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  1. Hello Marcel, Actually I have RS Arado on my desk too and I am really not happy with some things there. Some of them are caused by RS and some by my hands. Well, I am motivated and encouraged now, as I see your build and very good result there
  2. Very clean and nice build Especially colours seems to be very real. I really like it. I would like to build a two seater Hawk in those colours and also I wish to downsize Hobby Boss 1/48 into 1/72 scale as the Airfix is not able to redesign the moulds of its two seater version for many years.
  3. I think, those are typical Airfix kits with their panel lines design. Considering I don´t like rescribing soft or shallow panel lines , I prefer to have deep lines. So from my point of view, very nice builds there and I am inspired to take my Harrier from the stash and build it too
  4. Very nice Mustang, I like Mustangs with non USAF markings I confirm the statement of the kit. The canopy is really trick, especially with the visible pin in rear part. Also I can confirm the point with XTradecals. I found simmilar issues on different sheets as well. Have a nice day.
  5. Thanks to all for comments. Well, despite some imperfections I still consider the Mk I kit on the top and better than many others kits and brands.
  6. Hello all, let me present a recent builds of Arma Hobby´s Hurricanes. The first one is a Hurricane in Portugal colours and it was really a pleasant OOB build. The second one is a most successful Hurricane of 310 Czechoslovak squadron during the BoB with 6 kills claimed by several pilots. The kit is also a part of small group build with my friends dedicated to Bob adversary. I hope you like it. If you are interested in a bit more details and photos, I would appreciate your visit there on my blog http://72insight.com/en/hawker-hurricane-mk-i-and-mk-iic-1-72-arma-hobby/ Here on the blog
  7. John, thank you for answer. I will do it in the same way, therefore I would appreciate if you send me the KGr. 806 insignia if possible. I will print it to decal sheet as well. The rest of the marking I will make by cutting masks I think.
  8. Hello, I like those dual builds with a story Please where can I find the decals for Ju-88 M7+DK of Kgr. 806 ?? I was not sucessfull. The Hurricane DUoB is available by AML decals.
  9. Thanks for explanation, I was not aware of it. Well , I have to study the Hurricane more in detail
  10. Hello Libor, very nice. I see 10 guns instead of 12 guns in the wing? Did I miss something?
  11. Thanks to all for comments. In fact, It is not my original solution. I was very inspired by build found here: https://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/2857-132-hasegawa-bf109-g-14-raf-farnborough/
  12. This is a new kit in my small RAFwaffe collection. This BF-109 G14 originally captured together with another 109 in the Netherlands in January 1945 was displayed on Farnborough event in October 1945. After then was probably scrapped. The kit is from Hasegawa dual combo. I made necessary changes to get a right look of this particular plane (e.g. weapons were dismantled). Decals are from Rising Decals sheet named "Under new management". The only missing thing is an inscription on the propeller blade, which was originally made by chalk. I did it by thin brush with moistened AK water chalk fra
  13. Very nice Harrier. Big motivation for me to build it.
  14. Very nice Mig in Laos camouflage. Very smooth and nice finish. I think it is a superb gift. I like Laos Migs and I plan also build one. I am confident Laos Migs were delivered mainly in version bis. I know, it is sometimes difficult to recognize right versions. On Laos Migs, there could help one more point. It is the Polyot flight navigation system (small antenna bellow the inlet).
  15. Hello, I am surprised by that very good result. Really nice.
  16. Nice SU-27 in nice colours = superb . The colour scheme is unknown to me. Please can you suggest, where can I find some photos of that pattern. I like it more than new one.
  17. Hello, first of all, very nice result. Despite I see some little imperfections I really like it Well, it is good to read your comments about the kit, because today I expect a postal package containing Airfix Phantom. You are right with your assessment of panel lines. On the other hand, actually, I have a Fujimy Phantom on my workbench and it needs to be rescribed a bit. The panel lines there are too fine. I would appreciate the panel lines to be something between Airfix and Fujimy So it was a little dilemma which kit to select. In fact, the most reason for Airf
  18. I am glad to see your comments thank you. Well, I have also heard it some years ago, but this is not proven to me. Sometimes Special Hobby gives to us a surprise, let´s see As said in 72insight, except rescribing panel lines, there is no other big setback. Of course, there is a big potential to improve the kit as I partly did. It is a piece from clear plastic sprue, which is sanded and polished straight on pylon part to get the right shape. A similar technique is used for making position lights at wings end.
  19. I think it is the right place and time to post my recently finished kit here. It is the FMA IA-58 Pucará which 38 years ago was a part of Falklands war. I am glad to have it in my display cabinet besides other kits related to Falklands. Especially it is nice to see the difference in size between the Pucará and Sea Harrier. For more pictures and details about the build and this plane, please visit my full article here: http://72insight.com/en/pucara-1-72-special-hobby/ Any comments or suggestions are welcome.
  20. Hello Patrick, I have mine JAK-130 in surfacer ready for starting to make the same nice colours. So I am happy to see that kit finished. Very nice result from your side, and I agree with your comment related to panel lines. I also had to engrave it. BTW, my feelings during build was, I am duing Eduard kit as there is simmilar partition and fitting of plastic pieces. Regards, David
  21. Hello Patrick, nice to see your great !!! result of that straightforward Airfix build . Having also XTradecal sheet, I intend to build more Vampires too. Actually there is one RAN Vampire standing in my display cabinet. (Well need time to catch some pictures and post here too) Regards from Brno
  22. Well, not easy answer. I would suggest to use a masking tape with width no more than 0,5 mm, then you can keep a circle. The rest of surface you can mask with wider piece of tape. The think which I don´t know, how it will work with brushing. Vamp looks good so far . Only eh.. . , it seems you forget to glue outer horizontal tails, don´t you ??
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