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  1. TonyR

    Paint Colour

    Thanks for your input Jordi, It's very difficult to decide which blue to use as there is no actual standard to the blue used in the Greek Flag! . it seems as long as it's Blue and White that's fine! - the problem starts when you are trying to match to a Decal, because some makers use light Blue and the set I have is quite dark. It looks like I have to start mixing until I get somewhere near the one I want - Hey Ho!!
  2. TonyR

    Paint Colour

    Hi All, Doing an F86 in the colours of the 'Hellenic Flame' Display Team, Can anyone give me an idea of any paint brand nearest to the right shade of Blue used for the Greek Roundel - Conversion charts suggest FS15102 but I've not been able to find any details other than an acrylic FS 15102 Dark Gray Blue, which looks nothing like the colour used for the Greek emblem - And unfortunately I dont use acrylics (horrible stuff! - give me enamel everytime!!) I know the shade I need is somewhere around the Navy Blue end of the spectrum, but does anyone know of a better match?? Any ideas would be most welcome.
  3. Thanks for the replies people, I'm waiting for the Vintage Pair Decal sheet which I ordered and paid for on the 24th Feb - and I know it says 'This product will be available soon'. but on my account details it say's it's been shipped to me, - Up to now I've sent 5 emails to whoever owns the blasted company, without receiving one reply - and also tried numerous times to phone them without success, due to the automated answering machine which just says 'the mobile is unavailable - please try later' and then cuts you off. You would think if this guy wishes to encourage people to buy his products he would at least have the decency to reply when someone is trying to contact him - I have to say I'm less than impressed with his service so far!! Tony R
  4. Hi, as the title says, Has anyone had any dealings with a company using the name RAM models?? I have no info about them - where they are etc - just a mobile phone No. (Which never gets answered - just an automated voice saying the person is unavailable please try later) - or an email addy from which you never get a reply. I mistakenly opened an account a short while ago in order to purchase a decal sheet and have since heard nothing - no delivery date, no information, despite numerous calls and mails. Has anyone else experienced any of this from this supplier? Cheers for any replies. Tony R.
  5. TonyR

    New Colour Scheme

    Hi, Can anyone give me details about the new aircraft and colour scheme being used by the Indian Air Forces 'Surya Kiran' Aerobatic Team please? Obviously, I know the aircraft are Hawk 132's and their colours are supposed to be Day-glow Orange and White, Which is all very basic information, one can get by looking on Wikipedia - What I'm looking for is possible paint codes, information about the design of the new scheme, and since these aircraft are delivered already painted in their new scheme, who is responsible for the painting etc. I have an ongoing argument with an acquaintance who is insistent their colour is Red and no amount of pictures seem to make any difference, so I would like to have something to finish this once and for all. Any help would be most welcome - & thanks in advance. Tony R
  6. Hi Niki, Thanks for the reply, and you're right, I think I'm very lucky to be able to add a 1/72 scale 'Black Eagle' in my collection considering Academy only make it in 1/48 - I was going to have to rely on my limited skill and make the markings, until I found a very good supplier in Australia that turns out limited edition, short run, laser printed ones, and as you can see they're the absolute dogs!! - unusual (they are printed 'in reverse'!) - but very effective. Next project is the RSAF 'Black Knights' F-16 in the 2014 scheme - Should be fun!! lol Link for the fourth kits markings!! -- DEK-LS-HOBBY?_trksid=p2047675.l2563
  7. Hi Niki Just finished mine now and it's in the cabinet among my others - I have to admit it turned out quite well and now it has all the markings done, I think it was well worth the effort - I've posted a couple of pics . perhaps you might like to get another one in your stash in case the fancy takes you again! Take care mate . Let me know how you get on with yours. Tony R
  8. Thanks for that Niki - I didn't actually measure the wheels, it was done by eye, (they just looked right!) - but comparing them again just now, I would say 1mm would be about right. Although the T-50 was designed and built in co-operation with Lockheed Martin and the Korean Aerospace Industries, and is very similar to the F-16 in looks, it is slightly smaller overall, so that 1mm seemed to make all the difference - (one case of size does matter ) Tony R
  9. I've been busy building one too, but it isn't as far along as Tony's - I didn't use the gear bay like him, I scratch built mine similar to the Hasegawa F-16 bay which is a very much simplified job . I made use of the main legs though but scratched the secondary ones, I had to find some spare wheels from the spares box as the F-16 s were too big . and I also utilised the gear doors from the T-50 after some extensive thinning. I still have some small bits to finish off before sorting out the markings, (Gear door detailing and fixing, Seats and seat belts etc) - but it's coming along nicely and will be a great addition to the collection, even if some people dismissed it as 'more a toy than a kit'!! A few pics : - Hope you like them. Tony R
  10. Hi Tony, You have been busy, but it's looking good mate - mine's not quite so far along but should be done in a few more days (hopefully!) - I've been looking to see if I could find something in my decal box you could use - Those wing markings, are they the same size as the 'orrible stickers?? Tony R
  11. Hi Tony, I have one of those - Lovely little kit, excellent detail and fit even though it's a snaptite one - What are you going to do it as?? Cheers. Tony R
  12. I've been wanting to get my hands on one of these in 1/72 ever since they brought out the 1/48 scale example, and now Academy have done so - Yes it's very basic, yes it's a snap-tite kit, but for anyone with good modelling skills, and a bit of patience this could become a great little addition to your collection - More a toy than a kit???!!! - I've seen lots of so called kits that were far worse than this . Academy have done a fantastic job on the fit and detail, and if an F-16 gearbay can be used to give it legs, with a little bit of detailing on the part of the modeller, ie seatbelts, paint job etc.. It'll be a winner! .. Well worth the effort. Tony R I thought I'd post this pic of my completed subject, just to show what can be done if one puts their mind to it. It may not be 100% accurate but it'll do for me! Tony R
  13. Ok Mike - I'll give it a try ---- Thanks Hmmm - Good advice, but it seems I'm not allowed to start a new topic on there as I don't have the required number of posts! .... Oh well. Tony R
  14. Hi All, This may be a vain hope, but does anyone by any chance have the Instruction / Painting sheet from the Hasegawa 1/72 'Asas de Portugal' T-37 Tweet - and would they be willing to scan and mail me a copy please. I don't think there's any chance of finding the actual kit now, since it's been out of production for many moons, so I guess the next best thing is getting a copy of the instructions and starting from scratch. So, to anyone that has it, thanks in advance..... Tony R.
  15. TonyR

    UAE Team Markings

    Hi Guys, Scotthldr: - The link you provided is the same chap I mentioned earlier (Tomcat 03630) - He has several different sheets on ebay at this moment, (including the 'RUSS' one) - I ordered three sheets from him on the 16th - they arrived this morning!! - fantastic service!! Despy: - I subscribed to Babibi also on the 16th and the new Turkish Masks are on their way!! Now what I need is 'who does sheets of National Markings (in different sizes!)?? - I need Portuguese and Pakistani roundels to fit a 1/72 Cessna T-37 Tweet -- What a shame ESCI is no longer around! Tony R
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