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  1. It's unfortunate that the UK opted for a slow delivery rate of our F35Bs. The time is coming when we will have enough aircraft to ensure we can create a full UK airwing - although it remains to be seen if we'll ever have both on deployment with a fixed wing airgroup at the same time? We simply don't have the escorts to facilitate that anyway
  2. It's a really good series, just hope the cameras went with her to the USA again this year.
  3. Prince of Wales was sighted off the Devon coast today steaming past Torbay in Lyme Bay, a very short distance from Portsmouth.
  4. Yes, seems almost unreal. The series was great to watch despite being a year old!! I hope the cameras went with her this year for the second round of F35B trials?
  5. They Sold HMS Ocean in order to crew POW(unfortunate initials!!). RFA Argus is currently being used as a makeshift LPH in recent exercises. A lot more money needs to be spent on the RN! POW's SeaTrials have gone well and she'll be heading down to Portsmouth in the next couple of weeks to meet her sister at sea for a unique photographic opportunity before entering Portsmouth for the first time. Commissioning due before Christmas which will see both our new carriers alongside together for the first time.
  6. Whilst the New tool Vulcan (fully expected after the Valiant and Victor kits) is most welcome I can understand the frustrations!! I was hoping for a 1/32/1/24 Spitfire PRXIX or 1/350 HMS Queen Elizabeth.... unfortunately Airfix have yet to enter the 1/32 Aircraft area.....
  7. A new Vulcan will be welcome, but here was me hoping for a 1/24 Spitfire PRXIX... or a 1/72 P8 Posiedon/ Voyager Tanker?
  8. Modified Grey matter wings? I'm looking to do a 1/32 PRXIX and one of the really annoying things is that the so called 'Conversion' sets do not include a set of wings. A lot of work is required to produce the unique heavily riveted wings with revised panel lines......I know Grey matter do a universal 'C' wing, did you use those?
  9. In an episode of 'Sailor' on Ark Royal IV a Buccaneer was parked on a lowered lift for a ' Hangar Dance' with a pair of Martels on the folded wings
  10. The HK Models 1/32 Dambuster is out and available - detail looks good in the box
  11. Anyone have an idea when the WNW kit is actually going to appear?
  12. HMS Prince of Wales sailed from the Forth today and I'd currently at sea on her initial sea trials. The RN is hoping if the timing is right that she will sail alongside QE on her return from the USA in November.
  13. I can see your point but I'm afraid in this instance as I understand it from several sources the decision to name the new carriers QE & POW was made for Poiltical reasons. Whether that be true I don't honestly know, but believe it to be so. There were a lot of people including Naval Top Brass who expected one or both to be re-named before launch. HRH Prince Charles,was approached personally about POW being re-named Ark Royal and agreed. But unfortunately he did not intervene personally as the Queen Mother had done with Ark Royal V to ensure it happened. Naming the new bombers after Attack Boats is not exactly ideal either!!
  14. Big Liz re-named.....if only! Should always have been Eagle (R08) and Ark Royal (R09). QE & POW should never have been used on Carriers. But the RN naming system seems to have gone to pot......
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