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  1. I had so much fun building this, even though I made a mess of the PE...
  2. Work of art. Nothing more need be said.
  3. Hi F4u, Your link isn't working, but I think I have found the one. Is this it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vp0bO2efTw
  4. It was straight out of the box. It's a lovely kit but there is no engine, otherwise I would have performed some surgery and had the engine bay open too.
  5. Simple build and I still got the mirrors in the wrong place. Finding the right colour paint wasn't easy. In the end I used Games Workshop's Mephiston Red as it appeared to be close enough to the 1967 Ferrari red to work: especially as I dirtied it up with Tamiya weathering kitsto give it the post-race look. What do you think?
  6. Wan't sure if this should be in the diorama section or here, but hey, it's all Sci-Fi right? I built this a while ago and have finally remembered to take some photos since the sun was shining and upload them. I scratch-built some extra gubbins for the cockpit and the open engine housing as well as turning an old yoghurt bottle into a nitrogen tank which cleverly hid the large piece of brass which the whole thing hangs off. I wanted to have a glossy metallic red colour scheme and only partially succeeded. The base colour was Tamiya Gloss Aluminium with Clear Red over the top. This was left to cure for about 6 weeks and it looked good. But did I leave it alone? Noooooo... I decided I wanted a really glossy look, so out came some Tamiya clear lacquer... ...Which decided to melt the clear red paint. I swore a lot as it had exposed the silver in a number of areas and somehow managed to turn a wing red too. After a while I decided that I liked the semi-worn look and left it alone. A minor re-paint will be happening as I want to fix the red wing and let me straighten out the brass rod which appears to be sagging a bit. Anyway, here are some pics. DSC_0200.jpg by DaTinz, on Flickr DSC_0202.jpg by DaTinz, on Flickr DSC_0204.jpg by DaTinz, on Flickr DSC_0205.jpg by DaTinz, on Flickr DSC_0206.jpg by DaTinz, on Flickr DSC_0208.jpg by DaTinz, on Flickr DSC_0209.jpg by DaTinz, on Flickr DSC_0211.jpg by DaTinz, on Flickr DSC_0212.jpg by DaTinz, on Flickr
  7. It will. Just think of all that lovely shiny Brass... Alternatively, there is always the Akagi.
  8. Well done mate! If you get bored of waiting for the rest of the 1/200 Hood, there is always that 1/200 Yamato you could use as a testbed.
  9. Lunadiver, Falke & personnel ordered and delivered! Absolute bargain!
  10. I'd like to point out that I might be the one to blame for Andy spending many hours masking the whole thing. I may have mentioned that I thought it would look awesome in a digital camo scheme. However, I did not expect my best mate to take me seriously. Although, it is nice to know that I was right and that it does look awesome. Well done buddy!
  11. Either that guy is 8 feet tall, or that is the smallest ejector seat in the world. The aircraft itself looks like a toy: Fiberglass skin with very little inside. Check out the official image on page one and it clear to see that it is lacking a few things: like avionics.
  12. Get it built: you'll not regret it for a second, but make sure you have the room for it before you do: I ended up buying a glass case specifically to put it in, so that was an extra £130-odd I didn't expect. Luckily, the Schnellboot itself was a Christmas present from fellow modeller AndyP.
  13. It has been a labour of love and test of patience but after almost a year, I have finally gotten this finished. I have had a battle on my hands with this model, including losing the transparencies and decals: Thankfully, my laser printer and a sheet of acatate saved the day. Size-wise, this is a real monster: 3 feet long. It fits inside its display case with a mere 6 inches to spare and just squeezes inside with the radio masts having to be gently bent to get it onto the shelf. The crew are the Italeri set, but since I added Eduard PE, they don't quite fit as well as if it was all built OOB. I used Vallejo Model colour for the Schnellbootwiess, which is a pig to airbrush and is almost transparent when applied. Next time, I'll mix up some Tamiya. Weathering is all done with oil washes and a little bit of the Tamiya weathering pigment. The crew are painted using Revell Aquacolour. It is easy to go overboard with the weathering on this vessel (its all the white!) so I decided to go with a reasonably weathered specimen: something that has been out in the North Sea and Atlantic for a few weeks. Unfortunately, the lighting blows out a lot of the weathering detailing: in the flesh, the tones are very subtle indeed. There is a little bit of stuff to do: namely covering the screwholes up and a little bit of touch-up, but this is pretty much finished. DSC_0063.jpg DSC_0079.jpg DSC_0066.jpg DSC_0068.jpg DSC_0070.jpg DSC_0072.jpg DSC_0073.jpg DSC_0078.jpg DSC_0080.jpg
  14. I am liking that a lot! Cracking build and an excellent paint job on one of my favourite Soviet-Era jets.
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