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  1. Very kind of you. Are you getting the new Revell Hurricane to try ? Bruce
  2. Ive been hoping for a new gannet from Airfix for a while. Hopefully next year may be the year. I for one really hope its not a AEW, as that would limit its sales. The AS1, to me makes far more sense, being used by more air arms, therefore more scope for future boxings by airfix. Bruce
  3. Thats an amazing output, and all look brilliant too Bruce
  4. Great stuff. Some very interesting schemes there too Bruce
  5. A great year. I still love that vampire and the late mark Spitfire Bruce
  6. These are brilliant Chris. I love FAA subjects I think the tiger moth is my fave Bruce
  7. Mark. Looks like a brilliant year, and all those are models to be proud of. I initially thought that first shot of the underside of your Spit was a real aircraft! The very in scale chipping on the Corsair looks fantastic in that it doesn’t hit you in the face. And I love your HMS Wren . I need to do a ship myself A mate and I have indulged in a few buddy builds. They are certainly great fun. I must watch out here more for some. look forward to seeing what you produce in 2023. I’m off to read your blog now Bruce
  8. So far it’s not working well here either . I’m sure things will settle down once we’ve established ourselves in the new house I have managed to sort my decal collection though! Bruce
  9. All nice builds Steve, but that Sherman boasts the most in scale “rope” I’ve seen on a model. What did you use? Bruce
  10. WOW! You bought a shop . Congratulations and good luck with it. I love your horse drawn vignette and the Lightning build All the best for the business in the coming year Bruce
  11. I actually looked at your builds before tackling mine. It seems all goes well if you completely get rid of the casting block on the undercarriage bay. I’ll certainly be buying a Revell IIc when they release it
  12. Wow! They are all excellent builds. Varied subjects too, which I love Bruce
  13. That’s a lovely model Roger . You’ll enjoy it. Would love to catch up too, but we’ve now moved to NSW for the better weather Hope your Xmas is filled with joy Bruce
  14. 2022 was proceeding readily on the modelling front until the latter half of the year. We had our house on the market and sold quicker than expected, so the bench had to get packed up Still managed 5 though, so not too shabby, as that seems to be my average output. In order of completion Eduard's superb 1/48 Spitfire Mk1. A very enjoyable kit, this one finished using Fundekls "Early Spitfires part2" I have bought several more! Next was Accurate Miniature's 1/48 now rather old B-25C/D . This was not as fun as the Spitfire . Nor was not it as good a kit as I seem to remember from when I first built it upon its initial release Decals from Eaglecals Continuing on with kits-that-arent-fun-but-need-to-be-built Fly Models 1/32 Hurricane MkIId I needed a bit of a quick easy build after that. The Hasegawa 1/48 Ki-44 Tojo fir the bill although it took me 2 goes to get the camouflage right Meng's 1/48 F-18E was another enjoyable build, although I raced it to the finish line as we were starting to pack up the house Once Xmas is done with, time will be spent getting a new bench up and running so full production can be resumed. as Im transitioning to retirement now, Im expecting that production to be fruitful Enjoy the season fellow Britmodellers Bruce
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