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  1. Hi @aerotechi As @Giorgio N said the later R&D Canberra fleet did tend to have all the usual stencils, modified to fit in with the locale colour. To get a feel for them take a look at my album off WT333 here Canberra WT333. As for weapon load, It's posable she could have used the bomb bay, though I have no photo evidence to confirm this, the photos I have of of WT309 show her with under wing pylons and wing tip camera's which would suggest they were wing mounted such as the AS.30, but I know she was involved in the Stingray torpedo trials, this may have been loaded in the bomb bay? The standard Canberra crew is 3, this varies with Mk. the PR Canberra's and B(I)8's had two, the only Canberra with a crew of 4 was the T.11. The crew on WT309 would be pilot, navigator and test observer. As far as I can tell from what was left of her cockpit on the fire dump she was still very much a B(I)6 with the Nav on the left and the observer on the right. With the other B.6 Hybrids such as WT333 the situation was reversed with the Nav and his boxes of tricks in the right hand seat and the scientist/test observer in the left hand seat. One thing of note, in at some point in the 80's many but not all the R&D Canberra received a new plastic main instrument panel, this was painted a medium grey. from memory WT309 like WT333 did not. I hope this helps? If you have any more questions just ask. John
  2. Some F.104S weapons info, I don't speak Italian so I don't know how useful it is? John
  3. No problem Marc, I forgot to add Mk.1 seats. John
  4. Hi @MarcB Defo black, she's an early mod B.2, pitot tube under the nose to the left of the secondary bomb aimers window, no mudguard on the nose wheel, three colour ident lights, square treed tiers, fuselage fuel vapor vent, no vent mast. John
  5. That's a good book, I'm working on an update reworked version with Ken Delve in 2 volumes which should be out soon. I'll take a look through my photos to see if I can confirm, but I'd put money on black. John
  6. I'll have a look tonight if I have any photos, but for that timeframe, I'd say black, with an outside chance of silver. John
  7. It all depends on time frame and to an extent, the manufacturer. There is no hard and fast rule until the introduction of gloss white. Which scheme and aircraft are you thinking of building? John
  8. Hi all, this is the new, very nice Airfix Vampire that I built as an attempt to restore my modelling mojo, after a long hiatus. It's just about out of the box, the only real deviations from OOTB was the addition of the three underside ident lights, and some other small bits and bobs. I also change the serial to a diferant aircraft as I wanted to build her as an English Electric built example. The Norwegian example in the kit is an EE built one but I wasn't inspired by the scheme. It was a nice kit to build, non of the issues others have encountered, the only thing that caused me a headache was the main instrument panel, which I think should have been one piece rather than three! I've subsequently found out that those who know better than me join the three parts together first, net time I will, weather it has done the job of refreshing my kit bashing muscle, only time will tell! So any how, here it is. PS. it was sprayed with Tamiya Silver rattle can. John
  9. Some pages from the F.4J UK pilots notes which my be of interest or help? John
  10. I think James is right, one of the mod's on the Canberra canopy was the introduction of glass fiber reinforcing strips, as there was a problem early on with canopies failing under pressure. John
  11. Some Bucc canopy bits and bobs John
  12. Sorry David, you're colour blind, I word blind, I hadn't spotted it was a diferant aircraft. John
  13. @David Womby David it does look a wee bit ambitious, two more schemes to consider? John
  14. I'd go, Dark Sea Grey, Medium Sea Grey. John
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