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  1. No Wow Emoji, but WOW! Them was the days.
  2. @Monty Python as @Des says the hooks were removed and the hole blanked over, as illustrated by this drawing from the F;4J UK IPC John
  3. I've got these if they help? John
  4. @Adam Poultney Adam, this is the best I can do, John
  5. The second, third and fourth drawing show the size and position of the LEF, but I'll have a look for any plan type drawings. John
  6. As James @71chally said I have some drawings that may help? https://img.nickpic.host/ubLEJz.jpg John
  7. Very odd indeed James, have you tried the link I added? Can you see the text? Can you see the images in the F-104G post James? John
  8. I'll try again, let me know if it's ok? John
  9. This isn't really my field but I would say yes, going by this. John
  10. To add to Dave's excellent photos, https://nickpic.host/image/uGew7j And for comparison, the B.2 upper wing skin https://nickpic.host/image/uGkXy8 John
  11. This is from the T.O, if it helps. John
  12. I never understood the logic behind short with long socks, it defeats the object somewhat, unless it's to stop anything nasty biting you John
  13. @David Womby This is my old man in Burma David, I know it was before the time frame, but not much and I suspect that in that part of the world comfort would have been more of a issue than Air Ministry dictates. When he was in Japan he was flying VIP's and various dignitaries around so I imagine 'proper' uniform would have been appropriate. Not he has no rank or wings, just the RAF shoulder flash. He told me he often flew without his helmet on too, he later said that could have been the reason he was chopped from flying due to hearing damage. John
  14. Hi David I don't know for sure what the answer is but when my dad was flying in Burma, he wore Army style khaki Jacket and shorts with shoes and long wool socks. Post war in Japan (1946) it was the same style jacket but with light weight trousers. John
  15. The G was an in theater proof of concept/flying laboratory for the systems. The aircraft though difficult to maintain soon showd it's worth as a weapons platform and as it became more and more operational, this in turn lead to other problems with spears and other maintenance issues as the G's were never intended to be used in this way. Despite all this they proved to be highly effective in the role. John
  16. Thanks Antti, that helps. It's never easy to guess colours from B&W photos. John
  17. I've started my hopefully doldrum busting build, the new 1/48 scale Airfix Vampire. I'm intending to build it very much out of the box, but, I did spot one thing that I'm going to fix and that is the downward ident lights, Airfix have sort of represented them but there is no reference to them in the instructions. The only problem now is which colour goes where? I think I know which order I'm going to do them in unless someone can come up with an answer. John
  18. @dambuster I've found something better. John
  19. The only thing I have is this, I know the out riggers are in the 'wrong' place but the maim wheels will be the same. It's funny there is nothing in my Harrier AP's or the AV.8A T.O. that have the same information, strange! John
  20. @gingerbob Some control column drawings if they help? Also if you fancy doing one with the engine exposed, it looks like a fun job if you're up for a bit of plumbing! John
  21. She looks very nice Ian, well done! He'll be well chuffed I bet. John
  22. Glad to help Ian, she looks grand! I'm sure your friend will be made up with her. If you hadn't been putting her on a base you'd have been justified in fitting the tail prop, not at all unusual for the Canberra. Let us know when she goes to RFI. John
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