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  1. Just a small update from me for now. Painting continues. Still getting to this multiple coat of acrylic malarkey, suppose it stops me from flopping great wodges of enamel paint drowning all the detail! Not much of the engine can be seen when the prop and cooling fan are assembled. Is it me, or does the green with black cowling give it a hint of Mitsubishi Zero Trevor
  2. I sense a strong WHIF here. Vietnam ‘Spooky’ anyone?! Mind you with the noise it generated, the Vietcong would have had hours of notice, even indulging in a spot of lunch first no doubt Trevor
  3. In the words of Barry Cryer “I don’t know where he gets them from, it when I find out I’m going there and burning it down” Trevor
  4. Sky Arts showing the Genesis ‘When in Rome’ concert from 2007. Sounds very similar to ‘The Last Domino?’ gig I saw in Liverpool the other week. Main difference was that Phil Collins didn’t play the drums and spent the whole time seated. Still sounded great though that’s from ‘Mamma’ btw Trevor
  5. Doctor O’Dell Fell down a well And broke his collarbone Doctor O’Dell Should heal the sick And leave the well alone by the late great Spike Milligan Trevor Bloodnock
  6. the legend senta a pua (sorry about the spelling) translated loosely into ‘Let Them Have It’
  7. Screen grab from an Airfix promo for a programme on the Yesterday channel ? Or would this be a render for a Corgi release? Trevor
  8. and nature in general @Yorkshire man five word heresy. Have a penguin of approbation
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