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  1. Very nice indeed, and some weird coincidences, a fellow Kiwi (although I'm actually an expat POM) and also called Gaz who likes Liberators.............. Nice job on the Libs, not sure but I think that 99 Lib would of had SNAKE (used to identify that it was to be shipped out to SEAC and not for use in 205 Group) although I'd have to check my records to confirm this. I've probably got the crew list for KL629 somewhere in my records if you ever want it. Here's my interpretation of a No. 178 Squadron RAF Lib 178 Squadron Liberator I also run www.rafb24.com if you ever want to know more about Libs in RAF or Commonwealth AF's shout
  2. Very nice, the old Halibag, used extensively by squadrons of 205 Group until they were replaced by the Liberator in RAF service, we (the Commonwealth) operated nearly 3,000 Libs during and after WWII. How does it stack up against the Modelcraft/Matchbox offering?
  3. Hi there You do know that Corgi released a 1/72 120 Squadron Lib? If you look around you can still get a conversion kit for the old Monogram 1/48. As for info on 120 Squadron your best bet would be to post a request on the forums Peter our resident 120 Squadron expert will be able to provide you any specific info you need. I have the Aerodata book and it's quite good, you'll probably find most of the photos on the site anyway but happy to help Cheers Gary
  4. Looking good, where did you get the resin exausts from? Ah it is a 159 Squadron Lib, the topic originally said 355 Squadron. I assume you've been talking to Matt Poole about DD? He's the officionado when it comes to 159/160 Sqaudrons. Gary
  5. Hi Wayne. A subject very close to my own heart mate. Looking good so far, if you need any info just shout. I have a lot of photos of 355 Libs and a number of colour plates etc. If you can't find what you want on my site I may have it in my collection so just shout. Cheers Gary
  6. Hi Arie Great build mate, would it be ok to use your BOAC photo on my site? I'm always on the lookout for photos and information about the Lib in any of her guises. Oh and my wife's mum lives in St. Etienne, France if that's the St. Etienne that's not too far from Narbon? Cheers Gary
  7. I only had black and white photos to work with but the darker colour appeared on the right. I could be wrong and the photos could be handed or developed wrong. This nice guy I know in Aotearoa called Mike took some better quality shots of the end result, it's amazing what a bit of saavy with a camera can do Thanks for looking, and be gentle this was my first proper build since returning to modelling Gary
  8. Surely they would of been painting from the wing tips and moving back to the wing root. The fact that there is a stripe at the wing root would indicate that it was there prior to painting of the other stripes. So he either painted the stripe at the wing root and then walked all over it to paint the other stripes or it was an old stripe and he was working from wing tip back towards the wing root. Just my tuppence worth. Gary
  9. It was common for the Flight Engineer to be 2nd Dickie aka Co-Pilot my grandfather was F/E on Liberators and Wellingtons.
  10. Was that the Mk XVI my knowledge of Wimpy Mk's is not so good.
  11. Hi Seahawk 150 Squadron were flying Wellington X between 4/19143-10/1944 Amendola 15/2/1944 Regina 4/7/1944-5/10/1944 215 Squadron Wellington X Sep 1943 - Aug 1944 Jessore 12/03/1943 Digri 17/09/1944 You might find more subject material doing say 40 Squadron in 205 Group or 99 Squadron in SEAC just an idea Technically speaking neither 205 Group nor SEAC came under Bomber Command. I seem to remember dual controls in both theatres on Wimpys, I believe there is mention of a 2nd set in Maurice Lihou's book It's Dicey Flying Wimpys Around Italian Skies but I could be imagining it.
  12. Cross my palms with silver alternatively ask me nicely and I'll see what I got if you can't find it on my site http://www.rafb24.com I have a nice collection of photos mostly B&W but some colour stuff including plates and paintings etc. Check the site out first it's ordered by Squadron number
  13. That's a nice figure, is that a Shermy bogie on the mat there?
  14. Damn that's a shame you sold her, I couldn't part with mine as it's actually a representation of my grandfather's kite. I like the D/I variants I have two in the basement and another J/VII as well. I've just bought myself one of those brass work station things and I'm going to build myself a Coastal Command variant and make all the extra's myself. As far as I know you can't get hold of after market stuff for these any more. Maybe they'll rerelease the B-24 seeing as they just rereleased the B-17's if they do then there'll be a bigger demand for photo etch etc, until then I'll have to scratch build it all. Each one of those throttle quadrants is made up of 9 semicircles glued together and alternating heights and then filed down. In each of the slots I added a lever and then I used a hot knife to push down on the top to make the "T" at the top of the levers. Sorry more photos, bet you wish you hadn't mentioned it now
  15. I'm actually building a 1/48 version of this and it has less detail than yours. It's an old Monogram kit which has no bomb bay at all, I contemplated scratch building one but after the last marathon build I'm hoping to do an almost out the box biuld on this one. I see you've used a sort of yellowy colour for the rear fuselage, I've had a bit of a headache finding the colours but I've managed to get some colour interior shots and the one's I got showed a light grey. German planes really put me out of my depth which is what I'm looking for and my knowledge of German interiors is lacking to say the least. She looks good so far mate and I'll be keeping an eye open for this one In the mean time are there and good net references for interiors of German A/C? Cheers Gary
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