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  1. This site/page http://www.modelminiatures.com/events-and-shows gives all the shows around the UK and the most prominent in the rest of the world. Recommended, I use it all the time in preference to the IPMS list which is IPMS shows only. P
  2. How did you pay? Credit card, debit card, PayPal balance? If credit card contact the credit card company and ask them to dispute it, debit card talk to your bank though I'm not sure there is much they can do. If you want to message PayPal you can do it from this page within your account https://www.paypal.com/uk/smarthelp/contact-us This information might help Can I cancel a PayPal payment? Some payments can be cancelled while others cannot. You may only cancel a payment in your 'Pending' payments which shows as Unclaimed, meaning it hasn’t reached the intended recipient. These payments are displayed with a ‘Cancel’ button alongside. To cancel a pending payment: Go to Activities. Locate the pending payment. Click Cancel. On the next page click Cancel Payment. If a payment is Completed this means the money has already reached the other party, so it can’t be cancelled. You may still ask the recipient for a refund. If you’re refused a refund, but feel that you’re entitled to one, you can open a dispute to discuss this with the seller via the Resolution Centre. If this doesn’t help you can escalate your dispute to a claim, for PayPal to resolve if necessary. From experience money that is ent to a non-existent PayPal account comes back after some days. HTH P
  3. The quoted scale is incorrect - see my earlier post! P
  4. That's OK then Yes the Tiger 1/Firefly are also quoted as 1/72. My post re the Cromwells still stands!! P
  5. If you are referring to the Cromwells I think you'll find they are shown with the wrong scale quoted. Airfix are saying the model is 181mm long - if they were 1/72 as Airfix show then they would be over 13metres in length full size (over 43 feet)!! Actual length full size is quoted as 6.35metres so in 1/35th scale that would make the model 181mm long. So they should be 1/35th. P
  6. PDH

    Hannants website...

    I had no problems with an order yesterday. Not tried today. P
  7. The same issue is on every Invision based forum I’ve visited today. This suggests it’s a coding issue introduced with a recent global update. P
  8. Yep, I've used him on a couple of occasions and everything went well. From my experience I would recommend. Prices are good as well!! P
  9. You can buy via eBay - look for filter material like this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Blue-White-Spray-Booth-Intake-Air-Filter-Media-1m-x-10m/162302303971 HTH P
  10. PDH

    RNAS Yeovilton

    Hi Vini, The Yeovilton Model Show is no more I'm afraid. The museum had a change of management and new bosses felt that the model show was not financially attractive and I believe there were other issues concerning car parking so the show ended. The Tank Museum at Bovington now hold two shows a year at the same time of the year as the Yeovilton ones used to be held. HTH P
  11. Yes, I have the small and medium size versions. Both work well for me. I would recommend the medium size version as probably the most useful. P
  12. Have a look at at Trumpeter Trumpeter Photo Etched parts Benders, they do three sizes, see bottom of this page http://www.trumpeter-china.com/index.php?g=home&m=product&a=index&id=190&l=en&p=4 You can usually find a good deal for these on eBay. HTH P
  13. PDH

    Selling on eBay

    I've been an on and off eBay seller for the past 10 years and never had this sort of problem. I've just done a quick listing on eBay and got the usual large list of shipping options including MyHeremes, Fedex, UPS, Royal Mail and many others. How long have you had an eBay account and how much selling have you done in the past? It could be a restriction placed by eBay because your account is a newer one or you haven't the sales volume. Personally I believe there shouldn't be a problem with choosing who ever you want as a shipping method, including 'Other Courier'! Check all your eBay default settings, it may be you have a default shipping option set, and if necessary contact eBay and ask them. P
  14. PDH


    I understand that Terry Ashley, who is PMMS, has had health issues and is not currently updating the site. This has happened in the past. He's been posting on missing-lynx and Facebook very recently so hopefully his health is better and PMMS may get new posts sometime soon. Hope this helps P
  15. Yep, the M4A1 was know as the Sherman II when in British service, the M4A4 was the Sherman V. P
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