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  1. Hmmm, was thinking about joining this GB to give my mojo a kick up the butt since I've not even sat at my bench for around 6 months now. Looking at a GWH 1/48 T-33 in the stash
  2. New video over @ Andy's Hobby Headquaters Y/T Channel Think i'm gonna buy afew of these for the stash.
  3. They have a limited shelf live. The chemical propertys in the propellants and explosives start to degrade over time,as do the electronics...most are marked with a expiry date,and have a limited amount of flight hours. Biggest threat over Syria has been UAV's better to use up a old stock almost time expired AIM-9M on a drone than a new and very costly AIM-9X.....save them for something else.
  4. I would say yes... I think the CH-53G got new composite rotor blades at some point same as the USAF MH-53J/M's which IIRC have a different tip profile to the earlier blades...that may limit your use of the RH-53D to a certain time frame of Bundeswehr use. But i'm no expert on the type.
  5. Microscale did it decades ago,Twobobs did it more recently but its long OOP
  6. Don't think the ones above wore any unit insignia, I know the Op Crossroads DB-17/QB-17's wore the same as the B-29's.. If I ever get around to doing those I'll pick up a couple Warbird Decals sheet that has Dave's Dream on it for the 58th Wing insignia...plus I want to build the AFWC B-29 option too
  7. Yeah it is surprising they are still fully armed in 1946!...the turrets were quickly removed but it would make for a easier build apart from paint and decals.
  8. Ok...I'm in, Airfix's B-17G Late Please excuse the bad phone pic just a quicky to show the unstarted kit(afew pieces removed from sprues but nothing glued). Colour scheme...well its gonna be post war for something alittle different. I had planned on building maybe 2 or 3 kits for this GB but since I'm already late to the party I'll now just concentrate on one. The original choices were a B-17G from the AWFC(All Weather Flying Center) based at Clinton County Air Base,Ohio between 1946-49 for Project Thunderstorm were they gathered data on Thunderstorms and chased Tornado's and flew other adverse Weather missions. The other options were 1950's Drones in either the yellow/orange with black stripes or the red/white scheme maybe with the added wing tip pods. Well I guess I'll make a start and make the final choice when it comes time to close up the fuselage as I'll need to fair over the removed gun turrets on the Drones. Cheers for now, Gary/Mungo1974
  9. Been distracted with real life of late so haven't been visiting BM regularly.....Hence.....I Forgot all about this GB! I do however have a handful of 1/72 Airfix/Revell B-17F/G's in the stash so may still enter something.
  10. Thats going on the Christmas list... Just wish Revell would also re-pop the AN-124 Ruslan,with this upcoming release I now regret trading mine away afew years ago
  11. Is it just the camera angle or my eyes but those wingtips look alittle strange. Also a nasty seam on that nose turret glazing same as the old Monogram 48th kit,would have hoped in this day and age you'd be able to mould the clear turret parts better than that. That being said i'm a Norfolk lad,and given how many Liberators flew from bases local to me during the war...there's little doubt one will end up in my stash
  12. Tan Model at one time said they were gonna do a 1/48 T-37. I think they even had images on their Facebook page of a Turkish museum bird they were using to LIDAR. I was hopeful at the time...however Tan Model have promised us much and delivered very little so far. But yes we do need a 1/48 Tweet!
  13. Wish they would re-pop it too Seemed to sell out almost immediately compared to the other Centurion boxings
  14. Not my Youtube channel,but if your interested as to whats in the box.
  15. A very pleasent surprise,one that'll be dropping into a online shopping cart at the earliest available oppertunity
  16. May just have to get one if true.. Could give me the push to build the Revell AN-124 Ruslan kit that been sitting in the stash for years
  17. Thinking about entering with a Academy Magach 6 or 7...or a Takom RoC Brave Tiger kit once released.. With regards to the Sabra's I did find a conversion set...I have no idea as to its quality,and am hesitant to lay down nearly 60Euro's on a unkown set. http://www.mrmodellbau.com/_shop/product_info.php?products_id=114&MODsid=05f825084c0e1756608fee05821e04d2
  18. Very nice kit,my 3 arrived today...3 kits for the RRP of one Tamiya boxing...can't be bad May even grab acouple more...I see Jadlamracing are currently selling them on their website for £29.95 post free! Linky http://www.jadlamracingmodels.com/revell-p-51d-5na-mustang-1-32-aircraft-model-kit-03944/ I am in no way affiliated with Jadlam,just a heads up for the new kit at a decent price
  19. Ohh could be interested the Pershing/Patton/Blazer family are among my favourite tanks....so many users and uparmoured sub-variants. If the M103 is allowed what about the developmental T29/30/34 series of Heavy Tanks?...no problem if not just wondering since the were built on a lengthened M26E3 Chassis...And I have the Takom kits in the stash
  20. Plenty of video showing up in Youtube of the display + crash... Sadly i think by the time he knew he'd messed up it was far too late. My thoughts are with his family,friends and Sqn...and also those who organised the display and those on the beach...seen 5 fatal accidents at airshows myself over the years and its never pleasent experience to witness
  21. Stu, Way,way back in the day #0321 was a Panthers jet...That Astra sheet dates back to 2000/01 timeframe. Back when the Liberty Wing was first converting to the F-15E with brand new jets arriving directly from St.Louis. The Bolars converted first and got all the AF90 tails,the Panthers got AF91 plus one single AF92. After the Kosovo War most of the AF90 jets returned to the USA for their first PDM cycle at Warner Robins AFB,followed by the AF91 tails.The AF90's were all reassigned to new units at Nellis & Mountain Home..The AF91 jets returned to Lakenheath after overhaul and were spread over both 'E' sqn's joining the brand new factory deliveries of 96/97/98/00/01. Current 2017 spread 492FS 91/96/97/98 494FS 91/92/00/01. Very long winded sorry...but yes #0321 was a Panthers jet,any operations its has flown over Afghanistan/Iraq/Libya/Syria its been a 492 Bolars jet.
  22. Bloomin' heck...people finishing already! Way behind you guys with mine,my old mum just had to go into hospital for a hip replacement.. Since she lives alone I moved back home for a couple of weeks to help out and keep an eye on her...never thought about taking one or more of my Eagles with me. Need to pull my finger out.
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