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  1. hi guys, when i was based at RAF Gibraltar (Aug 11 till Aug 12...defense cuts otherwise id still be there ) one of my secondary jobs was Air Cadet Liason. Now there wasnt much RAF'y stuff so i got onto the navy and got them visits on HMS Westminster, and HMS Daring, (and myself a run on HMS sutherland during a gun ex in the med). I must say having visited the 23,s i found that the guys do an brilliant job keeping them running, but they are cramped and are showing there age. Daring was just awesome roomy and smelt like a new car in places, the bridge was ace just full of computer screens. Im not navy but i was in awe at the thing anyhow hms daring bridge from just past the half way point, the red seat is the centre line. (ive wiped some detail even though you can get pics like this on the net) and HMS Westminster from close to the other side of the bridge (i Have got rid of the cadtes faces as all but 3 are under 18, the rest are staff) Mods if your not happy delete these pics
  2. ive been watching this from the beginning and i feel now that i cant contain it any more... that is fecking great, you sir have a nice flat-top there
  3. i was looking through RA Burts battleships and with a bit of google i couldn't find anything on those extra bits under the portholes. HMS Nelson and Rodney have similar bits and bobs on their towers, but that was because of problems with air disturbance on the towers, maybe the same issue with valiant? Although QE and warsprite didnt have them their towers especially in warsprite's case were different
  4. So ive painted the decks, and have sorted out the white colour issue, but then i slipped a disc in my back and "bulged" another disc about a week after posting my last update. i haven't been able to sit down really for any more that nature requires (no rudeness plz) since then and am off to the uk for intensive rehab from tomorrow for the next 3 weeks. I hadn't posted before now in the hope that it would settle down and i could carry on but i have ran out of time. Sorry i couldn't get this sorted as the i really want to finished it. Im toying with the idea of taking the main decks to the uk and trying to do some of it while i can. hope to see something good from some of you guys in the next few days
  5. Evening So i started painting the decks on my 1/350 titanic today, as there was a lot of white on the model i sprayed the model (which was white plastic) err white matt. i waited overnight and put on the brown...tried tamiya xf-72 first and it was awful then i tried humbrol 110 matt, now i like the finish it gave me....if i was doing a 70cm model of a row boat but at this scale you wouldnt see the wood "effects", so my question is do i just apply a load of coats or is there a way round this..or do i just leave it ( not in favour of this option). If someone were to convince me what i have is ok............... i know some people use wood paneling on ships and it has similar effects, but... pics included.....thanks in advance
  6. awesome build mate, really wish i could do that. As for the rigging i am not doing any due to my being in the mob and moving around..in fact i will probably have the funnels and mast so i can remove then during moves as well
  7. looking good, i dont think im going to get the mincraft done in a day................and nobody dare me either
  8. Soory for not being around but my absence was again due to work, so i sat down and decided to get the hull finished and paint as much of the parts as possible.....dam minicraft for putting nearly all of the parts on brown plastic.. why not white!!....4th tin of white spray and still not done. ok so picture 1 is the hull finished, i sprayed a bit of white inside so the enclosed parts look like they should In picture 2 The double row of rivets underneath the main promenade, where the white meets the gold in the middle. well due to my shortcomings as a modeler im going to give the gold a miss and just be happy at the nearly straight line. Most of the black in this area needed touchups due to the rivets because the tamiya tape couldnt even get a good enough seal to stop the paint..grrrr here is a bow shot, ok my next move is to get the 1st deck fitted, hopefully by the middle of this week
  9. ok my bottom is now in gear to get mine really going. Looking good though pal
  10. looks sweet, love the sea. Yep it has been a bit slow, ive been a bit busy this year....but i am slowly but surley getting going. Feel free to build either of the sisters as they are part of the same class, would be nice to see them all together if you can manage it
  11. the longer one might have the extra episode when they show her 8 yrs later getting dismanteled. i have the longer version...somewhere
  12. see if you can pick up a copy of the 1970's sailor documentry, there might be something in that, i try and look later and see if i can find the dvds
  13. about 120 euros would be fair i think for the pair
  14. got some black, red and whit paint from some local shop in spain...some weird make, doesnt matter now as they are in the bin and i getting some humbrol sneeked over at halloween. The black seemed alright but marked easily, the rusty red when bright red when glue hit it???? and as you can see the white wouldnt go on.....maybe some more washing up liquid cleaning of parts required. so heres 1 shot
  15. ok guys i got back from being on op's in june ish and was posted to RAF gibraltar in late august , just got my removals but i wasnt allowed any chemicals in it, so now i have a model but no glue or paints, i have though found a place nearby in spain, so im getting it started this weekend, hopefully pics to follow 1/350 here i come!!!!
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