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  1. Just a heads up Vol.1 of the new Canberra book is now being shipped. It can be ordered from WH. Smith, Ebay, World books and directly from the publisher. John
  2. Is this it? Angle of Attack probe, number 22 on the drawing. John
  3. Going by these photos of English Electric built ones, I'd venture black is the way to go. John
  4. Lol, it's like the Bat symbol, a Canberra shaped light appears in the sky over Bradford John
  5. Hi Dennis, defo mine, just checked. No problem with you posting them. John
  6. This is the best I can do, I hope it helps? John
  7. I'm not 100% Dennis, I'll take a look tonight. John
  8. I think they are mine Dennis. If so no problem. John
  9. I would venture it would depend on time frame. John
  10. I feel the mojo issues too, but I agree with Dave, she needs finishing! The world can never have too many Canberra's John
  11. I'm fairly sure it was post service too, to protect the bays from corrosion, seeing as the u/c would not be raised again. John
  12. True, I should have pointed that out, but under that wax oil, it is still aluminum and muck. John
  13. A Vietnam war Mk.20 then? I'm glad you like the site. John
  14. It's a nice colour scheme. Have you had a look around my web site? IPMS UK Canberra SIG. John
  15. No problem Ali, if you ever need anything Canberra related I always happy to help! John
  16. When we first started the project we a had planned to add an in depth model section, but as the book grew and grew into two very substantial volumes something had to go. Having said that when the original book came out it was my go to book for Canberra info, I don't think that has changed other than it is now even better. The book contains a lot of facts and airframe detail plus first had accounts from ground and aircrew backed up and supplemented with extracts from Squadron diaries and operational records. The photos are very good, with many never published before. John
  17. There was provision to carry a long range tank in the bomb bay, but it was seldom used around the UK or Europe as the Canberra had plenty of range. John
  18. There is no technical reason for them to be left open, the only thing I can think of is, if the crew were selling merchandise the bomb bay is where the luggage pannier is, it would make access less of an issue, like wise if they had food and drink it too may have been stashed in there. John
  19. Essentially they are the same as the very early RAF T.4's, no ejection seats for the instructor or student, the Nav. had a Mk.1CS. The external difference, this was confined basically to the repositioned pitot to the optical flat on the nose cap. John
  20. Not too long now Andre John
  21. this is from the German Air Force G.91 flight Manual John
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