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  1. 10 hours ago, CliffB said:

    ...I do hope it's moulded in white plastic :winkgrin:......


    Thanks Cliff. Pleased to report that the important bits are moulded in white plastic, with other parts in grey, clear and a bit of etch thrown in....and rubber tyres.....






    Not too many parts, so it should be a bit of a doddle..... :clown:


    I think that at this point, I should thank @TheyJammedKenny! for sharing pics of his 737 finished in British Airways colours (or "colors" as he would say). Truly inspirational and the real reason why I've pulled this down from the shelf, and not something easier like the Airfix 1/48 buccaneer ! 🤣.


    In the meantime, just waiting for the flight crew to arrive from their pre-build flight briefing at the Big H warehouse control centre.



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  2. Something civvie from me 🥱


    I've had this kit sitting on a shelf for more years than I care to remember - I think the dust is testament to that :




    Should fit into the Group Build restrictions quite easily as the Boeing 737-200 has been flown by airlines in 34 African countries. There should be plenty of colour schemes to choose from but decal availability could be a serious issue. 🤔


    Guess I'm going to have to do it the hard way, but at least I can aim for this as the bare minumum if I manage to get to the painting stage :




    Buckle-up ! I'm expecting there's going to be turbulence on our flight over Africa 😀 





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  3. ,,,at the risk of being left behind, I'll throw my name in the hat too if I may?


    Having said that, (and knowing my recent track record with Group Builds), I may have to start my build in the WIP section - just to save the mods from having to move it later :banghead:


    ...two engines and no weapons... !



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  4. 3 hours ago, Spitfire31 said:

    VAnd extra kudos for not painting the collector ring in coffe pot copper colour! 😉


    ....knowing my success with metallic colours, that's just the type of thing I would have done if I'd been able to find the copper paint! (Still getting bullied hammered about the colour of the exhausts on my Su-57 :banghead:)


    3 hours ago, celt said:

    Well tidy pair of models and not a cheat line in sight,🤣


    What a nice surprise to hear from you !


    Cheatline job on it's way, but only because you ask so nicely 😜 (Should be landing early spring at the latest)



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  5. South African Air Force Gloster Gladiatior Mk II


    Captain John Lister "Piggy" Boyle - East Africa 1940




    Airfix kit finished with EZline rigging, aftermarket guns by Miniworld and markings from Xtradecal X72321.






    I'm afraid that the Gladiator has never really appealed to me, and I only built it as a stablemate for my earlier Hurricane 




    No real issues with the Airfix kit and it proved to be a nice distraction while working on bigger projects






    Thanks for looking.



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  6. On 12/13/2020 at 11:03 PM, Romeo Alpha Yankee said:





    As I was about to say (before we were rudely interrupted), consider my gob to be well and truly smacked! I'm more than surprised by the size similarity, but then your eyes are drawn to the engines. 👀


    Absolutely massive on the A350, and a far cry from those on the 707s and DC-8s that I grew up with.



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