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  1. Larry, only the pilot had a bag seat, the nav had to use the door and jump! No need to guess regards the camera fit, unless you're in a big rush to get it built, I may find time tomorrow to fill in the details. John
  2. @ReccePhreak Hi Larry, On the subject of PR. Canberra's were you aware the VICON developed a dedicated Canberra Rccon pod for the export Canberra Market. As yet I've seen no evidence of the pod being used, but I know for sure the FAV Canberra's were cleared to carry them. The pod was VICON 18 series 2. It was designed to be mounted on one of the under wing pylons. John
  3. HI @ReccePhreak and @stevehnz Larry I'll sort some things out for you as soon as I can, I'm a bit bogged down at the moment working of Vol.2 of the new Canberra book. You have a choice of 3 colour schemes HSS, PRU Blue top, HSS lower 50/50 split, over all PRU blue all with full SAAF castel markings. Later all over PRU blue with no markings except a 3 digit number on the fuselage. The seat was an MB Mk.3cs As far as I know there isn't one in the aftermarket world, but I could be wrong? Have a look on my site for what the seat looks like. The Nav's sliding seat was very diferant to the one the B.(I)8 had. The cockpit was fairly standard early on, the only thing if note was the Colin's Mk.10 Autopilot on the rear of the left side console. I'll check on the camera controls. As I said I'll get back to you as soon as I can with the camera fit. Have considered building one of the two Rhodesian AF B.()PR)2' Larry? John
  4. I did try to find a photo of the T.4 mentioned above, I do have photos of her but non with 23 Sqn. If I was to take a punt on colours I'd go with the top two photos. John
  5. XS417 is the only one I can find @David Womby John
  6. Indeed David, there must have been a 'blank' fairing as I have photos of aircraft with no pylons or guns.
  7. I've not studied it in depth but I suspect the geometry of the cockpit is a bit off, there are a few things I've dome to help with the issues, one key feature missing from all Canberra kits even the more accurate Classic Airframes Canberra, is the cross member to which the pilots seat rail is attached, the seat rail and cross member form the foundation for the Navigators instrument racks. This is for my B.6 hybrid, WT333 John
  8. @David Womby David I've had a look through my many Lightning photos and the pylons with the fairing are quite common. I suspect it was fitted mostly as a drag reduction aid for ferry flights. As for the pylons they are integral with the missile pack. This is the drawing for the Firestreak, the Red top is the same. John
  9. Five foot is a bit wee, more like a fighter Jockey. Though to be fair perhaps Airfix were thinking of the pilots safety, as the following extract from the Canberra pilots notes illustrates, being short in the leg is definite advantage! If you add the seat rail to the top of that small platform and mount the seat on that it would move it closer to the rudder pedals. The crew for the old 1/72 Airfix B.(I)6 had their legs chopped from the mid shin! John
  10. The instrument panel looks fine! The seat should be lower down, the raised part is the where the seat rail should be, so if there is room it should be fixed to the floor in front of the raised bit. You could also do with trimming some of the seat back pad down so it fits against the back of the seat. I hope that makes sense? John
  11. Very nice, I'm on with a 1/48 Airfix one at the mo that's been languishing in the hanger for some time, your build has inspired me to press on with it! John
  12. No problem, always glad to help with a Canberra build! The wheel wells and doors appear to be aluminium, the flaps would be the same. The nose wheel and main wheel hubs are aluminium too. I stand corrected regarding the main instrument panel, WT309 did have a grey plastic panel including the engine instrument section. It is possible, though I've not seen photographic evidence that in line with other R&D Canberra's the paint may have been removed from the upper wing main spar cap, this would give a dull silver line along the top of the wing. Any more questions just ask. John
  13. Hi @aerotechi As @Giorgio N said the later R&D Canberra fleet did tend to have all the usual stencils, modified to fit in with the locale colour. To get a feel for them take a look at my album off WT333 here Canberra WT333. As for weapon load, It's posable she could have used the bomb bay, though I have no photo evidence to confirm this, the photos I have of of WT309 show her with under wing pylons and wing tip camera's which would suggest they were wing mounted such as the AS.30, but I know she was involved in the Stingray torpedo trials, this may have been loaded in the bomb bay? The standard Canberra crew is 3, this varies with Mk. the PR Canberra's and B(I)8's had two, the only Canberra with a crew of 4 was the T.11. The crew on WT309 would be pilot, navigator and test observer. As far as I can tell from what was left of her cockpit on the fire dump she was still very much a B(I)6 with the Nav on the left and the observer on the right. With the other B.6 Hybrids such as WT333 the situation was reversed with the Nav and his boxes of tricks in the right hand seat and the scientist/test observer in the left hand seat. One thing of note, in at some point in the 80's many but not all the R&D Canberra received a new plastic main instrument panel, this was painted a medium grey. from memory WT309 like WT333 did not. I hope this helps? If you have any more questions just ask. John
  14. Some F.104S weapons info, I don't speak Italian so I don't know how useful it is? John
  15. No problem Marc, I forgot to add Mk.1 seats. John
  16. Hi @MarcB Defo black, she's an early mod B.2, pitot tube under the nose to the left of the secondary bomb aimers window, no mudguard on the nose wheel, three colour ident lights, square treed tiers, fuselage fuel vapor vent, no vent mast. John
  17. That's a good book, I'm working on an update reworked version with Ken Delve in 2 volumes which should be out soon. I'll take a look through my photos to see if I can confirm, but I'd put money on black. John
  18. I'll have a look tonight if I have any photos, but for that timeframe, I'd say black, with an outside chance of silver. John
  19. It all depends on time frame and to an extent, the manufacturer. There is no hard and fast rule until the introduction of gloss white. Which scheme and aircraft are you thinking of building? John
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