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  1. http://www.douglasdc3.com/dc2half/dc2half.htm That is a lovely model in a nice scheme Trevor
  2. I’m sure mine had a red sprue? Looking forward to this one. Now then, what colour was the name, red or blue? This is one of those interpretation of a black and white photo thing Trevor
  3. Now for Trumpyboss to give us an Oxbox! Is that my I’ll see myself out Trevor
  4. @sniperUK I have cropped one of Ian Crawford’s photos (hope he doesn’t mind!) Pointed tail and original elevator horn balance combo? Trevor
  5. That’s a postwar 19 or 21 with a deeper cabin. Still, more schemes than you could reasonably build, this’ll make many people happy Trevor
  6. I was around Speke Airport in 82. Which Annie did you see there? Trevor
  7. Obvs an RAAF 77 Sqn option at sometime considering the thingy on its back Noice Trevor
  8. If this is a hoax, it’s very depressing Trevor
  9. Wow, I’m deffo bookmarking this as a rich seam of info, so it’s with some trepidation that I’m submitting some info! Looking at the ‘Battle’ Hurris at the top of the post, I’m convinced that the one on the left is LF363, on the basis that the arial mast on the left is canted aft slightly. No idea why this was and I’m sure it’s been cured (after it’s prang no doubt), but I’ve noticed it on many contemporary photos. Trevor
  10. Not a Farley Fruitbat!
  11. and the 1/72 B.2 Canberra (though I think the plug has officially been pulled on that?) Trevor
  12. with fire. Herding cats
  13. I could see a Mosquito re issue with parts for (say) Tse-Tse. Has anyone who has the current release checked the lettering on the sprues to see if there is a ‘missing’ one? But if f a new subject, I would venture something Japanese maybe? Zero, Tony or Frank anyone? Trevor
  14. Apart from aircraft, anyone have any thoughts on ‘other stuff’? Trevor
  15. Late to the party - sorry! Now that you’re going to detail the heck out of this, Airfix will now surely release a new kit and for that, we the rest of the Briterati, salute you Trevor
  16. random gerbils for breakfast* *absolutely no idea
  17. I’d love one in 1/48 but 1/72 would do. The only on in captivity in Europe is at the RAFM and to be honest there are a LOT of things non standard about it, some of which I set out with my pictures in the walk-around section Trevor
  18. G29-1 ex North Weald and Southend. My pictures from the 80’s and finally the nose which I believe is now with Paul Allen My understanding is that the carcas remains unrestored Trevor
  19. Stunning build and great attention to detail. Looking good Trevor
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