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  1. I was looking at Google to see if coild find the image of an F-111K in flight. My recollection was that it was a gull grey/white model obviously (and crudely) retouched photo. Anyway what I found was this.......... http://hansard.millbanksystems.com/lords/1...-f111k-aircraft If you go to the bottom and Lord Jellico's last quote, you will see that at one time it was contemplated that the RAF had both the F-111K and the Phantom at the same time(?!). My understanding was that the Phantom was only ordered AFTER the cancellation of the -K? MH
  2. Key Publishing forum thought metal........... http://forum.keypublishing.co.uk/showthread.php?t=74537 MH
  3. Cracking build and welcome to the nuthouse! 20 years interlude seems not to have dulled your talent. MH
  4. I'm no Tonka expert and I will leave this discussion to those who know better but if you look closely at the first link they can't even spell their own name correctly MH
  5. Lol! It won't be long I imagine. Does anyone do a sheet for this bad boy?! http://members.multimania.nl/douglas8/DC-8...20Calder-02.jpg I am racking my brains but I recall seing a Piper Cheyanne(?) back in the 80's painted as a flying blueprint - can't find a picture online though............. MH
  6. Most likely they used "Aircraft of the Fighting Powers"? MH
  7. That's the Phalcon Israeli Aircraft Industries solution to the AWACS. That one is in service with the Chilean Air Force. It doen't have to hang off a 707. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EL/M-2075 MH
  8. Not strictly on topic but the info that it was a bomb carrier is interesting. I thought that was the E7 onwards that toted them. As far as I was aware the 109 needed the underfuselage hardpoint for a fuel tank? Back to the topic................. MH
  9. What are the chances of a Red Bull option OOB, maybe with a money off coupon for a can of the stuff? MH
  10. hang on................. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3120/273386...5fefcdd54_b.jpg **shudder** MH
  11. er, hello! http://www.paxmuseum.com/photos/X32/x32.jpg or http://blogs.abcnews.com/photos/uncategori...craft_th_mn.jpg or http://www.flightglobal.com/blogs/the-dewline/calspanP-3.jpg or finally the piece of resitance........... http://home.earthlink.net/~ralphcooper/barling1.jpg MH
  12. Walrus! The mk.I was metal hulled and built by Supermarine. The mk.II was wooden hulled and built by Saunders Roe. The mk. II had better control in the water and tended only to be used for training. The point I was making was that SMER (Merit originally?) have engraved the detail, but is totally wrong! They would have you believe that the fuselage was made entirely of identical rectangular panels. One further point whilst I remember, IIRC only the SAR 'boats had the grab rails around the hull. MH
  13. no black and white "I'm not an Fw190" stripes? MH EDIT - forgot to say nice build!
  14. I have a fairly good idea where it is but can't go clattering around the house at this time of night! MH
  15. Timbo! I have the SMER boxing. Panel lines are engraved (as are the mouldings for the markings). Ignoring the engraving for the markings, the panel lines are totally wrong. Lots of filler! I have put up the major parts against a set of blown up Aviation News plans and they are an exact match. Rib detail needs removal with a rasp methinks and the engine is basic. Other than that (and for a fiver) it looks like a lot of modelling fun and I have serious plans to let rip on this one and post progress. Maybe some time this year.......... As for resources, try this: http://plane-crazy.purplecloud.net/Aircraf...ine_walrus.html there was another site that I can't find at the moment which I made a note of somewhere and basically shows the guts of the RAAF restoration of HD874 and one or two others. I will dig it out. In the meantime try these: http://rosssmodels.hobbyvista.com/RAAFwalrus.htm Coming back to the Airfix boxing, I see Argentinian markings. As I have said before someone at Airfix/Hornby needs to be cogratulated on imaginative options. Hope this helps MH
  16. Am I the only one who thinks that Moonbase Alpha was very lucky to be equipped with a seemingly endless supply of Eagles? They must have trashed at least half a dozen every episode. MH
  17. Airfix did one and I'm sure that an American firm (Aurora?) also had a go. MH
  18. I am becoming a convert to acrylics and seek out acrylic equivalent to enamel call outs on painting instructions. It's not that I actively dislike enamels but somehow I think water based paints are the way to go. After a false start with Tamiya (still don't like it) I was blown away with Lifecolor when I did my Buffalo and would have gone over to them completely but Modelzone stopped stocking them. I tried Revell but they tend to be patchy. I have a handful of Vallejo and think that's how I'll be stocking my paintbox in the future. BTW I am a hairy stick advocate so brushability is my main concern. MH
  19. Nakajima! A Sea Mustang would have some basis in fact http://images.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=h...sa%3DG%26um%3D1 so as to colour schemes you're only limited by your imagination................ MH
  20. Right - mine's a Swedish Me262.........it'll be a slightly WHIF! MH
  21. For the instrument panel I used the 1970's Hasegawa Mk.1 transfer. Not much can be seen from the outside once built and it looks the job. Unless you are an internal detail type of person, it's not worth the hassle of replicaring the cameras - just paint the inside surfaces of the transparencies black as it still gives the impression of depth. One thing you do need to do though is address the chord uf the upper aileron becuase as it stands its' too wide. See the attached pic from my recent build Hope this helps MH
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