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  1. A package shipped to me from central south France to south west UK took 3 weeks and only arrived this week, so it could be the postal system is slow. Model Hobbies are usually very good if the item is in stock, not in stock they don't tell you and a very poor at replying to emails etc. If you paid by PayPal you can always open a dispute. HTH P
  2. If your concerned about getting one there is on on eBay at the moment https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-144-HMCS-Snowberry-Flower-Class-Corvette-Detail-Up-Set-for-Revell-kit-05132/184370446976?hash=item2aed55c280:g:oBkAAOSw8aJfFYh9 HTH P
  3. I'll look forward to the PM. P
  4. Yep, I have a copy!! This is the cover of the copy I have https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/i3Ebx6JRANVLhSBeGblq6IPo78fl-07sDTwV3oAJj8p3UUU7pmRLsdiBres5TnYZ1MJhwFkyYgis4ZbE0zJ2f_696hTQvO5pPwy9qSxrUyr268B4OH_sAVcsG9ekliSevJM38zDB4Tb18TUbPxZSaK8FHRPb_hzFF7HpbzoAOX1qb58lUswuwF5YTDRGnFeOHqO5PYkwwTBKt_jqCYTaowlfa43um8gD6HYySLlIBkqrJ1vkdzM1vtbbpbRiIRlkAKvv0Go2wYRpj2nWtxfH_c2iJz3XjqREG_PlrvAckBESVBDwK9HyTVnlz0R3sSiB8qj4FrgWNyeO49NueWjYt4iUH2jP_MLTY_jW1xVX_jJBt1EwqoY-djnai2ajdyNDElV9pR5Q7D3Qy0lATmm3kxRimNZMVSTTCYLJ9yywsATnr3prhxKNvkQVqJVK8kr-MilsKBiBbcbkFEokeo8ZBgpQU0M9lA44NRz55e_z2fbKusDT68zUPSN6XFgEXSOrvDR6nqjQda9-nKHrWeIg-TfIBN5SoZ8-S1FbHag2ft0n62ZFkdYlOrdKHaaozrmtzxrs2hnP5wzCjoVz9sqv19UrprEqeROpXLnjmqWrK9u_hZTVFhKDf8XHy9Avy0tXz5n8feSBIwNK473cuuU7QwxbtTUKBuF6r1w-qYmNGcX2VMhHsYSVs_3fh48=w300-h215-no?authuser=0 Very difficult to find. There is one on Amazon UK at £30-00 plus £2-80 at the moment and that is cheap. I'd be happy to scan it for you if it helps and send pages via email or possibly Goggle docs. PM me with your details and I'll see what I can do. It may take a few days to scan it all. HTH P
  5. What book was that? I may have it!! P
  6. Watching with great interest, got a few of these in the stash. Love the Tamiya kit and we have the new Airfix one due soon. P
  7. PDH

    Mask Cutting Machine

    Thanks Alexey. That'll be useful if I go with a Silhouette machine. First decision - which machine? P
  8. I'm trying to decide whether to buy a mask/plastic cutting machine such as Cricut or Silhouette. Any recommendations as to the best one for modelling? Any help, advice or things to watch out for would be great before I commit myself. Thanks P
  9. PDH


    Oh yes you've read my mind. I have 57 unmade WNW kits (including two Green Tail sets so the actual number of kits is 61) in the stash and the current prices they are reaching is very tempting but once sold they will be gone for ever. I was fortunate in starting to buy when they were first released and then my daughter moved to the US and I had all my purchases shipped there, dollar to pound exchange rate good, no import VAT/handling charges, so was able to buy a couple more each time and I then brought them back to the UK whenever we returned from a visit. Could sell a few but currently I'm loathed to sell anything! Don't really want to think about it!!!
  10. The late Mick Bell produced over 400 high quality drawings and plans of military vehicles, mostly trucks but also including some tanks, military buses, aircraft recovery equipment, tank transporters, in 1/76 scale for use by modellers and vehicle enthusiasts. Since his death in 2007 these have not been readily available. His son has now made these drawings available again as high-resolution digital copies which are free to download. Website URL - http://mickbellplans.com Each drawing has its own page, showing a low-resolution preview of the drawing, with a link to the full-size high-res image. The pages are categorised by country, and are also tagged with vehicle manufacturers and types. An index of the plans available can be found on this page http://mickbellplans.com/2019/06/15/index-of-all-drawings/ P
  11. PDH


    Hi Mike, Hadn't heard about Bekra, another bricks and mortar shop going, shame. Re styrene sheets not sure how large you need them but I get mine from eBay - https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/station-road-baseboards?_trksid=p2053788.m1543.l2754 - he has A3 sheets and a lot more. Good prices, quick delivery and a pleasure to deal with. HTH P
  12. PDH


    Ooops - teach me to try and do things on my phone in a rush. Amended P
  13. PDH


    Any reduction in attendee numbers and trade stands allowed are likely to make the whole show financially unviable. IPMS relies on the income from SMW to enable to to operate successfully. If Telford goes ahead then any loss of income would have to be made up from IPMS reserve funds. I made the decision last December that I would give Telford 2020 a miss. Glad I did, even if I had planned on going in 2020 then sorry there is no way I'd consider going now, the risk is just not worth it. P
  14. PDH

    Duplex Drive Sherman

    Resicast produce this one 351260 Sherman M4A4 DD. It’s a complete resin kit with screens lowered. Quite expensive. I’m not aware of any plastic kits or conversion kits being available. There are drawings in Geoffrey Futter’s book The Funnies. An old publication but can still be found. Drawings are 1/76th scale so would need scaling up. P
  15. PDH

    British Sherman

    I would suggest an Asuka M4A2 would be the best starting point - something like this one https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/British-Army-Sherman-III-Mid-Production-M4A2-1-35-Asuka-35018/153940650410?hash=item23d793e9aa:g:qxAAAOSwCORexaeq Or Dragon Kit 6231 or 6313 like this one https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-35-DRAGON-6313-SHERMAN-Mk-III-New/233598361651?hash=item36638c2033:g:XGIAAOSwQKleoLk3 P
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