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  1. PDH

    First Kit

    If you are looking at World War 2 kits then older but still excellent kits are the Tamiya Cromwell and Centaur. Straightforward to build and easy to paint. HTH P
  2. PDH

    1/350 HMS Exeter (1939) - York class cruiser

    Watching with great interested, particularly in view of what Trumpeter have announced for 2019. P
  3. Sorry, I've been meaning to update this thread but other events have overtaken me - a new grandson, holidays and a burst pipe in the kitchen - to name but a few! These are the books I have in my library on Coastal Forces. Some are Reference and some are History. all are recommended and help to piece things together Peter
  4. PDH

    And Wingnuts' Christmas announcement is....

    Late version according to WNW website Quote from the WNW Product Description - Includes 2 models; 1x Halberstadt Cl.II Late (33cm x 22cm) & 1x RE.8 "Harry Tate" (40cm x 26cm)
  5. PDH

    Mosquito 1/48 two-stage Merlins.

    Take a look at https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/1-48/products/pangolin-two-stage-mosquito-nacelles-1-48 HTH P
  6. PDH

    Sprue Goo........

    I've been highly recommended to create some sprue goo using Tamiya Extra Thin with Tamiya grey sprue. People using this mix are very happy with it. Currently I'm using Tamiya Extra Thin with cut up plasticard but it is slow to dry but very useful all the same. Tried Humbrol Liquid Poly with any old sprue but not impressed. P
  7. Great build, well done Rob. Wish mine were as good. P
  8. PDH

    Driving in France

    Brian, All listed here - https://www.rac.co.uk/drive/travel/country/france/ And watch the speed limit. They were lowered recently in France and the gendarmes are well equipped with all the latest speed detection equipment. On the spot fines as well! Hope it helps P
  9. PDH

    Fairmile D question

    Hi tony, Take a look at http://www.coastalcraftmodelsuk.com/index.php Not a cheap kit but the only one I'm aware of. HTH P
  10. My understanding is Mr Mark Setter is designed to work best with Japanese manufacturers decals, Tamiya, Hasegawa etc. Mr Mark Setter Neo is for US and European manufacturers decals (and I believe Cartograph is included with these). Mr Mark Setter Neo is a stronger, new formulae for even more effective decal application because is was being reported that Mr Mark Setter was not really effective on decals other than those produced in Japan. Hope this helps. P
  11. Great selection there John. Some I have and many others I need to check out!! Some more websites - British Military Powerboat Team RAF Boats Coastal Forces Heritage Trust PT Boat Forum P
  12. Thought it was time to create a thread on what Coastal Forces information is available on the web and in printed/book format. As a starter I thought I'd post up this as I hadn't seen this website mentioned anywhere previously. Whilst the football is on I've been having a trawl around the web and I came across this site - Spitfires of the Seas The website hasn't much content, a lot promised so hopefully it will come but the Facebook page has a lot more - https://m.facebook.com/groups/562609010767534 and is well worth looking at if you have a Facebook account. Enjoy! P
  13. PDH

    best online AFV modelling stores?

    I'd add Historex Agents http://www.historexagents.com/index.php as a very good site to check. They stock a broad range from a lot of suppliers. P
  14. PDH

    Quick release fittings

    I agree. I have no experience of a compressor like that one. Talking to an airbrush supplier would be the best route and they will be able to give you the most suitable solution. Goos luck P