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  1. Hi Matave. No, this is another Fokker D.VII. Could have been a nice twist to the story, though. Cheers Christian
  2. Thanks, guys, for your valuable input!
  3. Hi Dave. Thanks for your reply. I had downloaded Wingnut Wings' instructions before writing and there is a wealth of useful info. When it comes to these greens, however, Wingnut Wings suggest Tamiya XF-61 and Humbrol 30 as being equivalents. These colours are very far from each other, so it is not really a help after all. I am building Eduard's 1/48 kit. Two versions of the same aircraft. The aircraft first flew as a civilian courier/ mail plane. It was in Lozenge without any special markings apart from a Danish pennant painted on the tail. Afterwards it was purchased by the A
  4. Hello all. I am working on my first WW I model, a Fokker D.VII, a rather terrifying experience I am looking for info/advice on the green(s) used for the non-Lozenge parts of the aircraft. I have the impression that the upper fuselage in front of the pilot, the motor cowling and the "wing" between the wheels is one green, and that all struts between the upper and lower wing (and perhaps also those of the undercarriage) are another green. Oh, by the way, my model is a Fokker-built version. However, I have not been able find very much information about this, and any h
  5. Hi folks, it's me again. I am looking for a picture showing the two flare dispensers loaded with live flares. As I assume they were during the conflict in Libya in 2011. Thanks for your help. Best regards Christian
  6. Cheers guys. I have another question regarding my British Typhoon build.. On the front of the rudder, where it is closest to the fin (I hope I'm using the right terms) there is a stripe of differently coloured material. Wear resistant, I suspect. In some pictures it appears metallic, in others lightly coloured and yet others rather dark. I am building ZJ927, and I have a picture where the stripe is rather dark. What is the right colour? If, indeed, there, is a "right" colour. Best regards Christian
  7. Thanks for your reply, Bobski. It is much appreciated. And your suggested loadout is just what I was looking for. Cheers Christian
  8. Cheers guys. First of all, a very big thank you for this extremely useful thread. I am warming up to building ZJ927 from 3 Sqn during Operation Ellamy, and I have some questions regarding the 56 LGB marks. Were they applied after the end of the conflict, or were they applied successively during the conflict? I want to do the model with a full load of PWII's, AMRAAM and ASRAAM, and if the LGB marks were applied after the end of the conflict, this loadout combined with the LGB marks would not be very likely. If the marks were applied s
  9. Thanks so far, guys. The demarcation line is just to the rear of the centerline pylon. I attach a couple of pics. I hope I am not violating any copyrights. If so, please let me know, and I shall remove the pics right away. The far one: Valka.cz Valka.cz Cheers Christian
  10. Hi all. I am working on a couple of Trumpeter MiG-23's and have come across a peculiar (to me) thing. In some cases the lower fuselage seems to be painted in two colours. The front 2/3 in one colour and the rear 1/3 in another colour. The front colour appears to be the usual blue-grey, while the rear is more of a pale blue. In fact I have a pot of each from Xtracolor, named as Czech colours. What puzzles me is why this was done, was it done by all variants and by all user countries? I would be very interested to learn more about this, and any help will be gr
  11. Researching Sea Harrier FRS1 options as to camouflage schemes and weapons I have come across the picture inserted below. No matter how much I look at it, I can still see a drop tank, a 1000 pdr and a Sidewinder rail on the starboard wing. Which is not possible. Or is it? I cannot see that the 1000 pdr should be on the centerline, it appears situated much too low for that. And to me it seems situated outboard of the tank. Here's the pic. I found it in the book by Neil Mercer: The Sharp End. Your help is appreciated, as always. Best regards Christian Neil Mercer: The Sharp End
  12. Thanks very much, Dave and Richard. Cheers Christian
  13. Thank you very much for the replies. I have one more question: I mean to believe that the aircraft I am modelling had the flight-refueling probe fitted at the time, but I am not able to find pics of this. Was it possible to fit the probe to all Sea Harrier FA.2s? Thanks again Christian
  14. I am in the process of building Kinetics Sea Harrier FA.2 and I have stumbled across a thing that puzzles me. In the leading edge of the port wing, very close to the fuselage, is a light. Kinetic will have me use the light, but they actually also have include a blank, though without mentioning it. Checking pics on the web, it seems that some have the light, others not. Is there a reason for having the light or not having it? Thanks for your help, as always. Cheers Christian
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