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  1. 14 hours ago, f111guru said:

    Thanks for posting those John. I have a few kits from 1/24th scale Airfix original to the Tamyia, Hasegawa in both 1/48th and 1/72nd scale plus a Revell original 1/32nd scale in the stash. Great information for scratch building. Thanks again.

    All The Best,

    Ron VanDerwarker


    10 hours ago, Covjets13 said:

    That’s epic, thank you so much. Can you keep them coming please. Looking to really bring the kit up to muster. 

    Cheers Si 

    No problems lad's. Do you have any specific areas of interest? 



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  2. 4 hours ago, cmatthewbacon said:

    Mine arrived during the week. Unfortunately, DPD decided leaving the package leaning on my garage door in the rain constituted delivering it to a safe place (the garage door was unlocked and both Amazon and the postie had figured out they could open it and leave stuff inside... So it's drying out -- fortunately only the corner of the cover and the end board were affected and the pages are not stuck together! Looks very good, though...



    That's a bummer, it's never a good idea to let a book get wet, still it sounds to be not too bad, I hope it doesn't spoil your enjoyment of the book.



  3. 15 hours ago, Des said:

    Took advantage of the advance order price and been awaiting Volume 2 of which  all 1.7 kilos , 600+ pages , 560+ photos of it were delivered this evening , first run through and looking really good.

    Thanks very much Des, I hope you enjoy them! 



  4. 1 hour ago, Thomas Bell said:

    I recall the Italeri kit being based on the B-57C trainer variant, which had dual controls, unlike the the B model. Did the E have a stick and throttle in the rear cockpit?

    BTW, I was able to locate the DVD my photographer compiled on our assignment at NASA in 2007. It is extremely detailed, since the two birds were being refurbished at that time, giving us access to innards that otherwise would have been inaccessible.

    I no longer have any use for this disk, so if anyone wants it, send me a note. My PC has gone u/s so I have to mail the DVD, which is no problem.

    I also remembered my old pal Dan Swint, fighter pilot and then chief of aircraft ops at NASA-Houston, telling me they were going to refurbish a third WB-57F from the desert boneyard, where it had lain for almost 40 years. It sounded outlandish to me, but by golly they did it, and now there's talk of a fourth airframe being resurrected.

    The WB's are only about 10,000 ft. lower in max altitude then the ER-1/U-2, but can carry a considerably larger payload. Also, there's a back seat for the systems operator. So the WB's are very popular with universities and other paying customers doing high-altitude research and systens testing.

    I'd also forgotten about a later expose I'd written about how the WB was flying military missions in Afghanistan under the cover story of "searching for natural resources." NASA is a civilian-only agency, so they weren't happy with me blowing the whistle on them.

    @Thomas Bell First off yes please to the DVD! PM inbound. The E was very much a Jack of all trades, designed as a Target Tug Martin had the good sense to keep it fully combat capable including Nuclear, it was also able to be re configured to a two stick trainer with little work, so yes, the E could have two sticks and duplicated controls. The retention of the weapons capability was to pay dividends when many were re worked to replace combat losses in SEA.  In the kit the rear cockpit instrument panel is based on the B.57E the front is generic, but as with all Canberra's be they British or American, they were in service for so long that unless you pick one type at one time the best you can do is be generic. The NASA F's are indeed a fantastic research tool, for academia and government, The work in Afghanistan from what I understand was working as a Communications relay platform in support of ground operations. I wasn't aware of the plans for a fourth F being put back in service, but it makes a lot of seance! One thing is for sure, we need a family of accurate Canberra's!   



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  5. The kit was/is a big disappointment, from the forward transport joint back the kit is a mess, except the tail plains. The cockpit is based on the B.57E, that's not even an option in the kit! 

    The Mack2 RB.57F shares all these errors. 


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  6. 32 minutes ago, Thomas Bell said:

    You are, of course, correct on all counts. That's what I get for relying on my memory, which is faulty even in the short term, and my visit to NASA that particular time was in 2007. At that time,, the a/c still had the Stencil seats and the panel still had tge original steam gages. I have a disk here with tons of detail shots my photographer took on that trip. I remember they had several of the bomb bay payload pallets lying around the hangar, and was told the contractors had to design their instruments around those pallets. The F-15 wheels are quite distinctive. Did your kit include them?

    Another tiny detail are the little wooden blocks under the wingtips, which tell the ground crew if the aircrew dragged a wing on the ground. I was also told that the guys would occasionally stuff grass under the wood as a joke on the last person to fly the beast.

    Thomas, The kit owes a lot to the Italeri kit, which is a big shame as it's possibly the worst place to start! Not only does it not have the F.15 wheels, but it has the undersize Italeri ones. The seats are wrong being the original B.57A/B Mechanics Inc. seat which is OK if you want to build the prototype F but all others up to this latest NASA mod should have ESCIPAC seats. But having said that it's the only show in town, so what can you do! The NASA F's have had a lot of thought put into optimising all available space for science, plus the addition of not only standard wing pods but also the ex TR.1/U.2 super pods which look very spectacular! 



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  7. 2 hours ago, Thomas Bell said:

    Sorry I'm late here, but I've written one book and several magazine pieces on the B-57. I spent two days in NASA's hangar In Houston for an Aircraft Monthly article on the WB-57F. While I was there, they were changing the stock main landing gear for F-15 gear and wheels. That left only the nose gear, forward fuselage and canopy as the only original equipment. Also, oddly. most of the cockpit is stock.

    The cockpit isn't quite stock, new ACES II ejection seats, Glass cockpit, new GPS and Autopilot. From frame one back to the tip of the tail the fuselage is still very much Canberra, the tail plains are modified but still Canberra, the fin is all new as are the wings. Unlike the D model the F retains the 'bomb bay' roof though all the associated plumbing has been removed. The RB./WB.57F though is not a Canberra in the legal seance, it is a General Dynamics RB./WB.57F the percentage on new GD parts is grater than the Martin parts. 



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  8. Just a heads up, due to operational reason's at RAF Marham, the Canberra book signing event has been re scheduled for the weekend of 8 - 9th October. Every thing else remains un changed regarding the event. 





  9. MARHAM CANBERRA DAYS update. RAF Marham is observing the Royal period of mourning for the Queen, which means no public events will take place before the 26th September. To comply with this, we have moved the Canberra Days back to Saturday and Sunday 1st and 2nd October. The plan for the Days remains the same; in addition to the cockpits on show (including XH135, tours of XH169, the Heritage Centre, Canberra models (as in aircraft!), memorabilia and parts sale, photo albums, etc, we have a programme in the conference room that, provisionally includes:
    • Canberra film show (a loop of short Canberra films) - various times in the day with different films
    Presentations, discussions, Q&A on:
    • Bombers and Interdictors
    • Asymmetric – the Canberra’s main problem
    • Recce Rules!
    • Target towing, jamming – and more: overview and discussion
    • .. and more

  10. 16 hours ago, tempestfan said:

    Vol. 1 also arrived here a couple of weeks ago, but not yet had time to do a real look inside. @canberra kid: Do you happen to know whether Fonthill take part in one of the import VAT up-front collecting schemes? Probably not, that's why I bought mine off a platform (but still at a great price), as that handling fee for collecting the VAT on delivery that all carriers apply just about kills off every direct (non-platform) purchase outside the EU.

    Hi,  thanks for getting the book, I hope you enjoy it! Sorry but I have no idea about the VAT, as you say, I suspect not. 




  11. Hi Kari

    Is it this are in red on the photos? I'm not sure what they are, perhaps chaff dispensers or heat vents for the electronic recon suite? What ever they are they were a Swedish modification as they are not in the photos of the aircraft when they left Warton. 





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  12. 9 hours ago, Kari Lumppio said:



    Does the Vol 2 have details of the Swedish Tp 52 EW equipment? And explanation for their venturi outlets (made of steel for heat resistance?) at rear bomb bay?





    Hi Kari

    We do cover the Tp.52's but due to space only in a general way, I have the Tp.52 manual but it does not have details of that part. Is it on both Tp.52's? I can look at my photos.



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