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  1. Its only the box art for crying out loud!
  2. As featured in this month's edition of Scale Aircraft Modelling. Cheers
  3. Lovely job, can't beat an early Skyhawk.
  4. That looks very sharp, another great example of this superb kit.
  5. Interesting. I had noticed it was missing the other markings towards the end as well. An opportunity there for an aftermarket decal company to issue a correction sheet I'd say. The base kit is pretty good though.
  6. Thanks guys, nice to see you like it. Norman (and Alan), I was already aware of the problem with the kiwi roundels, its a kit issue though as you only get the left-facing type on the sheet. I did not have time to source replacements unfortunately. Cheers
  7. Built for a review in SAM magazine, so will appear in a future issue. Cheers
  8. Thats a shame to hear about the poor fitting resin, but it is apparently an issue Eduard are aware of. In their January 'Info Eduard' e-mag they mention the third installment of their P-38 reboxings due for release next month and say; Frustrating but - as they always state on aftermarket products etc - it is made for 'experienced' modellers so its reasonable to expect some fettling to be required. Given this kind of fit issue is par for the course with Aires its ironic that you've gone for their offering instead
  9. Nope, I have actually tried removing more material from the base in order to make the seat sit lower down in the cockpit and this has not solved it either. It appears that the headbox & padding in front of it are too wide for the cockpit on both sides. Its forced me to have the canopy open, but thats not a disaster, just a bit annoying. turnerdad - my canopy was quite cloudy as well, but it polishes up ok and when dipped in Klear it's as good as most other kits' clear parts.
  10. Just a note on fit, I'm currently building the Strikemaster boxing and have found that the ejector seats do not fit under the rear canopy if you want it closed. This could be my own cack-handedness but I was pretty careful when assembling the cockpit & joining the fuselage halves, so I don't think I've ballsed it up that much. Should be rectifiable but I recommend a lot of dry-fitting with this kit - the wing to fuselage join on the underside is also pretty awful. Still its limited-run so has to be tolerated.
  11. M4rk


    Theres one at Coventry museum as well. I don't know any details on it though other than it is dark blue/red/white.
  12. Fantastic work Peter, a very nice Phantom. The paint job is brilliant.
  13. M4rk

    1/48 kittyhawk F-35A

    I like the 'Oliver Drab' colour for the bombs
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