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  1. As noted below we now have an operational requirement for the boom system and hopefully we'll have a number of A330s kitted out with them.
  2. Good to hear it's being discussed! We have an operational need for the booms with the RC135, P8 and Wedgetails.
  3. The Aussie A330s have booms fitted, so no reason we couldn't have them on our 2 pointers
  4. Modifying the existing two points would be cheaper option
  5. You're probably right - typical UK
  6. Now that would be a good idea! Although I was a bit perplexed as to why we have 2 & 3 point tankers, why not make all of them 3 point????? Or has someone already had the idea of a boom on 2 pointers??
  7. Don't believe all that you read, the guys and girls flying the F35 swear by it! This is one extremely advanced aircraft and the best in the world in a lot of areas - situational awareness is superior to the F22 and a key element in survivability. With any new programme the critics make mountains out of mole hills.
  8. Surprised the gun issues weren't picked up at a very early stage although its primarily for air to air use as opposed to ground attack.
  9. Yes, although I don't know if our guys have been trained on inflight refuelling? I would assume they have? It's about time we fitted booms to our voyagers, but meantime I'm sure the USAF can oblige if needed.
  10. Good thing for the Navy! Except of course the small numbers.......
  11. Very nice indeed!!! Don't honestly think you could have done any better!! The boat and base are stunning
  12. It's a real shame that they did not put a detailed interior in with options to raise the nose etc - that would have been some model!! But I'm assuming the sheer cost put them off that idea?
  13. It was the Northrop Tacit Blue - a very strange looking concept demonstrator for the B2 Spirit. I believe it was nicknamed 'Shamu' because it resembled a whale.....
  14. From that view I wouldn't have thought it was possible to see it?
  15. So it looks like Hood had this feature for a good while? It almost looks like it's all one colour as opposed to a roundel with a red centre? I wonder how many other ships had this feature or was it unique to the Hood?
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