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  1. Top shelf modelling all the way.... Are the decals "Pyn Up"? Lothar
  2. Fantastic, simply fantastic May ask what paints you used? Very convincing and realistic!! Lothar
  3. Wow, just wow - what a beauty May I ask how you've achieved the fantastic mottling??? Lothar
  4. Fantastic build and finish - hats off!! Are the weapons from the kit? Lothar
  5. No doubt at all, this is one of the - if not THE - best P-51s I've ever seen in this scale. I'll take a bow!! Lothar
  6. Excellent build, outstanding paintjob and weathering - hats off!!! Lothar
  7. I've just received a mail from LM announcing a new 1/48 F-16I Sufa for preorder. My question: Is this a repop of the already existing kit with just new weapons and decals or is this - which I doubt - a retooled new kit? Just curious. Thanks for any information. Lothar
  8. Fantastic build, excellent choice of markings, paintwork and finish !! Lothar
  9. Now that's a beauty, what grabbed me immediately was the fantastic paintjob and the finish/weathering, hats off !!! Lothar
  10. Yes, that's how an Intruder should look - extremly well done, everything looks just about perfect !!! Lothar
  11. Ignoring the inverted splitter plates, this is a stunning build, the paintwork and weathering are absolutely realistic. Isn't that the Hasegawa reissued by Revell? Anyway, congrats to a fantastic model !! Lothar
  12. Beautiful, simply beautiful!! Hard to believe it's 72nd scale and all brush painted - hats off! Lothar
  13. Love it, it's a fantastic build with excellent paintwork and weathering!!! Is it OOB and what paints and decals did you use? I'm honestly a bit surprised to see such a great build from a kit I heard so many negatives about. Lothar
  14. Stunning collection, impossible to pick a favourite Lothar
  15. Seriously, that's a work of art, I can't remember having seen a Cutty Sark model coming close to this one. Lothar
  16. Stunning - and thank you very much for sharing your progress with us !!! Lothar
  17. Now I have to raise my hat, that's a true beauty - stunning Lothar
  18. What about those who don't do FB? I don't and never will. A few pictures here would be nice and appreciated as well. Lothar
  19. Fantastic build, immaculate paintwork and finish - and excellent choce of markings !! And a great story to go with it...... Lothar
  20. Unfortunately I know exactly what you're talking about Lothar
  21. You've really nailed this one - excellent build. It's actually an A+ (upgraded A) rather than a -D. Lothar
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