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  1. Not so much an efficiency issue, more a lack of space for fuel, but given its intended role as a point defense aircraft range was never really a big consideration. John
  2. It didn't need to move, 'coss English Electric knew what they were doing John
  3. It doesn't directly answer your question if at all, but you may find this of interest? John
  4. Just for reference, this should be fairly accurate for some UK phantoms. John
  5. I was thinking more about the missiles. This is from the armament training notes, so it has everything included. I'm no Phantom expert though, just thought it may help if not directly. John
  6. I've got this, not sure of the date, but it's quite early I think? John
  7. @Simon This is one of the the drawings, red is number 5 John
  8. Hi Simon According to the AP I have they are red, perhaps they may have been painted Pink at a later date, but I can say for sure. John
  9. I hadn't spotted that Mike until I'd posted it, but being dyslexic myself, it's not always obvious. The biggest back to front mix up I've seen was on am USAFE T.33, the wing topside Stars and Bars were facing the wrong way! Back to the Lightning, to me it looks like the colour of the paint is something like Coroguard?
  10. I can't say what materiel they are made of, but I suspect they are metal. I do know they appear to be part of the airframe that was painted rather than natural metal. John
  11. I would say the centre is circular, and the leading edge too, but gets gradually higher at the top and bottom to match the fuselage height giving an oval appearance? John
  12. Some stuff I've dug out, And the only image I can find of the rear of the intake ring, John
  13. I've had a look through the only part of an IPC I have but it's not covered in that section unfortunately, or anything useful in the AP's I have, the best I can do is a Warton produced Scale drawing, I can scan it if of interest? John
  14. Further to Mr.Yager and the Canberra, a good friend of mine was a test pilot at Edwarbs AFB the same time as Chuck, he was a keen fisherman so he and my friend would often borrow a Canberra load it with food drink and fishing tackle for a weekend fishing trip, they both really enjoyed flying the Canbera. My friend was also an RB.57E driver in SEA, other than some photos and vague recollections of what he was up to I know very little of what they did and where. John
  15. The RAAF Mk.20's did a fantastic job in SEA, but they were configured for level bombing where as the B.57B's weren't, they had no means of accurately delivering bombs strait and level. I'm un unashamedly biased but for me the Canberra deserves far more credit for what it did in SEA, not just the bombers but in Tac Rec the RB.57E's were unsurpassed in the field. The B.57G should have been developed more, but it too much too soon, and listed not just by trying to introduce so much new kit but the limets imposed by the dead end of the J.65 engins. John
  16. @nimrod77 This is an RAAF Mk.20 bomb load if it helps? John
  17. @nimrod77 Glad it helped Nimrod, I've just taken these photos of the B(I)6 AP AS you can see the bomb beam goes right up to the front, and stops short at the back John
  18. I've post these in some other thread some time ago along with other phantom stuff, perhaps someone can point you in the general direction? Anyway, here is some info that may be of interest. John
  19. @nimrod77 take a look at my site (but not on a phone) Bomb bays here, also have a look around the other albums though I've tried to keep things together there is stuff all over. John
  20. @tempestfan This is all I have in the way of drawings of the pylons. John
  21. I've just got in from work, so I'll take a look tomorrow. John
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