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  1. On 8/9/2022 at 8:37 AM, SouthViper said:


    I really love the Panavia  MRCA Tornado !!!

    I understand for sure some secret aspects of the aircraft mainly military aircraft and  respective  projects, so if that manufacturer  says its aircraft is under sonic, bad armed, weak, I believe,  since I am not even an specialist or spy. 

    Well, in this way of thinking,  I would dare to ask here for declassified pictures of the Tornado's MRCA  cockpits and other detais useful ito building an accurate Panavia MRCA Tornado.

    Thank you all 


    SouthViper from Brazil 

    @SouthViper I posted some photos of the UK prototype cockpit here, you may find them helpful? 


  2. 8 hours ago, canberraman said:

    I wonder whether it was a simple case of the painters transposing the correct DSG/DK camo Pattern. There was an example at Wyton way back where the camo scheme came back from the contractor reversed, but I believe it got sent back for redoing! The aircraft in question is shown beneath.







    That right Mark, the paint job was put out tenderer, a firm in Eastbourne got the job, apparently the firm specialised in painting civilian aircraft not military, they appear to have miss interpreted the drawings. And yes, they did have to re-paint her at their own cost. I don't know if they got any other work from the MoD.



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  3. On 7/20/2022 at 6:21 AM, Chrisj2003 said:

    Jason, thanks.  Yes Patricia Lynn, Airfix kit with dimple filled in on nose and Blackbird Models B-57E tail faired in. It’s a long way from @canberra kid cross kit accuracy ( no Frog wings, no Italeri cockpit, etc). 


    Nothing wrong with your build Chris, the Airfix is the most accurate out of the box B.57, on the subject of asymmetric loads the RB.57E was probably the first combat aircraft in SEA to drop a bomb in anger, they were the first jets in along with the Abel Mabel RF101's 



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  4. 17 hours ago, Chrisj2003 said:

    I built one as a RB-57E in 2020 at link 

    I was happy with the outcome, it looks like a B-57. But detailing the cockpit was pointless because it was too narrow. Chris


    Looks good Chris, out of the two choices of Kit, the Airfix is definatly the most accurate dimensionally. If they hadn't screwed up on the canopy it would have been a much better option. 


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  5. On 7/2/2022 at 11:07 PM, Col Walter E Kurtz said:

    My old boss was ground crew on Canberras. He was in Chile during the Falklands conflict. He told me that they weren't supposed to be there of course! Also that they came up with their own chaff dispensing solution for their Canberras. Tape bundles of chaff using gaffer tape in the airbrakes. When the air brakes were very briefly deployed the chaff fell off and separated. He said 2 a/c were saved using this over Port Stanley Airfield.. Have you heard of this before?

    Regards, Andy





    Sorry for the late reply, I got sidetracked! He must be miss remembering it, you can't store anything in a Canberra airbrake they are flush finger that extend from the wing skin, they could have put them in the flair bay, which would have been much more practical. There was a trial installation around that time or perhaps a wee bit later to fit the same type of chaff and flair despisers as used on the RAF Phantom pylons, these were installed on the PR.9's wing tip but they coursed all sorts of aerodynamic problems so it was abandoned. Then came the fitting of Boz pods for use over Bosnia, these were hung from pylons mounted on the hard points that were part of the PR.9's B.(I)8 DNA, these too were short lived as they were eating up huge amounts of the wings Fatigue life. The last and most successful was introduced as part of a suite of updates to the PR.9 in 2005


    SEN/CAN/232 introduces a Vicon 78 series 445 countermeasures dispensing system. The system provides a passive countermeasures capability against a variety of infrared and radar seeking air or ground launched missiles and anti-aircraft artillery systems. Manual control of the system allows the aircrew to launch decoy chaff and flares when a threat is detected visually or electronically. This was mounted in cell's behind the main wheel well's.


    SEN/CAN/235 introduces a modified wingtip mounted Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) under ARI 18228/18 The RWR is an Electronic Support Measure (ESM) system, which provides visual and audible warning of the presence of illuminating radar emitters in the frequency range of 2.5 to 18 GHz through 360 of azimuth.


    I'll put my anorak away now.





  6. 2 hours ago, TheyJammedKenny! said:

    Indeed.  AMP Models may become the source for that, assuming they have molds for the B.6 also.

    They would still been a new fuselage or a new forward fuselage with the extra length built in,  but the wings would be ok for a PR.7 if you're not too fussy about panel detail.



  7. 5 hours ago, Giorgio N said:

    Thanks again John, for some reason I'm less and less convinced it's worth buying that kit. The longer fuselage as a basis for a PR is interesting, however I wonder if it wouldn't be simpler to just insert a spacer in the fuselage of a fishbowl canopy kit ? Ok, not that this would be a simple exercise in itself (cut, insert plasticard, rejoin, fill, sand, rescribe etc..) but the Airfix fuselage would need chopping anyway to glue the front of a B.2/6.

    Sounds like there is room for a family of proper B-57 kits, wonder if any company would be interested... not that the Canberra family has been particularly well treated in scale anyway, surprising for such an important type.

    Giorgio I do like the B.57 option for the PR Canberra's, aside from the right length which means only one cut for the nose job, but with the bomb bay already sealed up all I need to do is scribe the flair bay and fuel tank. There is most defiantly a need for a B.57 family it would need a bit of planning but with a variation of 2 fuselages and 3 wings and a bit of thought it could be done, whilst we are in fantasy land we can add a PR.3 and PR.7 to the wish list.



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  8. 2 hours ago, Bedders said:

    I really like the F but don't know a huge amount about them. I'll have a look at your website John. Did I read somewhere that the engines on the Mach 2 kit need replacing?



    Hi Justin

    I've not spotted any shape/size  issues with the TF.33's but as @Vesa Jussila says the quality or lack of the mouldings leaves a lot to be desired.



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  9. 3 hours ago, Giorgio N said:

    Thanks a lot everyone, and John in particular ! I have seen your wip and the use of the Italeri front fuselage rang alarmed me regarding the shape of the cockpit, shape that the cover showed as suspect but I couldn't really understand why.

    I'm now torn because I'm wondering what use I could make of he Airfix parts. Sure I could follow your same path but I wonder, if I have to use the Frog wings as these are more accurate, why not just cross-kit the Italeri and Frog kits ? Afterall things like airbrakes and other details can be rescribed and the frog fuselage IIRC is accurate enough, or am I missing something else ? True that the kit I've seen is really quite cheap so it would not break the bank but I'm having some doubts now...



    You can add the Italeri front fuselage to the FROG kit, other than the fuselage airbrakes you would need to shorten the bomb bay not too difficult a job. As for the Airfix kit you could take advantage of the lengthened fuselage and combine it with the Aeroclub nose and do a PR.3 or PR.7 or T.22. 


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  10. 30 minutes ago, Vesa Jussila said:

    I am planning to build NASA bird, so your information is good. Also landing gear parts are really bad quality in kit so those need to replace.

    So you will also need F.15E main wheels, ACES II seats. The cockpit was also up graded with a new glass cockpit. I think SAC did a white metal set for the Italeri B.57 it may be a good idea to look for that, as you said the kit legs are next to useless!



  11. 13 minutes ago, TheyJammedKenny! said:

    Thank you, @canberra kid!  Is it just me, or does the Airfix B.6 kit look like it's got the longer fuselage of the PR.7 aft of the nose gear?

    Without going to measure it, from what I remember it's the right length. It's just the B.57 that is too long, which as it turns out is useful as I use them to built 1/72 PR.3's and 7's. 



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