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  1. I have the new Wingleader book (part 1) and the kit will be a beast. It was a huge airplane. I remember the first time I learned about it through the old Buck Danny comics
  2. it will take some time for sure. But the line up is becoming interesting: Draken, Stiletto, Phantom, Neptune...
  3. probably the most beautiful (realistically) designed kit to hit the market so far....I wait for the Dambuster...if they do that one.
  4. Very nice indeed. The early version and then perhaps also the version with the radome ?
  5. Received my first Viggen. Amazing work!! Earlier pictures posted by others don't do it justice enough. I look forward to their future subjects (incl. the Neptune and B-47!) T
  6. looks very promising: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/86383-jetmads-132-viggen/page/47/
  7. The way I see this work is to adopt the approach I see with Jetmads: have people sign up for kits to be issued. That way you have a good view on interest, cost etc.
  8. If this approach gains traction, it could open up avenues for say, the F-16A/B or new proper F-14, Super Hornet, EE Lightning etc...
  9. If they do the SPEY Phantom, they probably do this after the earlier versions (B,N,E,J etc). For the modular approach the whole fuselage needs changing. Practically another design...
  10. Not sure if this was already posted, but this looks very very interesting. A whole new range of Phantoms in 1/32 scale; modular approach. The clip is self-explanatory. A new approach to modelling? https://fb.watch/7wH0Wyfo3h/
  11. A unique and amazing plane and project. Eagerly awaiting my copies. I wonder what will be next in this scale after the Learjet and the Neptune...
  12. I had both and while the AMK is a great kit, the Tamiya is just better in fit and shape. Tamiya is more expensive than AMK. AMK has an elaborate weapons choice.
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