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  1. Yep, ditto! Whilst I'm sure many will welcome yet another (but high quality) BF109 kit, I am surprised Tamiya has yet to do a 1/32 Griffon Engined Spit?? Perhaps a MK XIV initially with a PRXIX to follow. Come on Tamiya!!
  2. Intentionally put you on the wrong track? Do we actually know who makes the refuelling Truck?
  3. Checked out your post and you've done a really nice job on those windows! Can't decide whether to go for HKM or wait for WNW kit. I note HKM didn't bother with some obvious things like the twisted framing in the nose turret which is straight in the kit? Only ever going to build one so a bit torn. In addition, interior detail looks superior in the WNW kit. I understand HKM kit has the deeper engine cowlings like those on PA474.
  4. Thanks for that tip Don! I'm open to any and all suggestions!
  5. Thanks for the reply. I had a horrible feeling they wouldn't be very flush. I intend to build PA474 which doesn't have the windows, strangely enough neither did R5868 after its overhaul at A V Roe. What was the title of your post?
  6. Can anyone who has the HK Models 1/32 Lanc tell me if it the fuselage windows fit flush enough to erase these without too much filling/sanding?
  7. Many, many years,ago I saw 131 in what was the original Bovington Museum. At that time most exhibits, specially the german WW11 vehicles were still in the colours they were captured in, that I believe included 131. It was overall darkish yellow/ sand - sorry not up on the exact names. Dark gray could be seen on the engine deck and surrounding areas under what seemed to be a sprayed on finish. The tank was naturally 'weathered' and I have no reason to doubt this was it's original finish. Photos of 131 'on test' after arrival in the UK also show it in one overall colour. The colour scheme applied after its restoration bore no resemblance whatsoever to that it wore in the museum for many years.
  8. Strangely enough perhaps the most famous Falklands sub veteran is moored a short distance in front of Courageous - namely her sistership HMS Conqueror!! Shame they didn't decide to preserve conx instead... but I guess preserving the only nuclear powered submarine ever to fire a weapon in anger and actually sink a major surface warship wasn't worth considering? Or perhaps politics got in the way
  9. The seams aren't great, and will take a bit of cleaning up. I have the Eduard set, and I will get around in the future to modifying the Seat mounting - they are on rails and move back to ensure the crew members legs are free of the consoles prior booster firing. But the Revell did the seat fittings based on the prototype when the entire cockpit area was within a capsule that separated from the airframe with the crew inside.
  10. Looked good, but a bit short of the 30 daks? Did the parachute drop actually happen?
  11. I haven't seen anything in news programmes about this, but did the Daks actually fly in a large number over France and carry out the anniversary parachute drop as planned in the end?? I had heard it was called off because of weather?
  12. Presumably this is a kit? It looks pretty impressive! Anybody know who makes it?
  13. The three main sections (which coincidentally mirror the assembly of the real thing) do take a bit of putting together!
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