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  1. Stealthman

    The Su-57 are arriving

    The F35 has proven extremely costly, a bit like the QE class carriers eating up most of the RN budget. But you pays your money and makes your choice. The F35 is vastly superior to the vast majority of Warplanes flying today and will only get better. The Russians are king of the SAMs, possibly because they have a greater awareness of just how effective Western Air Power can actually be, and the thinking that an advanced SAM system can be more effective than inferior manned fighters. The concept of Stealth was proven during the first Gulf War when the F117 STEALTH operated unhindered over Baghdad on the opening night despite the city being defended by the latest Soviet Air defence systems that were subsequently neutralized. Where a strong SAM threat exists we have ways of dealing with it. As for the positive comments from pilots that have flown the F35, it's got nothing to do with career prospects, it's about flying an aircraft that is actively proving to be far superior to any other they've flown before.
  2. Stealthman

    The Su-57 are arriving

    Simply put, I believe the SU57 failed to live up to expectations, but valuable lessons will have been learned with the type having effectively served as a development aircraft for a more advanced airframe which will no doubt be unveiled in the not too distant future. I would put an F35 up against any Russian type and expect it to come out on top - pilots that have actually flown the F35 cannot praise it enough, a key NATO strength will be the sheer numbers due to enter service with Countries across Europe.
  3. Stealthman

    Harrier GR.9A ZD433 moves into FAA Museum Concorde Hangar

    Good to see this aircraft finally on display at the FAA Museum, don't know what took them so long? 5 x GR9s remain in the UK. 3 preserved at the IWM , RAF and FAA museums, and 2 retained by the MOD for training purposes at Withering and Gosport respectively.
  4. Stealthman

    Which 1/32 Tornado should I build? POLL

    You can make an excellent GR4 from Revell kit with Flight path set and Paragon resin seats. I used Black Box tubs, but nothing else as the rest is completely out of scale.
  5. Stealthman

    Italeri 1/32 F35A

    That's what made me wonder if Italeri had paid Tamiya to tool the kit.
  6. Stealthman

    Italeri 1/32 F35A

    I note with great interest this new release from Italeri and wonder who actually did the tooling? Possibly Tamiya? I'll wait until.a B is released some point in the future.
  7. Stealthman

    The Su-57 are arriving

    No resemblance to RQ-180
  8. Stealthman

    HMS Agincourt

    Only problem is we need at least 10 x Astute to have a credible operational fleet. With 7, in reality only 3, possibly 4 at a push will actually be available at any one time.
  9. Stealthman

    1/32 Tornado Cockpit, Stumped.

    The key thing is that you actually have very good cockpit base with these tubs
  10. Stealthman

    Propeller markings

    Does anyone do the markings that appear on RAF propellers ( see BBMF Spits as an example), or are any of tgr decal compsnies out there willing to consider doing them?
  11. Stealthman

    1/32 Tornado Cockpit, Stumped.

    The only thing worth using out of the Black Box resin set is the cockpit tubs, everything else except throttles and small pieces is hopelessly out of scale. I used Black Box tubs with paragon seats and Flight path Detail set.
  12. Stealthman


    I think Albion and Bulwark will be around for sometime to come. The strength of feeling is such that Conservative MPs have indicated they will revolt against the government if an attempt is made to dispose of them along with the Royal Marines. It's been confirmed that RM Tamar at Devonport will be expanded to create a new Marine superbase as already planned. Pity some idiot forgot to halt sale of HMS Ocean!
  13. Does anyone know where I could actually obtain the full option kit? I believe it's only available in Japan?
  14. Very nice indeed! Ok, now I wonder how much the complete lot of kit is gonna cost?
  15. Just a shame it's a static model. If they ever release an R/C Version I'll go for it.