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  1. Looks superb, nice painting and weathering. It's carrying a serious amount of ordnance. gazza l
  2. A nice pair of jets, with an added splash of colour... very nice work. gazza l
  3. Very nice build, I like the subtle weathering. gazza l
  4. Stunning build, lovely paintwork... very neat. I'm currently building this kit and struggling with the wing fit, the top looks OK but the underwing joint is a nightmare! gazza l
  5. Fantastic build, I do like the finish, not to flat. Which of the GX range did you use? gazza l
  6. Excellent work, stunning painting and weathering. gazza l
  7. Very impressive work... great subject choice as well. gazza l
  8. Lovely shots and you've even managed to get my house in on the Cambridge backdrop photo. gazza l
  9. Beautiful work, looks like an amazing kit. gazza l
  10. Really nice work, looks like another great kit from ICM. gazza l
  11. Thanks GRK It wasn't easy to be honest and took a couple of attempts to get right. I painted the whole spinner white first then used Tamiya 2mm tape (there is a joint line which was handy for positioning) and then sprayed the two shades of green either side. Cheers Winenut I couldn't have done it without an Eduard canopy mask set... a must for these Luftwaffe bombers with greenhouses for canopies. Many thanks to everyone for your kind comments.
  12. Hi everyone Next of the production line is this 1/48th Ju 88 from ICM, a great kit with fine panel lines which just required a bit of rivet detailing to add a bit of extra interest. I did add an Eduard photo etch cockpit set, resin wheels and engine oil coolers. Painted with MRP lacquers and weathered with Abteilung oils. Thanks for looking gazza l
  13. I did hear them to the east of the city on their return to Waddington. I was hoping they might fly over Cambridge like the Koreans did in July.
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