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  1. Great to read Dave as that was the effect I was aiming for Bruce
  2. Thanks for the kind comments people. James. I have heard the ones remoulded by Italeri may be a little crisper, if that helps . They may be slightly easier to find too Bruce
  3. G'Day All Latest off the bench and Number 2 for the year is the old Accurate Miniatures 1/48 B-25C/D finished as an Mitchell II belonging to 320 SQN 2T.A.F. This kit was an original AM boxing, and was not the easiest build. A lot of filling and rescribing was needed along the fuselage top seam and around the carburettor intakes I also managed to fudge the canopy at the final hurdle requiring a replacement to be faired in at the last minute (not too successfully!) The model is not quite accurate in regard to all details, it should have a fixed .50 in the nose as well as the hand held gun, the bombsight should be a sperry, not the norden and I managed to add the wrong serial, but Im not fixing it now. Paints are by Gunze and MRP with multiple layers of different hued O.D until I got the desired look. The stripes were added using Mission Model Paints thinned with water, then scrubbed off the top surfaces. Decals are by Eagle-Cals and machine gun barrels by master models. The staining and oil leaks were attained using thinned oil paint A longer description on the build is at my blog listed in my signature. Definitely need a palette cleanser build next! Thanks for looking Bruce
  4. Absolutely stunning Jon. The staining and chipping are excellent. Disappointing how the moulding quality has deteriorated so much from the first boxing. I wonder if it’s down to the quality of the plastic used ? Bruce
  5. Thanks everyone for the answers and again proving BM is THE place to get information Regards Bruce
  6. Excellent work. I can’t help but notice how clear and sharp your transparencies are Bruce
  7. Much appreciated Selwyn May the Easter Bunny rain chocolate upon you. (Unless you are diabetic!) Bruce
  8. G’day All and Happy Easter ive got the skunkworks R.N deck tractor and towbar built and want to attach it to my Kinetic SHAR I’d assumed the bar would attach to the front nose wheel axle, but the skunkworks one definitely doesn’t as the yoke is just not wide or long enough. Would anyone have photos of where the bar attaches? Google searches bring up nothing Thanks Bruce
  9. Fantastic work Calum I reckon you have nailed the colours Bruce
  10. Lovely work as usual Tony. I knew you would be straight onto the Airfix Vampires Bruce
  11. Great build, and I really enjoyed your very detailed WIP post too Bruce
  12. Looks lovely Shaun very different from your usual FAA fare Bruce
  13. Lovely work as usual Mathy. There’s always so much depth in your finishes. They are always a joy to look at Bruce
  14. Certainly does look odd. I didn’t even realise roundels this size were a thing until I saw a photo of the real machine. By wing decals, if you mean the wing walk way stripes, I chose to paint them rather than use the decals. Bruce
  15. Looks very nice Rich . Maybe just touch in the wingtip lights with red and green paint. Red for the left as if you are sitting in the plane and dark green for the right wing. The lights are the little “blobby” bits on the wingtips. Decals look like you have tamed them well too ! Bruce
  16. Thanks Joachim. I have gone for hard edges on the other build regards Bruce
  17. I actually think Cruise nailed some of Reachers character quire well, especially his intelligence. I caught the first ep last night and enjoyed it, despite thinking Richson’s Reacher a little too talkative and pretty. Reacher in the books is quite “weathered” as a mate put it. I’m looking forward to watching the rest of the series though
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