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  1. The set that Brian has posted a photo of the 'PR.9' wheel set are good late mod big wheel which will do for all/most Avon 109 Canberra's and some export Avon 1 Canberra's. John
  2. A bit late, but a nice view of the gun through John
  3. @Brigbeale A good choice! Not the most modern Canberra kit around but still the most accurate mainstream 1/72 kit out there, the 'new' Airfix kit though more detailed isn't quite as good, the best option is to cross kit the two using the undercarriage seat and other detail parts form the Airfix 8 to embellish the FROG airframe. The resin seat you have, though not overly accurate is a big improvement over the kit offering. The main and nose wheels could do with replacing too. If you need any parts let me know. John
  4. @Bozothenutter This is what you need to be aiming for, this is WT327. As I said though they were not identical the R&D fleet were standardised to a B.6 equivalent, so for modelling purposes this will be close enough. John
  5. Hi Andy, Thanks for the heads up, A very fine tribute with lots of detail. All good stuff, I was interested to see the photo of your uncle post war with the scars from his burns, I must say he wasn't as bad as I thought, was he treated by the Germans in the POW camp? John
  6. @Col Walter E Kurtz, thanks very much for the heads up on this over on my post, an extraordinary tribute, I know how frustrating and tricky but rewording it can be researching these parts of our families histories. You've done a cracking job with out build a truly marvellous tribute, well done! John
  7. I should have said, I don't know why it doesn't like mobile devices, if you can look on a PC all should be ok. In 1/48 and given how little you can see I wouldn't get too hung up on the diferant lay out, if you can paint the main flying panel medium grey I personally think that would be ok. John
  8. Though the Canberra R&D fleet were standardised as B.6 equivalent the cockpit were far from standard. The main instrument panels were often in later days grey not black. As for the seats other than Aeroclub non of the aftermarket people have made an accurate Mk.2cs you'd be better working on the kit seat to improve the detail on that. If you have a look at the cokpit and seat albums on my site they will give you an idea of what things should look like. IPMS UK Canberra SIG. John
  9. Excellent looking build! I love the extra detail, it really brings the model to life. Very nice paint work too. John
  10. Thanks, I know Graham, I wish he was still around, I could tell him off for not going on to Canberra's when he joined up again post war! John
  11. There are some funny and far from PC comments in his log book, from what I've read the weather was a bigger threat to the pilots than the Jap's. When he arrived in Burma it was in a rain storm, he land on pierced steel planking which was hidden by the water, it was the first time he'd encountered this type of runway, he thought the aircraft was disintegrating around him, he had no idea what was going on! John
  12. Hi Andy, Did your uncle pay the ultimate price for our freedom? it is good when you can associate a model with a person, even better if they are a relation. I have got the ORB's and Sqn diaries for 79 Sqn, which was his first Sqn, though he was assigned to 34 Sqn; on arrival in Burma my dad was one of a small number of pilots that were loaned to 79 Sqn as they were desperately short of Thunderbolt qualified pilots, including the Sqn CO! It's not until I got the ORB's that I finally found all but one of of the serial numbers for his T-bolts, It wasn't until then I could build an accurate representation. John
  13. Thanks Alistair, my dad was always a bit miffed to say the least that what went on in the far east was very much the forgotten war. John
  14. It's a wee bit late, it should have been posted on the 12th. This is my model of the 34 Sqn T-Bolt my dad was flying when they got the call back on VJ day 1945. I've tried to capture the worn and weathered look of these hard worked war horses, not easy with a paint brush! Lest we forget. John
  15. I have drawings of the Canberra jack's but no dimensions unfortunately. John
  16. Some B(I)8 bombs, not sure what type though. John
  17. Yes it's quite straightforward. John
  18. Unfortunately, that won't work, the fuselage will be too short. Every thing else is ok though. John
  19. No problems, I'm poised on stand by! John
  20. As I said, the A model looks superficially like the Canberra but there are a lot of detail changes. John
  21. That's why I'd like to see one, though superficially they look very much the same, in detail there are a lot of differences between the B.2 and Martin A model Canberra, I suspect HP got some of them but I'd like to see how much they got right. John
  22. I've got the D, I've not seen the A but I'd like to have a look at one. John
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