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  1. Ok, as the kit comes you can only build the prototype, but it's only a matter of changing the seats from the Mechanics Inc. Seats in the kit to ESCPAC ones to represent a production F, unless you are planning on doing one of the 3 NASA F'as they are now, if so you will need ACES II seats and new wheels. John
  2. Quick? If you want a model that looks like a B.57 then either kit fits the bill, but if you want an accurate model then you are stuck. The Airfix kit is a modified version of the B.(I)6 kit with the same level of detail or lack of. In overall shape it is far better than the Italeri kit but the devil is in the detail. The wings; the nacelles have been altered to represent the J.65 set up, but the underside air intake is the wrong shape, it has two gas ports on the starter instead of one. They have had a very rudimentary attempt at the hub detail on the main wheels. The fuselage; the tail and rudder are fine, the air brake on the side are ok but with fictional details inside. The two aerial fairings on the top and bottom just aft of the bomb bay are molded on and oval not round. The bomb bay door is molded closed with no option to have it rotated. Now the biggest issue, yet again Airfix got the nose wrong! Not so much the profile that's ok apart from the RB.57E camera nose, no, this time it's the canopy, I'm only guessing on this but to me it looks like the took the measurement of the transparent part of the canopy as the over all width, not taking into account the very wide metal parts, this gives a very narrow and overly curved canopy, the seats are quite good though! The fuselage is also too long, for some reson they have it the same length as the UK PR. Canberra's. The nose wheel has been modified too to represent the Martin one, though it's a bit chunky. As it stands, the only option for an accurate B model Martin Canberra is to mate the Italeri front fuselage to an Airfix fuselage after shortening it and attach modified FROG wings. All the above regarding the canopy also applies to the 1/48 Airfix kit! John
  3. That's good, if there is anything extra just get in touch. Which F are you planning to build? John
  4. It is odd, I would have thought it would have been a perfectly safe option too, especially where you live, it'snot like some third world backwater. I hope you can find another option. John
  5. That's a shame, unfortunately I have no control over how the publisher operates, have you tryed World of Books or Ebay? They may have that as an option. John
  6. Hi Vesa You will find much, if not all you need in the relevant albums on my web site. I have a number of albums covering the RB/WB.57F. If there is anything you can't find let me know I have far more than I can put on the site. Just a note about the site, it can't be viewed on mobile devices only laptop or desk top computers. If this a problem let me know. IPMS UK Canberra SIG. John
  7. Thanks very much Pete, it's been a big project for us, but a fun and interesting one. John
  8. We have just sent the final draft back to the publisher, so it should be hitting the shelves soon. There was a delay with Vol.1 due to a worldwide shortage of printing paper, I don't know if this is still the case? John
  9. You mean this one? https://www.fonthill.media/products/canberra-1 John
  10. Yes thay could, but as others have said, it didn't very often. If the were flying long range like a deployment to Malta or one of the more exotic destinations then tips were used, but as with most PR. Canberra's working around the UK or Europe they were not required. Note in the above photo, the position of the tanks on the wing. The wing of the PR.9 was a modified B(I)8 wing with an extended tip, this ment the plumbing remains in the same position as all standard span Canberra's. This increase in span ment the tanks needed to be attached to the new profile wing via an adapter. John
  11. Small world! They have a small war memorial at the school I was looking at it one parents evening and two other old boy joind up but oddly they ended up flying B.24's with the SAAF! I used to pass your old work every day on my way to work, as you say, all gone now. John
  12. Hi have seen the film, very useful it was too, one of my dads T-bolts is in it, that gave me a good idea of how they should look. I based the painting of one of his 34 Sqn aircraft on the ones in the film. John
  13. Thanks Tony, he was born and raised in Underclif, he went to St.Beds grammar and was destined for a job in the wool trade. Him and a school pal signed up together, next stop Blackpool for air crew selection, then Rhodesia for flight training. It must have been one hell of an adventure for a young un travelled lad from Bradford. The rest as they say is history!
  14. Phenomenal work Tony, I love the way it looks now, just as it is! John
  15. Hi Paul, Really glad you enjoyed it! We've just finished our last check through of Vol.2 and it's now back with the publisher, it should be winging it's way to the book shelf soon(ish) We are planning two book signings in September in Doncaster and the other at Mahram. John
  16. Sorry for the late response to all your kind comments, but I've been hard at work closing Vol.2 of my new Canberra book. Andy I have another Thunderbolt in the stash that I plan to do in 73 OTU markings, I'm also on with one of the Spitfire's he flew post war in the Isle of Man. In the stash is a Tiger moth, Harvard, Auster and Dakota I'm trying to get as many 1/48 scale aircraft as possible. I defiantly did Andy, and it is without doubt brilliant! That's quite an impressive bagging an FW.190 first trip out and a D at that! I look forward to seeing that, you'll have to give me a heads up when you start. John
  17. Nice one Paul, I hope you are enjoying it! John
  18. 77 years ago 22 June 1945, my dad flew his first combat mission. It was only his second flight in Burma with 79 Sqn. 1/48 Tamiya P.47D. Extract from my dad’s log book and the 79 Sqn. ORB. ‘a ridge at QA 030670 was the uninspiring target for this sortie. Glide bombing attacks were made and all bombs fell in the area. Four (?) strafing runs were made by each aircraft on the area and along a track (?). No results or movements were seen. Bombs: 12 x 500lb Mk IV GP 11 Sec delay Ammo: 9,510 x .5 API’ John
  19. From the F.4J UK pilots notes John
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