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  1. Hi Alan and Bexy I'm on it! As soon as I've posted this, I have seen the retirement stuff, very good it is too. How's the open top B.2 going Bexy? John
  2. Hi Alan thanks for the info, one other interesting thing about NZ6111 she was the last ever Canberra built! I wish I could find out what happened to her in India? John
  3. Hi Doug Thank you. Not yet but I'll take some tomorrow and post them. John
  4. Please be gentle with me it's my first time! New Zealand Air force B.(I)12 Airfix 1/48 B.(I)8 kit pretty much out of the box. John Ok, more photo's of her. Thank you for your kind comments,(so far) I forgot to say this is my 50th model Canberra!
  5. Hi All Bexy is right with Light Aircraft Gray B.(I)8 but so is Mr. Ward, it all depends on what point you want to model the 8. John
  6. Hi Pat No problem at all, glad top help John
  7. That should look nice, please post a photo when she's finished. John
  8. No flaps needed for take of, just landing, all being well John
  9. Yes dek it would, but it would be one hell of a job, I did a bit of detailing in my PR.7 it looked a lot better for it. John
  10. I can say for sure that WT346 another 16 Sqn B.(I) 8 has Black wheel wells and bomb bay Visit My Website not too clear on this photo but it is black, having said all that Model Decal Set No. 25 has XM277 and the instructions say Silver, I've had a look at some more photo's of B.(I)8's in the XM range and the ones I've seen are silver, so I'd go with Silver bomb bay, silver wheel well and doors. John
  11. Hi Nick I've never seen dark green, but black for the bomb carrier is OK, I've only ever seen them painted black. Have a look at this photo I tuck of a T.4 bomb bay undefined The bomb bay its self could be Black or Silver, the wheel wells tend to be the same colour as the bomb bay, ie. if wheel wells are black the bomb bay should be black too, but this is the Canberra we're talking about so any thing goes! What aircraft are you building? This could help pin it down. John
  12. Thank you Steve, nice of you to say, but I wouldn't have made half as many with out people like you making all those lovely bits! You'll have to post some on the SIG site when you get time, we would all like to see them I'm sure. John
  13. Hi Steve Nice work, that will save a bob or two on Classic Airframe kits! thanks. John
  14. Hi FZ6 That looks really good! nice work. John
  15. I've Just had a long hard look at my Canberra photo's, and yes the vast majority of British Canberra's do have the the elevators pointing down, but not exclusively, and just to throw a Canberra shaped spanner in the works the B.57 displays the opposite trait!
  16. Hi Bexy If you had said that 2 weeks ago I would have said the same B(I)8 it's a 2c and that my well still be true, but I've just seen some very nice photo's of NZ Can's B.(I)12's and they are definitely not 2c's I'm not 100% sure but looking at what I have by way of MB info they look like the line drawing of the Mk.3 on the MB web site. looking more like a Jet Provost Mk.5 seat, also of note they appear to be un-painted still being silver. I can't be as definite about the SAAF and Indian 8's/12's but looking at the photo's I have of later Can's the head box looks bigger and squarer than the 2's. John
  17. Hi smeds OK, so that blows that theory out of the water! But I've still seen Canberra's parked with the elevators in both the up and down position. John
  18. Sorry I should clarify what I said, when the ground locks are in place the elevators are indeed level, but I've seen aircraft parked with the ejector seat leg restraints wrapped around the control column when the locks aren't fitted. So the deflection depends on how they were at the time the driver tied them off. John
  19. I've just had a thought! Is it an RAF 8 you're building? if so you're OK with a 2c, but if you're building a SAAF 12 or Kiwi 12 it should be a Mk3 John
  20. Hi Reheat and Bexy I'm with you on that one Bexy Mk.2c but as you rightly say, never say never with the Canberra!
  21. Hi smeds Bomb bay should be silver on RAF 8's, export ones would have started silver too, but would most probably have been repainted white after major refurbishment. The elevators can be up or down I've seen just as many up as down, I think it all depends on how the pilot has them when they are locked. John
  22. Hi Rich It's most definitely a Mk. 2'c I have a photo on the SIG all be it side on. undefined it's the one on the left, the other one is the kit seat, just shows how good the kit seat is!
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