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  1. Nice review Mike !....One thing these birds did usually fly with the rocket pods as I believe they contained chaff rockets rather than the usual HE ones Regards, Simon
  2. superb job !, I have the 1/72 Zvezda version of this a/c and I'll be happy if it turns out half as good as this mate !
  3. Thanks guys !...the nose ring is chrome tape and the fuselage was AK Xtremes 'White Aluminium' the metal finish was then sealed with AK's 'Gauzy' metal finish protector/enhancer Regards, Simon.
  4. Built for the 'Early Cold War 1947-1960 group build on FB EE Lightning F Mk1 by Simon Johanson, on Flickr Lightning ! by Simon Johanson, on Flickr
  5. Looking good so far mate, particularly impressed with that cockpit !, I'm also building a Lightning F Mk1 from Sword for the same GB although mines in braille scale so not quite the same level of detail as yours Regards Simon
  6. Are you still looking for the R-60's & R-23's ?, if so PM me as I have them in the spares box Regards Simon
  7. thanks mate, another view of it Su-17M3 by Simon Johanson, on Flickr Su-17M3 by Simon Johanson, on Flickr
  8. This is my Modelsvit Su-17M3 Modelsvit 1/72 Su-17M3 ‘Fitter J’ by Simon Johanson, on Flickr
  9. fantastic !....how did it build, any pitfalls I need to know about ? as I'm about to start this for a Cold War 'Out of Africa' GB on Facebook (It'll be done OOB as a French AF operating in Algeria 1961) Regards Simon
  10. sig226

    Italeri MH-47

    Brilliant.....thats the site I saw before !, many thanks Dave (Y)
  11. sig226

    Italeri MH-47

    thanks Dave, I have the Italeri version and I seem to recall from the dim recesses of my brain something being wrong with the TFR radar pod as well, hence the post
  12. Airfix F-51 Mustang by Simon, on Flickr Airfix 1/72 with PrintScale decals
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