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  1. Hi,

    Looking to purchase this manual. T.O. 1B-57B-34-1-1 Aircrew Non Nuclear Weapons Delivery Manual USAF Series B-57B, B-57C and B-57E

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,


    1. canberra kid

      canberra kid

      Hi P

      My copy isn't for sale but as indicated in the topic reply I did a pdf version with much of the content.


  2. Having moaned about the way the after market business is changing modellers to assemblers how happy it made an 'old' modeller when I saw your innovative approach to the engine nacelles for you RB 57 project. I have long wished for a model of this aircraft but having experienced mach 2  products before I would rather scratch build. Off into the loft where I find the Matchbox PR9.  An Italeri B57A and a B 57 G as well as usable bits of an ex frog re-badged B1a. I cobbled together a 1/72 plan from the internet some years back which I managed to find so its down to the DIY store tomorrow for a couple of light fittings. Thanks for kick starting my modellling interest and you also prompted me to join Britmadeller.  I watch with interest your progress and look forward to your next posting. When I start my RB 57F I may post progress but as a newcommer I might just walk before I run.!

    1. canberra kid

      canberra kid

      Hello Austing


      Thank you I'm glad you like my efort, I've always enjoyed the challenge of trying to work around problems, the RB.57F has always been one I wanted to have a go at in 1/48 but I couldn't see a way around the engine problem until, urica! a true lightbulb moment! I'd already found a work around for the wing on my RB.57D build, so no excuses. It's not been easy but, hell I'm enjoying it! Any help I can offer please get in touch. Have you had a look around my site? IPMS UK Canberra SIG    


      Kind regards



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