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  1. Very nice Spitfires. As my father would say, "a lot's good, more's better!" Jim, the Spitfire-oholic.
  2. WOW!!!!!!!! I thought it was 1:1! Magnificent is an understatement.
  3. That's a wonderful job on that old Frog kit. I second the recommendation of Ralph Barker's Torpedo Bomber.
  4. Man, that is REALLY SOMETHING!!!!!! Greek Phantoms are always cool, great execution of color scheme and perfect shading and weathering. Ah Lovvvve Eeeet!!!!!
  5. Beautiful build! Putting in Captains of the Clouds now. Check out those Battles!
  6. Nice, no, Really Nice Cromwell! Your figure is top notch, with the facial expression very realistic and showing depth of character. The base is ok, sometimes less is more. Thanks for posting Cheers, Jim, The Spitfire-oholic
  7. Fantastic paint! Spectacular hues and chroma. Very realistic. Thanks for posting, nice photography too.
  8. Fantastic looking Firebrand! Love those post war dumptrucks, including the Martin Mauler, Skyraider, Alize, and Skyshark. Big and brutish. Oh, I almost forgot, the Gannet and the Blackburn YA-7. Love the color scheme and markings too.
  9. Great looking Spitfires Tony! Great to see them posted here! As always, superb builda of the prettiest propeller driven aircraft of all time, Cheers, From Jim, The Spitfire-oholic
  10. Thanks for posting. Great models, and The Spitfire was first! Really nice. Cheers, Jim, The Spitfire-oholic
  11. Eeet eeez, 'ow should ah say... z'wonderful model and zee photography eeez mahvalous! The B&W shots are super. Love it! Cheers, Jim, The Spitfire-oholic
  12. Great job! Need more Spitfires... Jim, The Spitfire-oholic
  13. My biggest criticism is you need to build many more!!!!! Beautiful aircraft - beautiful, colorful scheme. Beautiful build! Keep up the great work. Jim - The Spitfire-oholic.
  14. Thanks for the input - led me to the wiki link.
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