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  1. PDH

    Selling on eBay

    I've been an on and off eBay seller for the past 10 years and never had this sort of problem. I've just done a quick listing on eBay and got the usual large list of shipping options including MyHeremes, Fedex, UPS, Royal Mail and many others. How long have you had an eBay account and how much selling have you done in the past? It could be a restriction placed by eBay because your account is a newer one or you haven't the sales volume. Personally I believe there shouldn't be a problem with choosing who ever you want as a shipping method, including 'Other Courier'! Check all your eBay default settings, it may be you have a default shipping option set, and if necessary contact eBay and ask them. P
  2. PDH


    I understand that Terry Ashley, who is PMMS, has had health issues and is not currently updating the site. This has happened in the past. He's been posting on missing-lynx and Facebook very recently so hopefully his health is better and PMMS may get new posts sometime soon. Hope this helps P
  3. Yep, the M4A1 was know as the Sherman II when in British service, the M4A4 was the Sherman V. P
  4. Ditto, page refresh on Safari/iMac works. P
  5. A post on another forum had information on the Coastal Forces Veterans Association Forum http://cfv.org.uk I had no idea this existed so I went and had a look and there is a great amount of information and photos posted on there. The Forum is quite active and well worth looking through if only for the private photos posted and some of the information provided. Also many official photos are posted. You may need to register for an account but it is well recommended if you have any interest in Coastal Forces operations, crews and equipment. Enjoy! P
  6. Drawing up a chair ready to watch intently!! P
  7. Oh yes it is!! - https://www.eduard.com/out/media/distributors/leaflet/leaflet2019-09en.pdf Well I've just downloaded it!! HTH P
  8. Not sure what this post is supposed to be about. However as far as I'm concerned Scale Aviation Modeller is know by the initials SAMI because its full title is Scale Aviation Modeller International Scale Aircraft Modelling is known by the initials SAM So say SAM its assumed you mean Scale Aircraft Modelling published by Guideline Publications.
  9. Mine arrived in the post last week. I would suggest a phone call to the Guideline office 01582 668411 and asking. They would probably post one to you if you are unable to get locally. Hope this helps P
  10. Well my pre-order for 2 kits arrived from Airfix this afternoon. A very quick box opening and it all looks very nice. Only one disappointment- no Kit Kat included in either box P
  11. There is no formula, depends on how thick you want the Goo. More sprue makes it thicker, more TET thins it. I try for the consistency of double cream. You'll find the sprue melts pretty quickly if you put small pieces in the TET. Applied using the TET brush as supplied in the bottle. Experiment till you find what suits you. P
  12. PDH

    Flory washes

    As far as I know you can only get Flory wash direct from Flory Models or his associated online model seller PM Models. Flory usually ships within 24 hours of receiving order/payment. Hope this helps P
  13. I have just picked up this photo from eBay. It is an original press photo from 1943 showing Vosper 72’ Motor Torpedo Boats of the 23rd Flotilla of the Royal Navy who were stationed at Kingswear at the time this photo was taken. Kingswear is located on the Dart River opposite Dartmouth in Devon. The Flotilla was manned entirely by Free French Navy personel. The Flotilla was made up of eight Vosper 72’ MTBs numbering from 90,91,92,94,96,98,227 & 239. The photo has been heavily censored during wartime with the numbers that would have been painted on the stern of the boats obliterated and all the background has been whited out so Kingswear would have been to the left in the photo background and Dartmouth off to the right. I have just received the actual original and it shows nice nice detail of the rear deck etc. Just a pity most of the rigging detail has been obliterated by the censor but all in all a very useful purchase. P
  14. Thank you for the update and insight into the thought process Jamie. Please keep us updated on your conclusions, I'm plucking up the courage to start on this kit! Peter
  15. I picked up a copy from AbeBooks just before Christmas for about £20 delivered. Also I suspect you are aware there is a revised expanded version by M D Taylor that includes Hodges original text and info - https://www.abebooks.co.uk/servlet/BookDetailsPL?bi=30143622081&searchurl=tn%3DBritish%2BMilitary%2BMarkings%2B1939-1945%26sortby%3D17&cm_sp=snippet-_-srp1-_-image6 Try Abe and they do come up on eBay at a lot lower prices. HTH P
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