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  1. Here are some update pics of the RA1 Watchkeeper I have used toned down RAF markings and a fake registration (actually for a BN Defender..but I'm not going to lose any sleep over it). I decided to not add any underwing stores - though I may change this. Had a bit of a paint disaster - the mat finish melted a couple of decals, which I then tried to remove... bad idea.. I also weathered the aircraft (badly) using pastels - again, probably a mistake. I'm wondering whether to strip all of the paint and re-paint in a 1980's RAF camouflage instead, and then load it up with tanks inboard, and he
  2. Thanks for the comments! Hawkkeeper - oops! Typo (was replying on my laptop).. - was on a course recently with a bunch of Sentinel Captains - great guys. Most of them were on their way to civvy operators....don't think 5 sqn are going to have anyone left at this rate!! AirfixAndy - really busy over this weekend (about to go to work now) - will pm you some pics as requested - eventually!!! Finally - anyone have any advice on restoring some dodgy windows? I sanded them by accident as I was sorting out all the filler - at least one of them looks rubbish (the rest are OK).... Thanks in adva
  3. Thanks for the positive comments! Marc - I think the paint scheme will be broadly as you see it - just with a few panels picked out etc. As for the decals.... I suppose I should make it 55Sqn as they currently operate the Watchkeeper's predecessor - the Sentinel. Depends on what I can find in my big book of spare decals though!! Not sure whether to put underwing stores (probably just fuel tanks inboard, and maybe some helfires in double racks outboard) or leave it clean - any suggestions? PhildaGreek: not sure I should be going public with this - politicians might get ideas...!! Here ar
  4. Progress update on the RA1 Watchkeeper aircraft. Lots of filing and sanding done! In mid paint at the moment, with various bits to do. The canopy fitted when I initially tested it - now it doesn't hence, more filling and more sanding before making a repair. Have fitted green tinged HUDs to both pilot stations. Once the first paint is nearly complete, I plan to apply toned down RAF decals and then (after more varnish..) apply some weathering to highlight panel lines etc. Lots of little details to add, but as my first kit bash, I'm pretty pleased with it (bearing in mind that I'm not even
  5. RA1 Watchkeeper ASTOR/AEW As austerity starts to bite, the Royal Air Force realise that it would be advantageous to combine roles and retire both the E3 and Sentinel aircraft. Their replacement - the Watchkeeper. This aircraft is equipped with synthetic apperture radar, airborne surveillance radar and an advanced optics suite. It is flown by a crew of 6: 2 pilots, 1 mission commander (and optical systems operator), battlefield radar mapping officer, airborne radar operator, and signals intel/electronic warfare officer. The crew are seated in comfort in "assisted exit" seats and the aircra
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