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  1. This does work very well. I came across a tip on someone else's build (can't remember who) that used white paint instead of silver before the clear colours, and I think in certain cases it looked even better than using silver. It gave more of an illusion of the lens appearing to be transparent. Regards, Tom
  2. A nice easy way to do it is to use Tamiya AS12 spray, straight out of the rattle can. It takes masking quite easily it's quite robust so if you like you can mask off panels and do it in alclad or whatever your favourite metallic paints are
  3. TBolt nailed it exactly, and the photo illustrates it perfectly. Notice how side by side the "A" looks darker than the other letters, due to the background. Well done.
  4. I cut along panel lines to remove the closed slats and replaced them with the kit parts. This was relatively easy as the Wolfpack wings appear to be directly 'adapted' from the Academy wings. Given that the slats are automatically deployed when the landing gear is lowered, (would the wings ever be folded when the gear is up???),I felt that deployed slats should have been included on the Wolfpack set. Regards, Tom
  5. For me, this is one of the aspects of this hobby that keeps it interesting. I enjoy trying to figure out these little challenges, and it's often helpful to get "fresh eyes" or some one else's perspective on it. I'm not always the best at lateral thinking, and there have been many times when somebody has a solution that makes me go: "why didn't I think of that". Cheers, Tom
  6. That sounds like a good suggestion, but I know I would have trouble keeping them consistent. I wonder if drilling the holes at an angle would give acceptable ovals. It may help if you had a drill press or some other means of keeping consistent alignment. This may actually yield a realistic appearance, because without looking at a picture, I'm guessing that the reason the holes are oval may be that the round pipes are at an angle?
  7. Hi Brian, I'm in New Westminster, and bought the Verlinden set from Burnaby Hobbies, about 4-5 years ago. I haven't seen it around for awhile, so I don't know whether it's still available. Regards, Tom By the way, I just noticed that we joined Britmodeller on the same day.
  8. Doolie

    RAF WW2 Bomb racks

    I don't know if this is what you're looking for, but Belcher Bits does a Type H trolley in resin for Tallboy/Grand Slam (BL7), small bomb containers (BL-05), Flightpath has a Type D trolley in PE and metal w/4000lb resin cookie, although I think it may be 8000lb. Matador also does a set with various trolleys I believe. Hope This Helps, Tom
  9. Most of the equipment is cast as part of the base (fuel tanks, drums, tool kits, buckets etc.), with the exception of 4 drums and several boxes which are separate parts. The surface is Marsden matting, and the whole thing is quite nicely cast. Hope This Helps, Tom
  10. My references indicate Insignia Red on the flap interior, and I've not seen anything to indicate that there was any difference between Atlantic or Pacific Hope This Helps, Tom
  11. Doolie

    Sunderland in 72nd

    You may want to check out a softcover book called "Advanced Techniques Volume Four-Short Sunderland Mk.IIIA" by Andrea Vignocchi, published by Auriga Publishing International in 2008,no ISBN. Almost entirely dedicated to the building of Airfix's Sunderland. Lots of good techniques and colour photos. It does not have any photos of a real Sunderland, so it's not a reference work per se, but it's a beautiful book I recommend heartily. Hope This Helps, Tom
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