I picked this up at Antics in Plymouth for the princely sum of £49.99, which was frankly a bargain. Whilst building it up I realised that I was going to need a bigger workbench: this girl is a bigg'un! I added some Airscale placards, Eduard Brassin cannon (Which don't fit properly) and some PE to the cockpit that you frankly can't see. After breaking the lower undercarriage, (don't ask!) surgery was needed to repair it, so some SAC metal landing gear was grafted on so the plane could sit on its' tyres again. The kit was painted in a combination of Xtracrylix for the camo, Tamiya for the metal bits and engine, and Mr Hobby for the white bits. I also decided to go with a very worn example. I know that this aircraft was one of the tidier examples, but I wanted the lok of an aircraft that has been very busy recently! typhoon_3_4 by DaTinz, on Flickr typhoon_side by DaTinz, on Flickr typhoon_engine_close by DaTinz, on Flickr typhoon_top by DaTinz, on Flickr typhoon_underside by DaTinz, on Flickr undercarriage_detail by DaTinz, on Flickr gun_port by DaTinz, on Flickr cockpit_detail by DaTinz, on Flickr
  13. The decals on this one were borderline: literally 15 minutes of soaking to get them off the backing sheet, then they creased terribly with the Microsol. It took lots of work just to get them partially smoothed out.
  14. Although the title says this is the '98 bike, it is actually the '99 kit, due to the '98 NSR 500 being exceedingly expensive nowadays. It's not the best kit I have ever made, not because the kit is bad, but because my eyes are not as good as they once were! The colours are courtesy of Zero Paints. I have used them twice now and never failed to be impressed. Due to the differences in the livery between 98 and 99, I have masked off and sprayed it by hand. The decals are from the 99 kit and although they were relcutant to release from the paper, they finally surrendered! As ever, please feel free to give me your honest critique: I can't get better if I don't know what I am doing wrong. NSR_Side_No_Fairings by DaTinz, on Flickr NSR_Top_No_Fairings by DaTinz, on Flickr NSR_3_4_view by DaTinz, on Flickr NSR Front by DaTinz, on Flickr NSR_front_quarter by DaTinz, on Flickr NSR_Side_Fairings by DaTinz, on Flickr
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