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  1. I like it a lot Your paint job is truly wonderful. My experience seems exactly opposite to yours in that I thought it was a great kit to put together. Trevor
  2. @AdrianMF thanks I’m doing the Eduard Spit alongside and it’ll be interesting to have the two together to ‘compare and contrast’ as an old science teacher of mine used to say Trevor
  3. …….and this is wot I got Designed for the Airfix IX there are bits and pieces that will go straight to the spares box. As far as I can see, radiators, exhausts, props and rear view mirror will be utilised for this mash-up. Turning to the wings, there was some inevitable ‘fine- tuning’ with a saw Definitely not a drop-in replacement some shims of plasticard were required to get the wing/fuselage join to match. As you can see, this is to the detriment of the wing/nose join. Never mind. Sanding/carving/ putty will sort that out Elsewhere though, it’s a tolerable fit Shims of plastic (and filler!) will see to those gaps. The trailing edge fairing between the wing and fuselage also needed the attention of ‘some’ filler. Not too bad overall though. Thanks for looking. Trevor
  4. Just caught up with this. Excellent work I have a straight Revell boxing of this so am making notes! Trevor
  5. What do they need fighters for? Foreign deployments for the UN would be an occasional thing, so I assume it would primarily be for defending its airspace and territorial waters. Do Bears roam off the west coast? I also wonder what NZ are thinking about these days for their air defence? Trevor
  6. Oh that does look handsome indeed. I chickened out and have done mine with the LAG option from the box - can’t be doing with all that silver! Trevor
  7. Does this help? https://picclick.co.uk/1-32-scale-Ford-Transit-plastic-model-for-Scalextric-172295944138.html#&gid=1&pid=1 Trevor
  8. like budgie and custard* *no idea
  9. Small update. Cockpit finished, the only other thing that needed attention was to blank off the back of the exhaust apertures, because otherwise there is nothing for the exhausts to latch onto. Once that was done, it was time to glue the fuselage sides together. Being a limited run kit, there are no locating tabs and holes and so it is a case of minor fettling until the best alignment is achieved. I think some sanding and filling will be in order afterwards. Having gone through my spares box, I found a total lack of four-prop blades and so off I went to the big H. Pavla have come to the rescue with a set that also includes six stack exhausts and matching radiators. Getting there! Trevor
  10. Slowly, slowly does it. In between juggling my Revell Mosquito and Eduard Spitfire IX, I have also been giving some time to this project. As is traditional, I started with the cockpit. Using the Airfix donor parts, I offered them up to the fuselage. Lo and behold - a perfect fit! Wasn’t expecting it not to need any fettling at all, but I take my luck where I find it. It all blends in when painted. Moving onto the wings, I realised that for this not to look odd, I’d need to do something about the wing engravings as they are noticeably more prominent than the AZ offering. This was an easy fix with Tipp-Ex ….and here is a ‘during’ shot for comparison. It sands easily and can be smoothed out with a worn piece of wet and dry. Not looking too bad. Thanks for looking Trevor
  11. Just found this one. Looking forward to see the completed article. Made a couple back in the day and don’t remember anything difficult, other than sweating on getting the wheels spats fixed without giving it a ‘wonk’! Trevor
  12. I agree the new enamels are just rubbish. The last I will ever buy was Light Aircraft Grey. Shaken and stirred to an inch of its life, the first stroke with a brush told me it was utter pants. I’m now 99% acrylic. I believe the Humbrol 14ml squeeze bottle paints have excellent colour density. Not had any yet so can’t comment. I’ve also used Vallejo, Lifecolor and Hataka and am impressed with all of them. Trevor
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