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  1. Very nicely built and I love the freehand camo job. What kind of airbrush did you use?
  2. Very nice 'Val'! I had the same decal problem with my Fujimi kit when I tried to use PrintScale Decals - much too Orange. The kit decals were too old to use. I finally also painted almost everything except the Number (just like you did) and gave the Number (AI-210) a very carefully painted coat of thinned Hinomaru Red (Gunze) to get them a little bit more on the red side. This worked to a degree.
  3. Hi Andre, mine a for a camouflaged Mirage IIIC - will have a look at those FS colours. bedankt Ingo
  4. Checked this one - looks about right. Thank you. ingo ps: The guest house looks nice.
  5. Does anyone know what FS/RAL colour the blue Star in the Israeli National Insignia is? I bought painting masks for those but they lack colour specifications. Ingo
  6. Nice! And you're right - I built the A6M5 by Tamiya last year and it goes together just perfectly. The only small downside of these kits are the usual thick Tamiya decals.
  7. Right - a side profile is no proof. I have heard or read that too - the digit number differences served to confuse about the real number of existing aircraft. Looks like this system is still working - only that it is us now who are confused.
  8. Thank you again for your extensive information (It seems I have the wrong books...and too few) So I might go with 778, Atar 9C and five kill markings - so far. As starting the kit is only in the near future, something might still come up. If not, I only have to decide between 152 and 778. Your answers were very helpful, Jure. Thanks for that. Ingo
  9. Hi Jure, thank you very much for your investigations. This is interesting because the eduard kit includes a marking option for '778' (Atar 9C) but with 101 Squadron in 1972 and already marked with eight kill markings (four above and four below the 'Mirage IIIC' stencil (which I think was standard, not 'CJ'). It is my impression that the IAF changed aircraft between Squadrons quite a lot. Would you be so nice to have a look at your photo again how many kill markings are on that aircraft? This might be an option because 119 Squadron markings are also included in the kit. Thnaks again, Ingo
  10. Looks excellent - I like the camouflage very much. How did you do the masking between camouflage colours?
  11. Hi, I have here eduards Shahak kit in 1/48 and would like to built the above aircraft that participated in Operation Rimon20 in 1970. No. 152 (52) of 101 Squadron is the only one I am sure about that it was among the Shahaks used in this Operation. I was only able to find a single picture in a book showing only the front part oft the aircraft with '52' painted on the nose wheel front cover - plus a side-view drawing that shows the aircraft as 152 on the vertical stabilizer. Questions: Does anybody know if '152' is correct and wether the aircraft had the Atar 9B or had already been modified to the 9C? If anyone has clear information about any other aircraft from Rimon20 that would be very helpful as well. I am not 'fixed' on No. 52, but it's the only one I know about.
  12. Very well done, I like it a lot. Must be an impressive beast on the shelf. Hope you got good dust protection for the display.
  13. Yes, I had to do several coats to achieve an even, glossy finish but I did not consider the coat to be too thick (no panel lines flooded ) Still, I had the same thought and apart from any strange reaction with the Alclad white primer (I think that very unlikely) it's the only explanation I can think of. No other choice than give it more time, I think.
  14. Right - no other contents added. As said, it seemed to dry rather quickly - you could run a finger over it an hour later. But it seems to be soft beneath a kind of dry surface/skin.
  15. Thanks. I should have mentioned that I used the Aqueous Thinner (No. 110) - not the Levelling thinner; that I only use with Mr. Hobby laquer colours and had no problems so far. Never had any issues with the flat Aqueous Colors. ingo
  16. Years later, finally a reply I am experiencing the exact same probem with Gunze H1 (Aqueous Hobby Color Gloss White) - I sprayed it three days ago on the undersides of my Victor K2 - sprays nicely with the Gunze Thinner (although it needs a few layers even on Alclad II white primer), seems to dry quickly to a high gloss finish. But - the model can't be handled yet....fingerprints even if only slight pressure is applied (holding the model). I was able to sand them off luckily but I have to do some extensive masking (grey/green upper surfaces) and I dare not put on masking tape for fear of ruining the white finish, not to speak of fingerprints while handling it for the masking procedure. How long did you finally wait until proceeding? Additional question: Is it the same with Gunzes Mr. Colour gloss paints (the laquer type)?
  17. Very nice! Where did you find the brass landing gear? I could only find the metal parts by ScaleAircraftConversions and I do not trust the rather soft metal to take the weight. ingo
  18. Hi, I bought the kit a few days ago although it's not my favourite scale, but I liked the subject. With some proper scratchbuilding, mostly concerning the interior it can turn out to be very interesting model. My only problem so far (I have not yet started) is the lack of photographs of the interior because Roden provides only the minimum there - and nothing regarding seat arrangement and machine gun installations such as ammo boxes, etc. Can anyone provide some help here? Or knows about some aftermarket stuff coming up?
  19. Very nicely built, painted and weathered - you made the most of this kind of camouflage. The kit - looking at the side views the front proportions somehow look strange to me, as if the fuselage from the intakes forward is too fat or the front landing gear to small, too thin... I can't really put my finger on it but it seems to look a bit strange. Or is that just me?
  20. I am completely satisfied with the announcements for 2019 - MiG-17 and Buccaneer for me. And when I have build them sometime in 2020, new tool Westland Wasp & Scout in 1/72 for that year. Thanks.
  21. The stencil on the nose gear bay door is "Nicht am Bugrad schleppen" - meaning "Do not tow on nose wheel"
  22. Hi, regarding the deck rail - what length should be the spaces between the rail bases and what did you glue on top? Evergreen? I discovered this just in time for my ASR and would like to do that correction as well. TIA Ingo
  23. Hi, can anyone recommend 28mm figures for British Infantry and Indians from the French and Indian war? May be some French and Civilians too? I do not need large numbers but I am looking for good quality figures. TIA Ingo
  24. I had to double-check that this is really 1/72. Very very well done Bf 109. How did you do the wavy lines on the wing leading edges?
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