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  1. Really neat job and nicely photographed. gazza l
  2. Really nice work and something completely different. gazza l
  3. Beautiful work, very nicely done. I agree with you about the Tristar, it is a very elegant plane compared with the DC-10. gazza l
  4. Amazing work, your hard work has produced a stunning Tornado. gazza l
  5. Very nice work, must be quite a lump in 1/48th. gazza l
  6. Wow! That's very impressive work. Nice model, nice lights and nicely displayed. gazza l
  7. Very nice indeed, I like the variations of green very convincing finish. gazza l
  8. Lovely work, very nice camo pattern... something a bit different. gazza l
  9. Really nice work, your efforts have paid off with a stunning example. gazzal l
  10. Very nice, weathering looks perfect. Not a subject you see very often. gazza l
  11. Not bad for an old 40+ Yr old kit, very nice. gazza l
  12. Great collection of well made aircraft, particularly like the Halifax. gazza l
  13. Very nice work, photographed and presented perfectly. gazza l
  14. Very nice work, nicely presented on the stand. gazza l
  15. Thanks very much Longhorn. Surprisingly the fit wasn't too bad, just a little filler needed here and there also the centre line pylon also covers most of the fuselage seam line down below. Thanks everyone for your kind comments. gazza l
  16. Super modeling on an old classic. The new wheels are a work of art. gazza l
  17. Really nice work, loving this Phantom fest at the moment. I feel the need to make one! gazza l
  18. Had me fooled initially, very convincing... excellent photography and modeling. gazza l
  19. Very nicely done. I do like the nose art! gazza l
  20. Beautiful work. Have to agree with Duncan B, one of Airfix's finest. gazza l
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