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  1. Hi all Not strictly my area of expertise, but I'd be firmly in the Matchbox camp, as with all the 1/72 kits it's not perfect, a wee bit skinny, but for me looks better than the others. John
  2. Hi jwest21 Sorry I made a typo! (thanks Rich) It should have been a Mk.2 (I'm just waiting for a passing train to through my self under!) the right link is http://www.aeroclub-models.com/p.html?n=0&c=EJ420 John
  3. Hi jwest21 As far as I'm concerned the best and only after market seat that look any thing like the Mk.3's fitted to the Canberra B.2's is the Aeroclub one, It's a new up graded one they produced for there 1/48 Canberra before Airfix released there's. It has every thing you'll need except firing handles. http://www.aeroclub-models.com/p.html?n=1&c=EJ402 John http://ipmscanberrasig.webs.com/
  4. Hi Charlie No problem, just PM me with address and it's yours! John
  5. Hi again! I've just had a look and as far as I can see WH904 didn't fly with 100 only 85 and 7 sqn's so if you want to build a 100 sqn. aircraft you'll have to pick a different one, but the offer for the decals for the blue checks still stands. John
  6. Hi Have a look at this site, there's a nice photo of her with 85sqn. plus some nice 100 sqn. shots but non of her with 100. I'll have a look at my stuff See If I can turn something up. As for the markings, I used blue checks over yellow paint the scull and cross bones came from the Model alliance sheet, if you want some checks get in touch with me via the Canberra SIG. http://forums.airshows.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=1454
  7. Hi Stewart The thing with the flaps is easy, some stay up, some don't, even on the same aircraft, but they don't drop that much only slightly. John
  8. Hi, If you send me your e-mail I can send you some photo's of SAAF Canberra drivers! John
  9. Hi I've just found time to scan them, I've sent you a PM . John
  10. Hi Dek I have some thing that should help. I'll be away for a week, but when I get back I'll e-mail it to you OK? John
  11. Hi Eng try here Visit My Website look in John's (my) photo's and Edmondo's you should find enough to keep you busy John
  12. Nothing too bad, just a lot of annoying little things, it all depends just how big your Anorak is John
  13. Ummmmm, It all looks very much like the 1/48 Can, with all the same problems, but I guess we can't complain too much, after all it's a quantum leap over what we had before. Thanks for sharing John. John
  14. Hi Nick If it's an early 1960's Lightning driver I'd go with RAF Blue gray flying suet and Silver MK.1 helmet, black or green mask black boots and yellow life jacket, if it's a latter 60's driver, the same as before but a white Mk.4 helmet, and don't forget for both, a rather fetching cravat in squadron colours! As far as I'm aware the full face helmet and pressure suet were only for R&D use. John
  15. Hi Steve I've never tried them, but I guess they'd be OK, unfortunately I don't do Lockheed parts in 1/48th so I can't help sorry. John
  16. Hi Steve I'm no expert ether, but it looks like Italeri to me John
  17. Hi All If it's Halfords you're after, try Audi Brilliant Black, and Ford Polar Gray, both very good for B.2 camouflage. Polar gray isn't an exact match for MSG. But it's near enough for Government work. The RB.57A was done with Audi Brilliant Black, I find the best results are achieved if sprayed outside in direct Sun light, this drys the paint very quickly and produces a very high gloss finish, the hard part is finding a Sunny day! John
  18. Hi Kes Happy to help! :shithappens: John
  19. Hi All I agree, Xtracrylix are superb, I'm now using them more and more, they go on with a brush really well, with out leaving brush marks, the gloss finish is good enough to add the transfers with out extra varnish, but it's not too shiny. They do dry quickly, and I was a bit worried when I painted my First 1/48th Canberra with them as I thought it would dry too fast, but not so, I found that if I put a well loaded brush full on then worked quickly all went well. John
  20. How about Canberra PR.7 Canberra PR.9 Canberra T.17 Lightning Gnat John
  21. Hi Steve I'm not the sort of modeler who gets hung up over every rivet, but if you compare the photo of the EB.57 with the kit the bottom line of the canopy is quite flat compared with the Airfix kit canopy. If you have an Italeri or Clasic Airframs B.57 and compear them with the Airfix kit you will see the diferance. I've also looked at the drawings in my B.57 flight manuels, and they don't look much like the Airfix kit! John
  22. Hi Phil,and all I agree, it dose look very thin and too humpy! I may be wrong, but it looks as if Airfix have just scaled up the 1/72 scale B.57, if you compare the parts they look very similar,and equally wrong. John
  23. As Bex says the PR.9 is still on the gate a RAF Wyton WT305 was dismantled and used for "parts recovery", and thr PR.7 is in very good hands, when I took the photo's n 1989, all three were being looked after very well, it's just a shame they couldn't have hung on to WT305. You can see more of my Canberrra photo's at the IPMS UK Canberra SIG web sit. http://ipmscanberrasig.webs.com/John
  24. Hi Wez I've had a good look around and I've only found two photo's of WH666 on the web, When she was with 100 Sqn. http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=htt...sa%3DN%26um%3D1 WH666 is the Camo B.2 with Tip's. In the side on photo you can just See at the very rear of the bomb bay doors a wedge shaped fairing, this is the cover for the trarget tow attacment. If you have a look on the IPMS Uk Canberra SIG web sit you'll find two close up shots in my photo's of the tow attachment http://ipmscanberrasig.webs.com/apps/photo...hotoid=41011230. I'm not too sure that she would have add the TT unit when she was with 56 Sqn, as I understand that the Canberra's with 56 were used as intercept targets for the Lightnings, and not for gunnery. As for the Tip's Canberra B.2's do generally fly with them as it adds a useful bit of extra range, but not always, one thing that is good to remember with the Canberra is, there is no norm with the Can!! John IPMS UK Canberra SIG
  25. I agree, High Speed Silver is much more likely John
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