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  1. I live in Thailand and have the same happen with some plastic hoses and all kinds of rubber. The hoses for my big compressor (not for modelling) is normally lasting 1-3 years.
  2. No, Laser printers work same as inkjet with using the white paper for white color. The toner colors is similar to the colors as the ink in an inkjet.
  3. It's a decent Viggen kit so even if it was £100 (plus resin etc) I would buy a few of them and BUILD them. Would not buy to put on the "pile" of kit I'd never finish. £60++ is still cheap for something you really want and spend a few months building.
  4. That's nice. Hope the finished product will be the same as the picture. Looks much better than the Maestro resin for the Airfix Viggen
  5. Hope the print quality (and color) is better this time from TwoBobs (Microscale). Was awful last time. Could be very nice decals otherwise.
  6. I doubt that small exposure from modelling will do a lot of damage. My dad used to work in a factory with big baths of it in his early 20's and we believe we can see the effect of it today (he's 74 so can be normal ). I myself have transported thousands of tons of it and other nasty chlorinated solvents on my ship. We used to use it a lot for tank cleaning but not anymore.
  7. TCE is also polluting ground water and very good for frying your brain and cause Cancer. That's why it's banned in many countries.
  8. It's out in Asia. There is also a F-4D kit out but only for Korean market (#12300 available on ebay). I have both the C and D kit and the only difference is Photo etch for formation (slime) lights included in the D kit only. Both kits come with the same plastic sprues and the same huge decal sheet for stencils. The kit specific decals come on a small sheet. So yes you can build a D out of the C kit if you have decal formation lights with your new decals.
  9. The instructions can be downloaded here, http://www.academy.co.kr/6q/data/1p/48_F-4D_ROKAF.zip This kit has the same sprues as the new F-4C kit.
  10. Being hoisted of my ship and flown to hospital in a USCG helicopter with a broken femur.
  11. I'm also working on the Aires cockpit and had to cut approx. 2mm from the walls of the fwd wheel bay to make it fit. Also doubt that the new Aires 4579 Wheel bays will fit. look very deep in the picture.
  12. Some good looking stuff there. Will order all above together with the Mk.5 seats when you have them ready.
  13. The Viggen is now listed at Hannants with price. 10% off for pre-orders. http://www.hannants.co.uk/product/TAR48003
  14. Hope it also will include all small stencil decals (more than 100) similar to Flying Colors and Two Bobs long sold out sheets. Preferably printed by Cartograf this time so you can read them and not just a blob of color. That would also bring the quality of the kit up to a level that would justify the higher price everybody keep complaining about.
  15. The Viggen is priceless Will get a few kits, price doesn't matter.
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