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  1. Another excellent build from a very old basic kit, well done! John
  2. If they were early Bomber pilots, (Canberra) they would be very WW.II looking, later 50's, as with the others replies, Mid grey flying suite and leather or silver Mk.1 flying helmet. I have photos if interested? John
  3. @SouthViper I posted some photos of the UK prototype cockpit here, you may find them helpful? John
  4. I was thinking later on, in the latter days at Wyton. John
  5. There is a lot of info, somewhere on here that I posted up. John
  6. The RAF (us) had paid a lot of money for their lovely old jet to be re-painted, the company got it wrong big time! Too right they had to put it right. John
  7. That right Mark, the paint job was put out tenderer, a firm in Eastbourne got the job, apparently the firm specialised in painting civilian aircraft not military, they appear to have miss interpreted the drawings. And yes, they did have to re-paint her at their own cost. I don't know if they got any other work from the MoD. John
  8. Nothing wrong with your build Chris, the Airfix is the most accurate out of the box B.57, on the subject of asymmetric loads the RB.57E was probably the first combat aircraft in SEA to drop a bomb in anger, they were the first jets in along with the Abel Mabel RF101's John
  9. I've often thought about that too Dennis, and I have never found an answer, is there any examples from the past with other PR types? There is no other examples Canberra word. John
  10. Looking good, a nice job on such an old kit! John
  11. I hope you're enjoying it? John
  12. Looks good Chris, out of the two choices of Kit, the Airfix is definatly the most accurate dimensionally. If they hadn't screwed up on the canopy it would have been a much better option. John
  13. Thanks Gaz, it dose help when it has some sort of meaning. John
  14. Sorry for the late reply, I got sidetracked! He must be miss remembering it, you can't store anything in a Canberra airbrake they are flush finger that extend from the wing skin, they could have put them in the flair bay, which would have been much more practical. There was a trial installation around that time or perhaps a wee bit later to fit the same type of chaff and flair despisers as used on the RAF Phantom pylons, these were installed on the PR.9's wing tip but they coursed all sorts of aerodynamic problems so it was abandoned. Then came the fitting of Boz pods for use over Bosnia, these were hung from pylons mounted on the hard points that were part of the PR.9's B.(I)8 DNA, these too were short lived as they were eating up huge amounts of the wings Fatigue life. The last and most successful was introduced as part of a suite of updates to the PR.9 in 2005 SEN/CAN/232 introduces a Vicon 78 series 445 countermeasures dispensing system. The system provides a passive countermeasures capability against a variety of infrared and radar seeking air or ground launched missiles and anti-aircraft artillery systems. Manual control of the system allows the aircrew to launch decoy chaff and flares when a threat is detected visually or electronically. This was mounted in cell's behind the main wheel well's. SEN/CAN/235 introduces a modified wingtip mounted Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) under ARI 18228/18 The RWR is an Electronic Support Measure (ESM) system, which provides visual and audible warning of the presence of illuminating radar emitters in the frequency range of 2.5 to 18 GHz through 360 of azimuth. I'll put my anorak away now. John
  15. They would still been a new fuselage or a new forward fuselage with the extra length built in, but the wings would be ok for a PR.7 if you're not too fussy about panel detail. John
  16. Giorgio I do like the B.57 option for the PR Canberra's, aside from the right length which means only one cut for the nose job, but with the bomb bay already sealed up all I need to do is scribe the flair bay and fuel tank. There is most defiantly a need for a B.57 family it would need a bit of planning but with a variation of 2 fuselages and 3 wings and a bit of thought it could be done, whilst we are in fantasy land we can add a PR.3 and PR.7 to the wish list. John
  17. Hi Justin I've not spotted any shape/size issues with the TF.33's but as @Vesa Jussila says the quality or lack of the mouldings leaves a lot to be desired. John
  18. You can add the Italeri front fuselage to the FROG kit, other than the fuselage airbrakes you would need to shorten the bomb bay not too difficult a job. As for the Airfix kit you could take advantage of the lengthened fuselage and combine it with the Aeroclub nose and do a PR.3 or PR.7 or T.22. John
  19. Thanks speedy, I hope you enjoy! John
  20. So you will also need F.15E main wheels, ACES II seats. The cockpit was also up graded with a new glass cockpit. I think SAC did a white metal set for the Italeri B.57 it may be a good idea to look for that, as you said the kit legs are next to useless! John
  21. If you want to see how I did mine here's a link to the WIP Dr.Frankensteins CanberraI John
  22. Without going to measure it, from what I remember it's the right length. It's just the B.57 that is too long, which as it turns out is useful as I use them to built 1/72 PR.3's and 7's. John
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