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  1. Just wanted to share this, one of my other aviation related hobbies is aircraft photography and in the 20 years from 1985 to 2005 I took tens of thousands of photos of aircraft and posted many of them on discussion boards, Google Groups, as well as on-line databases such as Airliners.dot.Net. Sadly aviation can be an unforgiving business and a small number of aircraft that I have photographed over the years have been involved in fatal accidents. This 'moral dilemma' cropped up a while ago when some aviation photographers who I then knew stated that they would not post or share photos of aircr
  2. Interesting choice of subject, I had forgotten that the TF-9J Cougar was used during the Vietnam War. Just took a look in the stash and found the 1/48th scale Kitty Hawk offering... in exactly the same markings Michael
  3. My first Academy 1/48th F-4B Phantom, I started this kit three years ago however she went on the shelf of suspended doom when I started to get frustrated with airbrushing with acrylic paints. I re-started her a few weeks ago, to be quite honest it was a 'just get it finished' job and it remained that way until I started to apply the decals. Somehow the ugly duckling turned into a swan, or at least something approaching that. This is the end result: 20201018_124319 (2) by Ghostbase, on Flickr This was my first build of the Academy Phantom. I am used to the ESCI/Italeri a
  4. Thanks, good point! I will try some grey oils to bring the panels out a bit more Michael
  5. Way back in 1977 Revell released kit H-288 which was a 1/48th scale McDonnell-Douglas F-15A Eagle. It could be completed as the record breaking 'Streak Eagle' or a 58th TFTW 'Candy Cane' Eagle out of Luke AFB. I made this kit many years ago and in a fit of nostalgia bought one on eBay for literally pennies and instantly regretted doing so, it really isn't a particularly good kit. When Revell and Monogram merged the way superior former Monogram offering became the 'Revell' F-15A and this kit was quietly dropped from the catalogue. To be honest, I was going to bin it as not worth the effort howe
  6. Gosh! Yes I am sure that is what I meant The Viggen looks to be a fairly straightforward build, after all the original ESCI kits were of their time and not too complex (except one of the paint scheme options), but I have looked several times at the HobbyBoss Demon and that is WAY more complex. Could well be a double build, just see how I feel on 14th November Michael
  7. Please add me to the list too. Am thinking Italeri 1/48th JA-37 Viggen (a kit I was too scared to buy when it was ESCI!) however the 14th November start date gives me plenty of time to change my mind to something else in the stash If I go cool on the Viggen I would be looking at the McDonnell F-3H-2 Demon, the 1/48th HobbyBoss kit which I understand was operated as an interceptor, as was the F3H-2M version. Michael
  8. Sunday, rain all day, autumn is finally here. I always associate autumn with dark beers and scale modelling! Which is good because I have got a lot done today and the 'Yellow Bird' is well on the way now. Actually started yesterday by cementing the wings and tail planes to the fuselage, waited for them to dry then sanded all the seams and joins to see how they would come out. This really is a nice straightforward kit, it does go together very well. After sanding I applied a second coat of Halfords grey primer to see if I needed to break out the Perfect Plastic Putty or not...
  9. Today is the 2nd of October? Good grief! I have finally made a start on my 1/72nd Italeri 'Yellow Bird' B-57B Canberra and just concentrating on the one build, the aluminium finished 8th Bomb Squadron B-57B out of Bien Hoa AB and then Da Nang AB in 1964/65. To start with, I did apply Halfords grey primer to all the sprues, then cut off all the major items. The kit looked like this: Canberra02 by Ghostbase, on Flickr A good start today, unfortunately I have recently had the modelling mojo 'downs' quite badly so it was good to get this B-57B started. The wing assemblies
  10. Ooh a "Whale"! Definitely watching this build with interest, the A3D is one of my fave types. I do like your historical references and good to hear the relatively unknown AJ Savage getting a mention. Only one survives, at the National Naval Aviation Museum at Pensacola. Michael
  11. This really stands out for me for being such a rare type. I love the way that your build has captured the fragility of the HUK-1 wrapped around a large radial piston engine compared to the later gas turbine driven model. Michael
  12. She has built well and the finish is just right. Nice one! Michael
  13. Good to see this Canberra finished so early in this GB. I agree with other posters, the SEA camouflage really works well and the nose 'cap' has gone on well, better than I expected. I admit have put my B-57G kit back in the stash for now, I want to build it in the future the same as you have here. Michael
  14. The 'Vigi' was an aircraft way ahead of her time and your build really has captured that look. For some reason we don't see the Trumpeter kit completed that often, good to know that yours went together without any problems. Michael
  15. Very nice build Robert, the colour scheme turns the stalky 'scooter' into an aggressive little beast! Michael
  16. Just wanted to say thank you to Black Knight, Seahawk and stever219 for the help and suggestions. I had forgotten about the Fantasy Printshop and that looks to be an excellent alternative source of decals for the future. I thought that the suggestion to look at Spitfire decals for the same time frame was really helpful as well. I have since found the book 'The Hawker Tempest' by Richard A. Franks which is aimed at scale modellers and it seems that there are some grey areas regards the markings for post-war BAFO based Tempest V because it seems that some squadrons had differing inte
  17. I have just purchased the Revell 1/32nd Hawker Tempest V kit (formerly Special Hobby) and I would like to build it in the markings of a 16 Squadron Tempest V based at Fassberg in late 1946 just before they were replaced by the Tempest II. The kit decals represent two Tempests from 1944 so I am going to have to source some decals to build the Tempest that I want. These would be for the serials on the fuselage and under-wing, the white squadron codes, and the upper wing roundels. I just want to check that I am looking for the right decals because I am not at all knowledgeable regards RAF marking
  18. Thanks for the photo, her paint has faded but that is definitely air superiority blue. Very tempted to break another kit out of the stash and build it with these markings. Based upon your very kindly offered information I did edit the location in my original post above. Sadly I have been unable to obtain the photo which Caracal Models' based these markings on. Michael
  19. Thank you, the offer is much appreciated This is the 'research' phase of the build which I love, considering all the possibilities and options and I always end up learning a great deal. I do have the Robert C. Mikesh book "B-57 Canberra at War 1964-1972" in my library however it tends to be light on detail regards weapons used. I have ordered the Osprey Combat Aircraft book "B-57 Canberra Units of the Vietnam War (Combat Aircraft)" which will arrive in a couple of days and maybe that will give me some useful pointers. Michael
  20. Not got started yet but have been taking another look in the boxes to see what my options are for a pair of B-57B Canberras. In the past I have built the Italeri B-66 and B-58 bombers and I recall them as pretty straightforward kits which go together well. As stated above I would like to complete a B-57B in aluminium marked for the 8th Bomb Squadron very early in their involvement in the Vietnam War, as well as a B-57B of the same squadron later in the campaign in the SEA camouflage scheme with black undersides. The instruction sheet below shows the options available however, sadly, the cool a
  21. Thanks, I think I might have made an incorrect assumption because what you say makes perfect sense. I have asked for clarification on the board where the photo was posted regards the location of 71-0284 when she was in these markings. Michael
  22. Yes I have been watching the Canberras being added to this GB and I was delighted to see an Australian addition, a participant that tends to be forgotten as time passes by and memories fade. I have a week at home this week so hoping to make a firm start Michael
  23. Thanks, that is interesting, I did wonder exactly where Iowa Park is. I do know that this F-15A was based at Goodfellow AFB in Texas at some point in her career as an instructional airframe though she was in the later Compass Grey colour scheme at that time. I wonder it there is any connection with that? Caracal Models do have this decal sheet in 1/72nd scale as well. Michael
  24. My entry for this group build, the Martin B-57B Canberra operated by the 8th Bomb Squadron out of Bien Hoa AB and then Da Nang AB in 1964/65. It didn't take the Canberra long to become well-known on the tactical scene and they picked up the call sign 'Yellow Bird' based upon the squadron colours (the sister13th BS were 'Red Bird'). I am building the 1/72nd Italeri B-57B Canberra OOB and it will be finished in aluminium. I will be using the decals from the kit. I will also 'ghost' build a second B-57B which will be in the later SEA camouflage scheme coded as 'PQ'. I am looking for a straight f
  25. A 1/48th Monogram F-15A Eagle painted in the very early and short lived air superiority blue colour scheme. Humbrol enamel paints applied with an airbrush, decals by Caracal models. The kit dates back to 1979. I have always wanted to build an F-15 in this scheme and despite a few small mistakes I am very happy with the result. 20200819_141334 by Ghostbase, on Flickr The story behind this bird is interesting. She was F-15A serial 71-0284 and she was the fifth full scale development Eagle. She was used for armament development including the rotary cannon and when her test career ended
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