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  1. Lovely build - especially like the totally flat finish. Just a thought though, does the windscreen look slighttly odd? It has the rake of the internally armoured later screen, but shouldn't it be more 'sit up and beg'?
  2. Very well done! I have the Novo release in my stash and have done for longer than I can remember. One of the things that made me twitch was the two part rear canopy - may have to invest in that Falcon set then! I have the Ian Huntley series of articles from SAM ready for the day I commit scalpel to plastic!
  3. I'm sure one of the last Air Enthusiasts had an article about it. I'll burrow into my archive.
  4. Comrade Radish You've been rumbled. Using superior western Google satellites, Secret Agent Gary Powers flew over your peasant's paradise and photographed this TU-21 http://www.britesparxpl.com/images/tu21.jpg Your cunning plan is no more. Up the Capitaists!!!!
  5. many thanks - if/when I get round to it, definitely RhAF!
  6. Hello '603 - great models of an air arm not frequently built. Can you answer a small question for me please? Is it true that the 'brown' and 'green' are actually from former RAF dark earth/dark green stocks of WWII vintage? I have also seen reference to 'sky' undersides too. After seeing the pics, I'm seriously considering doing my 1/72 Aeroclub Vampire T.11 in RhAF colours
  7. Good job on each! Even at speed you do quality stuff. Now then, at this rate how long will it take for you to clear your stash?!!!???!!
  8. Max Headroom

    The Plan

    I'm on tenderhooks here! On the final straight or is Mrs. Busdriver having to tether you down because of the coffee buzz?
  9. I don't have the reference but I'm sure Alan Hall did it for Airfix Magazine aeons ago?
  10. What's the RRP here anyone know? Intrigued by the sprues - why two canopies, it's hard to tell if there are any differences?
  11. I like.........I like it a lot. but if the Gull is 1/20 scale how big is that £1 coin?
  12. I may stand to be corrected but there are no C.1's in any scale. However, if you want a C.2 (ie a HS.748 wiv a serial not a registration) then you can have the stone age Airwaves offering in 1/72, or a Welsh Models offering in 1/144, both vac form. I have no idea as to availability.
  13. PLEASE build the MPC one with the propellor and flowers..............PLEASEE!
  14. Ένα εξαιρετικό και ασυνήθιστο μοντέλο! Μπράβο. Google says that means "An excellent and unusual model! Well done."
  15. For reasons of space (plus the fact that for that price 'the other half' would want a trollyfull of food things fromTesco) sadly I won't be indulging. However, the pic at the beginning of the thread shows a Tr.9...............Surely not even Tamiya are that adventurous are they?
  16. So the concensus seems to be avoid!
  17. Hiya Walrus I remember mention of Zengdfu. Didn't they sort of borrow Fujimi woulds?
  18. Hello everyone. Just idly thumbing through E-Bay looking for nothing in particular and I came across this http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Kitech-1-48-Spitfire...id=p3286.c0.m14 When I scrolled down I found lots of other kits from various periods. There are ships, tanks and airliners too. You can click on each picture for a fuller description. Are they originals, or are they 'inspired' by others? Has anyone bought one? Apols in advance to the Mods if this is in the wrong place, but it didn't seem to fit in Chat?
  19. Now, someone needs to do some of these in 48th! I think I saw one back in the 70's but on floats?
  20. Very nice. As a military type even I'm tempted! Slightly off topic - I'm sure that on the news the other day that there was a DC-10 firebomber WHIH? Does anyoneone do stickies for them?
  21. Lovely model and way beyond what I could do! I am having to cheat here to find the 'fault'. Wickedpedia has this piccy for an 84 Sqn machine http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/comm...HAR10-XJ729.jpg Is it the filter on the front upper/port side nose? If so - I would live with it. Much respect.
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