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  1. Yep, according to photo above it seems I did it right! It's long time ago I built it, I was not sure about the resources regarding flaps. The rest of photos could be found on http://www.kpmprosek.cz/v/panteri/mess/RF-101B M.
  2. Nikolay, check your references, there's no hinge on front flap edge, it moves backwards during opening, as can be seen i.e. in D&S No.21, page 7 and 63. This is my interpretation on Monogram RF-101B. M.
  3. Do you plan to fix intakes? Some photos above show that front edge should be perpendicular to fuselage for A/C versions, KittyHawk interpretation is ok for B version. M.
  4. Hello, there's an error in Eduard guide, use appropriate parts behind the canopy - A3/A4/B1 instead of A1/A2 and 2xN1. And to Aires cockpit - good choice, I replaced it too, it looks much better than original cockpit even updated with Edu stuff.
  5. I have this one in my stash too, I love shapes of this hot-rod. FM kits are not easy ones, but with some effort are buildable with usable result. I've built their Tiger and I don't regret i did it http://www.kpmprosek.cz/v/panteri/mess/tajgr Keep updating your progress, I'll watch this thread. M.
  6. mess

    F-104G D-8331 RNLAF

    Found one! Awesome!
  7. mess

    F-104G D-8331 RNLAF

    I have one photo of starboard side with starfighters and mouth, but without tricolor on vertical stabilizer. Do you have one with both starfs and tricolor?
  8. mess

    F-104G D-8331 RNLAF

    Gun nozzle cut-off should be just on one side of mouth decal
  9. mess

    F-104G D-8331 RNLAF

    Revell has some mistakes in it's marking (btw, did you see mouth interpretation with cannon muzzle cutoff on both sides? ). I love this configuration with lion zap. Thanks for your notes!
  10. mess

    F-104G D-8331 RNLAF

    So this one is OK? M.
  11. mess

    F-104G D-8331 RNLAF

    Thanks for answer! Just for sure, I meant the one on the fuselage, not on vertical stab.
  12. Hi all, I plan to build F-104G D-8331 from picture below. There's some yellow painting on its tail. Is here anyone with photo of this painting or any good photo on this machine? Many thanks in advance! Martin
  13. Thanks for all comments, appreciated! M.
  14. Thanks for comments! To philtn: yes, it's exacly Tamiya Clear blue thinned with GSI Mr.Color (blue) thinner airbrushed M.
  15. Hi all, I can report it as finished. Some progress can be found at http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234965200-phantom-fg1-aka-f-4k-148/ . More pics are at http://www.kpmprosek.cz/v/panteri/mess/PhantomFG1 . Thanks for viewing. M.
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