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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/334135962883?hash=item4dcc0e2d03:g:KhUAAOSwVYthMnAV Trevor
  2. They are two different moulds. I seem to remember preferring the Italeri one for buildability. Trevor
  3. Just dipped back in for a catch up. Where did that 45 minutes go? Masterclass in dragging an old model into the 21st century. Trevor
  4. Pity they don’t have a mobile app Trevor
  5. I do like a nice Cozzie! Did they do one as a John Player Special or am I mixing it up with something else? Thinking out of the box, why not do them as a barn find, or stripped down in a workshop, saves the bother of finding new tyres. Trevor
  6. I’m sure the Red Arrows would love them to replace the Hawks. Already based with active Typhoons, airframe still in production. Strip them out of war like stuff and derate the engines, would still be a great performer. Or is that too simple? Trevor
  7. You mean this? https://1000aircraftphotos.com/Contributions/Swindelle/10718.htm Not exactly sure what it is so calling @Troy Smith the Hurri guru Trevor
  8. Allie is 13 and lists her occupation as ‘inert’ but I’m seriously considering renaming her BANZAI! As all cat owners know, your moggie will have a manic half hour every day. Yesterday, Allie was at the top of our stairs and staring at me as if I was The Catfinder General. As I wanted to get down, she fled for her life and from the second step down from the top, she kept into space doing her best flying squirrel impression and landing a couple of steps from the bottom. One commando roll and she ended up by her scratching post, quick scratch and padded off as if she did this all the time. I still don’t understand her…… Trevor, Allie’s bemused human
  9. I think the appropriate phrase is “cor!” Trevor the impressed
  10. The Hendon exhibit is sadly flaking away to nothing. FlyPast did an article several years ago and basically it’s now too far gone. It’s corrosion should have been halted at the time of recovery rather like the Do-17 which was sprinkled with lemon juice.
  11. Hello there. Small amount of progress this afternoon in that I laid down some wiring on the fuselage sides. I’m no way claiming fidelity on this, rather this is representative of what can be found. For this, I used 5 and 10 amp fuse wire, doubled over itself a couple of times and twizzed around a bit to prevent separation and very thin Tamiya Tape wound round at intervals to represent binding. This was then spot superglued and placed by reference to photos. I may add some more wiring in the nose but will wait until the components are in situ. Here are a couple of photos to keep you going! As you can see I’ve also sloshed some black around the cheek window openings both inside and out. First this was to show whether the shims and putty had been sanded smooth to the counters (yes) and also in preparation for when I add the glazing. For obvious reasons I’m leaving these off until I absolutely have to add them to prevent dust particles accumulating. Next on the agenda will to paint and weather the fuselage halves. Again I’ll go white primer, black spray and hand brush the interior green as I was pleased with the result last time. Trevor
  12. You get to a point in a model when sticking things together is not enough and you need to see what it all looks like painted. I have reached that point! The cockpit tub is now at a point where it’s finished, so I thought it high time that I needed some painting therapy. Having wafted Tamiya white primer over first, I then gave it a coat of Humbrol satin black. Now back from my hollibops, I saddled up and broke out the paints. Principal to this was the Tamiya IJN Cockpit Green. Thankfully it’s one of those rare things, a brushable Tamiya Paint. Within a few minutes I’d given the cockpit a coat. It covered well and had a pleasing tonal difference in parts where the black undercoat wasn’t quite obliterated. These are the results. A few highlights and lowlights and rubbing of certain parts with a pencil, I then proceeded to paint the other bits and pieces. Still to be applied is the yellow dot on the back of the pilot’s seat, denoting armour plate. The radios are a work in progress, the one on the ‘parcel shelf’ needs a white rectangle in the centre and as for the other one, there is a transfer on that sheet of stencils that arrived shortly before I went on hols. As a comparison, I painted the back of the instrument panel with my trusty potlet of Humbrol 78. Here is the result. It’s the same shade as near as makes no difference. Quite pleased with that. Finally for this session, the instrument panel. After one or two bits and bobs had been added to the panel, this had then been given a coat of Humbrol satin black too and I decided that I would keep it that way. So what to do next in order to give some detail? A trusty and well worn piece of wet and dry paper was lightly rubbed over the detail. This was the result. Not bad. That’s the bare plastic showing through. I may highlight one or two bits, but as it’s going to be in shadow anyway, I don’t intend to go to town on it. All in all, I’m pleased with the way it’s gone and bodes well for the rest of the cockpit. All that’s needed there, is to add some wiring and then that’s good to go too. Onwards and upwards Trevor
  13. Hate to disappoint you, but it was shoved in the corner of one of the hangars in Duxford, no doubt evacuated from Lambeth during the last refreshment of the place. If I recall, it’s little more than a walkthrough shell and unless the stripped out parts were stored when prepared for display then a lot of fabrication will be in order. Trevor
  14. What do you think Golden Brown by the Stranglers would have sounded like played by Dave Brubeck? Wonder no more So cool, I need a woolly jumper to warm up. Trevor
  15. Complete thread drift. This set was built for the sole porpoise for that bonk on the head. Sorry, what’s this thread about? Trevor
  16. We need Attitude Adjuster * * reference there to Nigel Heath’s Dalek
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