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  1. Ingo Degenhardt

    Glory and the Firefly in Korea

    I hope you don't mind me using this thread - I am currently building the Airfix FB.11 and wondered why "155" is labeled 'Korean War' and has no recognition stripes. I always thought all Furys in theatre had them. It is not a mistake by Airfix, is it?
  2. Ingo Degenhardt

    best online AFV modelling stores?

    Have you noticed that Sockelshop has a system of 'points' that are added to with each order? From a certain number on you can use them for a discount. Modellbau Koenig (which is around the corner from my location ) has a similar system - for example my status there is that orders above 30,- Euros are sent free of shipping - which even saves me the few kilometres to collect the order from them like I did before. Although - I do not know if these reductions apply for out-of-germany customers. I found both shops to be extremely reliable and fast, too. For years.
  3. Ingo Degenhardt

    Broken down. Again!

    This is almost the first time I hear about major problems with an Octavia. I already have my second now. First one (black) did 384000 kilometers without any problem before being sold. My actual one (dark blue) is now at 290000 and so far they had to replace a wheel bearing outside regular maintenance intervals. Plus, it developed the strange habit of reducing the interior heating during the winter of 2016/17 for no reason (Skoda never found out why). But this fault is now gone. I am quite satisfied with the Octavia - not a beauty, but not too pricey and reliable.
  4. Ingo Degenhardt

    Ask all your Sea Fury questions here

    You're right of course regarding b/w photos. So I think I will stick to the Airfix instructions - may be with the exception of undercarriage legs and actuators....I might paint them some 'steel' colour. Thank you for your efforts.
  5. Ingo Degenhardt

    Ask all your Sea Fury questions here

    I did read that but I am still confused. Judging from the picture of WJ236 here on page 2 gear legs and inner doors look more like 'Sky' to me....?
  6. Ingo Degenhardt

    Ask all your Sea Fury questions here

    Hi, I just started on my Airfix Sea Fury and I am a little confused about the colours for wheel wells, undercarriage doors inside, gear legs and wing fold 'interior'. Airfix wants them all to be painted in 74 which I understand from reading here is close to 'Hawker Yellow' (some kind of primer?). Is that correct? Or should any of the mentioned parts be painted otherwise? I am doing WJ236, the Korean War version. Thanks Ingo
  7. Ingo Degenhardt

    Sword 1/72 Harrier T4N XW268

    Great idea and the paint job looks excellent! But I don't like what you have to say about the Sword kit.....I have that one waiting to be build too.....
  8. Ingo Degenhardt

    Westland Wyvern S.4, Trumpeter 1/48

    Yes, the kit includes the option to make the second (rear) propeller turn the other way when you turn the foremost prop with your finger. Bit of a toy-like feature but easy to include and no external disadvantages.
  9. Ingo Degenhardt

    Westland Wyvern S.4, Trumpeter 1/48

    Thank you. Yes, the kit is a good one. Except for the 60lb rockets. I had to replace (scratch) their rear ends because there is no 'exhaust', just the "X" of the fins. I don't do WIFs (time issues), but it would make a great WIF for Marinefliegergeschwader 2 at Nordholz, yes.
  10. Hallo Ingo,

    Schöne Ostern!

    Hier gehts ja schön privat:

    Du hast dich ja zur F-4 schon geäußert. Ich hab sie da, halte sie aber zurück, weil ja zum Teil Katastrophen-Rieviews schon raus sind. Ich find die Spook stellenweise auch katastrophal. Lieber kein Bericht statt Verriß. Deshalb die 48er für dich!



    1. Ingo Degenhardt

      Ingo Degenhardt

      Hallo Thomas,

      Ja, die Sea Fury ist angekommen. Bau geht auch bald los.

      Die FG.1 habe ich auch schon - konnte es nicht abwarten :-).

      Bis auf ein paar Dinge finde ich sie eigentlich gar nicht so schlecht. Ich hab jetzt mal den einen oder andern eduard-Satz dazu bestellt und auch brandneue Resinteile (Lufteinlässe) von Aerocraft. Stimmt schon, eigentlich sollte das Ding auch aus der Box funktionieren, aber das ist leider nicht der Fall.

      Wenn du die Phantom loswerden willst, nehm' ich sie. Meine bau' ich auf jeden Fall und ich kann auch zwei parallel bauen (Mit oder ohne Baubericht).

      Von Aerocraft habe ich übrigens auch ein Teil für die Sea Fury bestellt - Motorabdeckung, die lt. diversen Berichten beim Bausatz nur schlecht passt.

      Na ja, erstmal ebenfalls schöne Ostern.