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  1. Wow. Well, a design from building plans then as there is no real example left in the world...
  2. So...designstage is underway. The Scimitar and Hornet are first, so assuming this will appear somewhere end of 2023 or in 2024? Great news though! It has puzzled me why Special Hobby has not followed through after their Tempest II....
  3. Hi Petr, since the Hawker Tempest II is out in 1/32 and 1/48, are there any more concrete plans to issue the Hawker Sea Fury FB.11 in 1/32 scale ??


    All the best, Tim

  4. and the Wingleader book part 2 is even better. And is there any update on the design stage?
  5. ....And when will a 1/32 Hawker Sea Fury be announced (I keep hoping)
  6. And hopefully a surprise in their Hawker Tempest 1/32 series at some point: the Hawker Sea Fury anyone?
  7. Maybe Petr has an insight?????
  8. yay! No more ridiculous eBay prices for the Hobbycraft ones...
  9. https://warbirdswalkaround.wixsite.com/warbirds/vx730
  10. not one of the mentioned kits will be the new Gold series release...it will be spectacular for some, disappointing to others...but it will bite the market of existing renderings...
  11. The Dambuster version of course was also in line with the ambitions Peter Jackson had to do the remake of the movie 'Dambusters'...I wonder if he will ever pick that project up...
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