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  1. Hello all , I've finally got around to posting some of my efforts from the last year ish .... I wanted to try some unusual kits this year. this was to include etch , resin and a mix of old and new kits so here goes. Magna Resin Supermarine Scimitar F1. Straight in at the deep end then , this it was literally all i could find of the type for sale at the time and without paying mega cash for the xtrakit effort i decided to opt for this offering. This Kit took me some time and fought me all the way to the end but nevertheless this is it. Added P.E from Airwaves. Decals from Model Alliance "Royal Navy Aerobatic Teams" High Planes De Havilland Faw-1 Personally i think this is the most accurate representation of the vixen . the kit provides resin seats , gears and exhausts . Modeldecal Decals, Resin "buddy buddy pack", airwaves external P.E A tricky short run kit which had its issues but makes a fine example of the type. Note. Wing fences still to be added. Sword Gannet AEW3 For me the gannet has always been an interesting type and with the release of the AEW version i had to have one. A fantastic kit buy all accounts . i decided to use the airwaves wingfold set for the frog kit and adapt to the sword one. also a scratch built Ladder. Otherwise the kit is OOB. Airfix New Tool Buccaneer S2 This kit was also a must for the FAA line up , I awaited the kit as soon as the prototype was aired. I went to town on this kit and retrofitted the neomega cockpit tub for the old kit, also added p.e from airwaves for the wing fold and decals from Xtradecal. An S1 conversion will be done on another kit from the whirlybirds conversion. Finally ... Sword Lightning T5, Just like the gannet a kit that is fantastic for little money and with some nice P.E and Resin seats. Build OOB Some FAA doubles ... Thanks For Looking ! Regards , Steve
  2. Some of my first attempts with plastic where FROG kits , this is a more recent build. FROG Gloster Javelin FAW9 freightdog nose correction airwaves exterior white metal seats re scribed airfix new tool lightning firestreaks Fantastic little kit , 86233289-3A51-40CB-B376-E2522CB10304 by steven perriss, on Flickr E770931E-E908-4877-A26B-BFF07827DBB9 by steven perriss, on Flickr 39E6E3BC-428F-4991-B323-F27D471E8366 by steven perriss, on Flickr 51046699-685D-45E8-96CE-70630C019954 by steven perriss, on Flickr Steve
  3. Not the plan at all I think it would have become some kind of what iff . After finding no apparent evidence and also having the experience of doing the job it depicts it only seem right to model it . Thank you you all again for you words
  4. Thanks for the kind words. All of the jacks , rear fuse stand , drip tray, and blanks are made from scratch. A lot of stretched spru, some wire and cotton buds as well .
  5. Well its been a while to say the least ! Hello again everyone. After recently sorting my stash out i found a new tool Revell hunter that was in two sections . This is what became of the hunter .The kit itself is O.O.B with and added aeroclub white metal seat. The engine half was salvaged from the spares box . Everything else i have made from scratch . DSCN2667[1] by steven perriss, on Flickr DSCN2668[1] by steven perriss, on Flickr DSCN2674[1] by steven perriss, on Flickr C&C welcome Steve
  6. Evening all, seems to be a russian invasion on the shelf at the moment after the recent MIG 27 build i just got hooked … so i dusted off another great MIG aircraft , The kit itself is very well presented and moulded in white plastic. one decal option is with the kit again very good detail if not a little tricky ….. To build its a straight forward kit nothing to challenging , wings are not a great fit but with the usual work you can get around it , otherwise ok. built as the box comes with and added resin seat , thanks for looking !
  7. Thanks a lot ! The scheme was a challenge first go with Russian camo and all from rattle cans !
  8. Hello again , This is my latest kit , a very very nice kit went together perfectly , slight adjustment to the top of the intakes and an added resin seat apart from that its built from the box. Thanks for looking
  9. always had an interest in the old RAF and RN jets the new air fix stuff is really good ! a few moulds could do with a re work , buccaneer , jp3 , javelin etc
  10. so after a long break from modelling i got all my gear back together and re started , 1:72 airfix lightning F2A no extras 1:72 airfix harrier gr1 no extras 1:72 airfix vampire t11 with resin seats 1:72 airfix mk5 provost with resin seats 1:72 revell (matchbox) canberra pr9 no extras 1:72 airfix chipmunk no extras few more to come hopefully ! thanks for looking, Steve
  11. exellent site jstar! thanks very much ! steve
  12. Im about to re scrible the bison im building but to do some of the pannels im going to need some decent templates , i have seen these about but cant remember for the life of me where i saw them ! any ideas ? cheers , Steve
  13. thanks for the info people ! them walkarounds are amazing just what im after !
  14. Hey all , I know i may be asking alot here , but if anyone has any info / pics on the Myasishchev M-4 BISOn please can i have it ! im after pics of the airframe, u/c, flaps etc Thanks in advance Steve
  15. So heres the start of whats going to be a long and painful build i think ive only ever built a welsh models hastings so this ones going to be a learning curve ! This is one of the biggest kits ive seen , to comapre heres photos with a 72nd blinder, 48th tornado and 48 hustler i needed the floor to take photos of the size of it as its that bloody big ! Wish me luck ! Steve
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