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  1. Time to make a start on a Lavochkin and IL-2

  2. Been a really interesting and mature discussion this, guys. Very much a credit to the forum and the thoughtfulness of our modelling community. Whilst it really is a matter for one's own conscience and intellect, there does appear to be a reassuring acceptance that war isn't a nice business and best avoided but that stories of courage and humanity coupled with technical appreciation of the subject are the prime mover for most modellers. Well done, guys!
  3. Happy to advise on loco finishing if any of you go for it. Railways are my main modelling interest. There are some examples of my finishing on my blogs. www.albaweathering.com. www.maxstaffordskennel.com
  4. Big shout out to MJW models for the lovely Lavochkins! :-)

    1. dfqweofekwpeweiop4


      Ta! Look forward to seeing them built up!

    2. max stafford

      max stafford

      Be as quick as I can, Mike,they have to fit in among all the Scottish trains too! :-)

  5. Thanks for all the gen, folks. It's much appreciated. Dave.
  6. Thanks gents. I've started with an Academy IL-2 in 1/72 (single seat variant). Hopefully this is a decent starting point. Dave.
  7. Gents, I apologise that I haven't done more in-depth research but do we have a definitive source for WW II Soviet AF modelling on the forum including sources of decals? It's a fairly new source of interest for me but I'm struggling to find good sources in the west. Cheers. Dave.
  8. I hadn't planned on drinking like a Russian tonight but now the dog's seen the Rabbit; Вечеринка!

    1. Brad


      As long as you don't drive like a Russian you'll be fine.

    2. Rick Brown

      Rick Brown

      I love watching those YouTube videos!

  9. Gents. I have a specific interest in modelling 602 Sqn, being a son of the Clyde. Are there good, specific references online relating to 'Glasgow's own' and their aircraft? Thanks, Dave.
  10. Nice job Tommy. I was 11 before I got the hang of painting, good lad!
  11. Thanks Alex and apologies for the late reply. This sounds like an interesting method and I will be having an experiment. I imagine the method involves anchoring the strands at one end and placing the other end in the chuck of a hand drill or similar? Dave.
  12. One of my current railway projects involves a Cowans & Sheldon rail mounted crane of 1940s vintage. All is going pretty well, but I'm going to need a suitable thread or similar agent for the hoist/rigging cable. The stuff I use for aircraft rigging is way too fine as this crane is one with a 10t lifting capacity. Does anybody know of anything suitable. Cotton thread is a complete no-no as it's too 'hairy'! Dave.
  13. Dah, dah, dah, da-da-da-daaah...! "Are you ready, Venus...?" What an amazing beast! Dave.
  14. On the bright side, more unemployed in the St Andrews area is great news for the Dundee drug barons. Theirs is the only growth sector in modern Scotland I'm afraid and the prime reason I'll never return to my homeland unless real will grows to put them in their place... Dave.
  15. Special Hobby stuff is excellent and the really nice thing about it is that it's almost like a 21st century version of the Frog range. Dave.
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