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  1. PDH

    RFM Panther G

    Looks like a M18 Hellcat.
  2. You could try something like this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Plastic-Coated-Mould-Cutting-Scalpel-Handle-for-Swann-Morton-Blades-TC015A-/264679844056 This is a copy of a Swann Morton Handle that is highly recommended by many modellers. Can't quickly find a link to the Swann Morton version. Not sure if they are available in the UK. HTH. P Update - Found the Swann Morton version from a UK Stockist https://www.scalpelsandblades.co.uk/handle-detail_541_swann-morton-genuine-no-5-ergonomic-1003-sleeved-handle-.php
  3. PDH

    Best Sherman kits?

    Takom, to date, have not produced a 1/35th Sherman, only M3's. So John you are correct. P
  4. PDH

    New Start book

    £58-99 at https://www.panzerwrecks.com/product/jasta-14-die-geschichte-der-jagdstaffel-14-1916-1918/ with free shipping. P
  5. PDH

    Concrete armour

    Thanks John. I follow now! Stugs aren't my thing but I would have thought they would have painted the concrete otherwise it would have stood out too much. A bit like Allied Stars being overpaint - too good an aiming point. P
  6. PDH

    Concrete armour

    I assume we are talking about Zimmerit? Zimmerit itself was a chemical compound made up of pine crystals dissolved in benzene, zinc sulphide, barium sulphate, pine saw dust, PVA glue, pebble dust and ochre. When mixed correctly the result was a sticky soft putty. The ochre made up 15% of the compound and has been described as an earth tone colour. Zimmerit was applied over a red oxide base and because of the ochre in the compound it was 'pre-coloured' on application. Troops in the filled may/probably have added addition colours over the base ochre colour to effect a ca
  7. These are now available from the Sovereign website - http://www.sovereign2000.uk.com/index.php Product Details are - S2KA025 Cromwell/Challenger road wheels w/ new tyres (for Tamiya, SKP and Airfix kits) R.R.P. £15.00 And these are the 'official' product photos (bit prettier than mine)!! P
  8. I have just received the very first production versions of some replacement wheels for the Airfix 1/35thCromwell from Marc at Sovereign2000. I am very impressed with them, they look like plastic though they are actually resin. Please see the photos below - I’ve shown in one photo (l to r) the Tamiya, Airfix, SKP and Sovereign2000 versions as a comparison and mounted the Sovereign2000 versions on a Tamiya Cromwell hull to give an idea of what a complete run looks like. I have not done any clean up on the Airfix/SKP/S2000 wheels and pinched the Tamiya one off
  9. If you are on Facebook there is a lot of information/photos etc on the Group 'Canadian Kangaroo Regiment Archive" P
  10. Well our switch to So Energy is complete, fixed price for a year. Just had a look at Octopus Energy and got a quote for their prices - they want £12 a month more for the same estimated consumption. So shopping around helps. On the subject of smart meters. We had one installed here when we moved in - a new build - and we were signed up to E.ON. Worked fine, then we switched supplier and regularly the meter would switch off the gas supply, usually late a night, with the message "No Credit". A bit of faffing around got us connected again but then we had to sort out the boiler so it wa
  11. I've just switched to So Energy. Best deal for us cost wise, saving £24 per month. So far the switch has gone smoothly and the So customer service seems excellent. Like most its all done online. Knowing your energy consumption and then using one of the online comparison sites you can search for the best deal in your area. Once you got an idea of what these are check each deal out and follow up on other people's reviews of that supplier. Just watch for the 'hidden' detail such as possible price increases, early termination amounts etc. Hope this helps. P
  12. No 500 errors but a lot more 503's in the past three weeks. I'm on FTTP with a 70Mb/s download speed and a 20 Mb/s upload. Have been getting 2 or 3 per login session sometimes. Hope this is of use! P
  13. There is video of the end result and delivery to Southampton docks/Australia on YouTube
  14. I've just received my first overseas parcel since January 1st. From China and admittedly from Ebay. I was charged 20% VAT by Ebay. Parcel arrived quickly, shipping info said it was despatched by the seller on January 28th. From the labels it looks like it was shipped to a UK distribution warehouse and from there by Royal Mail to me. No additional requests for money and the address label stated my name, address and a UK Company VAT Identier Number and the word PAID. So from this the Ebay purchase route looks to work OK. P
  15. Swann Morton for me as well - No3 handle with 10A, 11, 15 or 15A blades. Being flat it doesn't roll anywhere and you can use the SM blade changing device or a pair of smooth jaw pliers to change the blade if you are worried about injury. And yes a razor saw would be best for clipping the Spitfire's wings. P
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