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  1. Hi Guys. It has taken a long time, and a lot of courage, to find this site and post this. I don't know how many of you knew my beautiful Husband, Derek Burton, he had a massive cardiac arrest on 15th December 2014, he, eventually, died on 24th December, he was braindead. My Boy was only 54, and it has been a hard journey, we were together for nearly thirty years. I have given stuff to charity, but in respect of his magazines, books and models, I hesitate, because I would like them to go to people who share his hobby. I will prepare a list of some of my Dek's stuff over the coming week. I will sell at a reasonable price, but all purchases must be picked up in person, cash in hand, I need to see that people care about his stuff. If nobody is interested, that's fine, I will keep everything, but I would like to think that some of his things would make somebody happy. I have got magazines from the 70's, etc, as I said, I will send a list. Whoever remembers him, please don't forget my Dek. Thank you. Angie, Dek's Wife, never a Widow x
  2. So are we saying follow the instructions ? Dek.
  3. I agree with Simon in post #5, there are really good quality photos of Spitfires that to me show areas around the gun ports to be perfectly square with a perfect circle in the middle no evidence of a ridge on the edge of the red portion and no sign of a fired through patch. There is good photo of this in Sarkar Battle of Britain the photographic kaleidoscope on page 109. Dek.
  4. I had dodgy instructions in my box, double printed and missing pages, got a new set within a week. Dek.
  5. That scheme is on RAFDEC sheet 7208 from Hannants 2 left. Dek.
  6. I have been thinking of picking up a few of the above as they are cheaper than the Eduard masks. Q is has anyone used them and how do they compare to the Eduard masks. Thanks in advance. Dek. P.S. not that Eduard make masks for the Az kit.
  7. Yes I have ordered one for the rag wing Hurricane and one for the Az Spit MkIX not that I will use them straight away. Dek.
  8. and just had mail from Hannants, paper. Dek.
  9. Just been trawling the net again for info on these masks, on the Modelimex site there are pics of the product and they do appear to be "yellow" paper. Dek.
  10. seems there is now a mask for the Az Mk IX and still need to know if these are paper or vinyl, no one brought any yet? Cheers Dek. P.S. just mailed the big H about them if I get a reply will post it.
  11. Yep in the 262 bible (classic ) its a retractable tail wheel. Dek.
  12. Just seen these on Hannants site, anyone have any experience with these, are they paper/vinyl? Cheers Dek.
  13. I brought up the subject of the possibility of red painted areas around gun ports in the thread "all the stupid spitfire questions" page 14. no conclusive answer. Dek.
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