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  1. Now that is a pretty little aeroplane. There just seems something about Nieuports that seem so right.
  2. Total gem. The patience of a saint for both the checkers and the rigging.
  3. That is a nice clean build, you now need to do several more WW1 aircraft to keep it company.
  4. Hi Shaun, Bloem, don't know of any there. There are several outlets that hold WW1 kits and a few that will get for you. PM me and I will try to give you a listing. Eric
  5. Hi Mitch, Beaut build & in 1/72...... wow! Takes me back some
  6. The Devil has a frightening resemblance to ZimBob……………… How apt! Looking forward to this build judging the quality on the last few you finished.
  7. Thanks Gents for the prompt reply, big help
  8. Hi, I see that Roden mould their Spandau machine guns (i.e. Fokker VI) with and without the cooling jacket. I have scoured Hannents site for the PE for these and see no reference in the Roden instructions. Could anybody tell were I can get the PE for these guns ..... Thanks Eric
  9. Super Aereo is quite correct in that the inboard doors (As well as the flaps) will fall open as hydraulic pressure dissipates. Door sequencing is as you say……. always shut but open during retraction/extension to accommodate the undercarriage movement. This has been a task that has virtually made me a stranger in my own home and has kept me away from the modelling table and glad to see the back of it. I have been promised air-to-air shots that I will post on getting them. I’m now contracted in Sudan so STILL not getting any model time but hope to get my stuff up here in a while. Britmodeller keeping me in the loop though, thank goodness.
  10. Mustang with new clothes and a very happy owner. Phew! This was a very trying job with getting it to as close as possible to how it was in Northern Italy. Thanks a ton to all that helped me with information to make my life that much easier to accomplish with a VERY big thank-you to David M who supplied me with so much information making that part of it a breeze.
  11. Thanks Guys. Yes, have to be rather aggressive with the saw to get it sitting more or less were they wouldn’t need a ladder to gain access. Nice build Mike.
  12. Finished my Gloster E28/39. Typical Special Hobbies short run kit but went together nicely. Put Edward PE seat harness but hard to see through the rather thick canopy. Had to cut down undercarriage as looked like a stork with them as they came.
  13. Scratch built cockpit now done and ready to close fuselage.
  14. Prop Duster thanks, that is just what I need to get on with. Will post as I go along. Seems to take less time to finish a 1:1 with me than a scale model
  15. Evening all. Here’s what the cockpit looks like so far….. Starting on the checker tail now. And hopefully have that done by week end, early next week and then on to the fuselage. Still looking for stencils though
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