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  1. Just a quick build of the great Starter Kit from Airfix of the de Havilland Vampire T.11, Royal New Zealand Air Force No.14 Squadron. Used the seatbelts and 'D' rings from the Eduard etch set. Alclad and Vallejo paints. Thanks for looking Kirk
  2. Thanks everyone for your kind comments. I should also add that I have cut out and repositioned the ailerons and that the rear beaching gear looks nicely in scale, but is frustratingly flimsy. I'll see if I can take some higher quality pics over the next few days as well. Cheers Kirk.
  3. Hi everyone, at last I've finished my 1/48 Catalina, it was supposed to be completed for the Lesser Built Air-Forces Group Build, but didn't quite make it!! Original thread http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234973320-norwegian-148-pby5-catalina/ . After a little research in to Norwegian Catalina use, (helped hugely by Nils ( Vingtor ), I was surprised to find a RoNAF Catalina which used my initials as it's squadron code, so, being a vain type ;-), that's the one I've finished it as. Sorry about the quality of some of the pics, it is a real struggle to take anything half decent without distortion, but that's due to the limitations of the Kindle I use to take photo's with and the size of the completed model. Oh, and by the way, unless you fit some internal lighting, don't bother with adding any internal detail to the kit supplied parts! Thanks for looking. Kirk
  4. So this was the state of play at the end of the Group Build. Apologies for the awful pic quality. Cheers, Kirk
  5. Drat, deadline missed. Oh well, nearly finished, just the decals and weathering to do now. Will post the completed model photos on the Ready for Inspection page on the main aircraft section when I'm done. Thanks for dropping by and well done to everyone who finished in time. I've had a fabulous time following all the excellent and unusual models built for this Group Build. Big thanks to the hosts. Cheers Kirk.
  6. Thanks for the kind words gents. Fuselage now closed up,seams attended to. Wings reinforced and complete, also ready to paint, all transparencies masked and undercoated. This may scrape in before the deadline yet!
  7. Oh yes, Stringbag, I have been watching in awe! Such fantastic craftsmanship. Kirk.
  8. Time is racing on so I've made a start at last! This may not be quite as detailed as I originally intended, but I am conscious of the finish date fast approaching. So far I've done some basic painting and interior work along with some Eduard detailing. Another session or two should see this ready to close up and have it's tail chopped off ready for the Belcher Bits correction.
  9. Superb, many thanks Nils, just what I needed. I'm just finishing off a 1/32 Tornado at the moment, but shall be diving straight into this build very soon.
  10. The plan is to do one of these two babys. Found on Nils 'Vingtor' website http://vingtor.net/profiles_content.html The only teeny tiny snag is that I am unable to find any other views or photos of either....yet! Won't slow the build anyway tho.
  11. Hi Henrik, ah yes, I remember coming across this masterpiece a while back. Quite inspirational, bonkers and way beyond my skill, but very inspirational. Thanks Kirk
  12. So here are the bits and bobs I will be using, along with an extra Eduard etch set or two, that are still on the way to me. Cheers Kirk
  13. Thanks Cliff, I would love to do a Danish one as well. I've seen the Cosford example and have it filled in my virtual ' to be built soonish file'!
  14. I would love to join in too. Am already going to build a Norwegian Catalina for the lesser built air force's group build and still have at least 15 or so suitable kits and markings. May do something Danish seeing as my better half is!
  15. Hi there , Norwegianwood, I think it would be a great excuse to get my 1/48 Catalina with Vingtor markings on the bench and finished :-) . Kirk
  16. Hi, can I join in and take Norway if it is confirmed free? Thanks Kirk
  17. Hi everyone, just to let you know, I have been helping out my good friends Mark and Julie at www.oxoniansplasticfantastic.co.uk and can now confirm the first two releases of this kit are in stock. You can also get it from their e-bay site http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Oxonians-Plastic-Fantastic/_i.html?_dmd=2&_sid=138405976&_sop=10 . Cheers Kirk.
  18. Well, I've put some in the nose of mine, just in case, because of the resin exhausts I'm using. I don't think it would be needed usually. As insurance, you could leave the nose off till last thing and add some there if needed. Hope this helps. Cheers Kirk
  19. Hi Iain and co., well this hasn't progressed quite as quickly as I had hoped unfortunately. Oh well, will carry on in the aircraft WIP section. Well done to everyone else who did manage to finish, some great models of refreshingly different subjects. Here is a pic of where I am at the moment. Thanks everyone for watching, see you soon Kirk
  20. Thanks Will, it's certainly going to be tight! Have managed to get some done at last, steps area done, airbrake and spine area faired in, fin on, fuselage together, wheel bays basic colours painted and fitted, wings on, resin exhaust cleaned up and ready for paint. A couple of pics for your entertainment... Cheers Kirk
  21. Hi Bo, looks great so far, hope you enjoy building your version as I did mine . Funnily enough I will be in Denmark in a few weeks visiting relatives near Odense. Skál Kirk
  22. Thanks Mike and Mike! Much appreciated. Kirk
  23. Thanks for the kind comments everyone and yes, Airfix really should up-scale it to at least 1/48 . Cheers Kirk
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