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  1. Just a small update - after clearing all legal questions, we started work on HMS Diana, Artois class 18pdr frigate, using the NMM plans of her and of her sister Seahorse. Artois class was a class of 8 larger frigates, and one of the first classes armed with 18pdr guns. During napoleonic wars, they all fought with distinction, taking or sinking no less then 10 enemy frigates, 8 corvettes, and 31 privatiers or sloops, plus a myriad of smaller ships like gunboats, merchants or similar...
  2. She is definitely one of the most probable prototypes when it comes to a 74 gunners. I however would start with a smaller ship, most likely a frigate. As of now, it seems to me that it would be a british frigate, or maybe even 2 subjects parallel, as I was contacted by more then one designer so far.
  3. I am considering to start another line of 3d printed ship kits (in addition to my accessory line and dunkirk small craft) over shapeways, and I toy with the idea to make napoleonic era ships. These kits would be in 1/350 and 1/700, and on demand could be made in any other scale (200, 300, 400, 450, 600 or so). Thus I would like to find out if it would be interesting for you, and if yes, which ship type you would like to see first (provided I can get plans of course). You can select many, and suggest names in replies.
  4. Spent some time testing my new light box and taking some pictures of my guys. Doing some painfully slow progress on both Cavalierguard and Horse guard. Nearly done, but some oil smoothing needed on the white uniform parts. Swords as usual hard steel. I also made some fixes on the infantry guys, adding more highlights, etc. From the time schedule, i think it is going to be a christmas gift, or even next birthday - time is critically low..
  5. Nice painting of a very decent figure!
  6. PetrOs


    These guys look nice!
  7. I was very unhappy about the picture quality before, so bought a tripod for the camera, and took some lessons on how to use my DSLR in manual mode, and post process the stuff. Much happier with the pics, even if not perfect.
  8. Spent some time yesterday and today to paint 2 officers, and do some minor changes on the ensign. Plus oil and pigments on the lads. One in a hat is from Warlords, in a forage cap from Perry. Swords replaced with hard steel ones machined with proxxon diamond disk from 1mm hard steel wire, and they are really knife sharp
  9. White metal figures should be robust, as designed for wargames. I will be replacing protruding things like flags, lances or swords with hard steel rod too Good tip with size, will have to check it
  10. On a russian forum, I was made aware that the Perry's figures have the wrong uniform for Borodino. They have the 1812 model Barden uniform, which only found wide distribution after 1813. However, some sources (like http://napoleonistyka.atspace.com/French_infantry.html#_uniforms referencing Koen de Smet) tell us that the Davout 1st army corps was issued this uniform before the invasion of Russia, and the 30 de Ligne was exactly in this corps (1st Division, Bonamy brigade). As I anyways plan a second set for sale, themed on either Leipzig or Waterloo, Perry guys could just shift there. I just ordered a stack of Front Rank figures as a replacement.
  11. Yesterday evening I finally started painting. I took the ensign bearer as a "test" figure. It is a figure from the warlord's Russian infantry set - the infantrymen are plastic, while the command group is white metal. It is well cast, and the seams only needed to be removed with a light touch of the blade. I painted the dark shadow color by now. I am often painting the dark base, and then add highlights to it, instead of mid-tone and then paint in shadows and hightlights. I also ran a washing over the figure to darken the edges and pits even more. Working with acrylics of different brands, Gunze, Tamiya, Vallejo, Revell and Lifecolor were used so far. Tonight, the highlights, oils, and pigments would come upon this boy. I will also need to make the guy to an NCO by adding the gold strips on the cuffs and collar The flag is self printed - it is a regimental "white" color of the Ufa regiment. The graphics come from http://www.vexillographia.ru/russia/rarmy034.htm#pe174 , processed, laid out and printed on normal office paper, brushed with diluted white glue and glued together same time as forming. I will cover it with the flat coat and also add some pigment treatment later. The borders will get some color treatment. It will also need the golden bands with pompons on them added to the flagstaff.
  12. Surely, but not sure yet if i will do realistic bases or just figure on a base. In the first variant, gabions or an earth wall
  13. As I am thrown around what to make to the Rook, I will do 2 variants of it, and see what I like more - General on the redoubt wall - Smaller scale cannon. Sean from Newline miniatures was so polite to measure their guns for me, they should fit without problem. I ordered a few.
  14. Great thing! Would be nice to see the parallel process - best possibility for exchanging the ideas! I actually struck a preliminary agreement with the russian wood base manufacturer DerevoModelshik for the bases, so if you wish, you could also jump in
  15. It would be nearly impossible.... already the horizontal projection of the carriage between the axle and tail is around 50-51mm, plus the barrel and wheels projecting forward.... Alternatively of course, I could put there just the 1/72 cannons with no servants as a symbol...