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  1. Certainly the first injection German 2 seater in 1/72 for a while. (Just bracing to be shot down on that stat)..Are you listening Airfix...or Roden........anyone ??
  2. Excellent Pics, shame it's rather crammed in a corner. Do you know who created the reproduction, Is it one of TVAL's?
  3. Thanks for rooting that out Dave. Got a 'few' other projects on the go at moment (Halberstat, ,Hawa, Pfalz, Gladiator ). So the J1 is on the backburner no longer!
  4. Hope that set up worked for you Dave. Cant see on photos, but presume you fitted Fin / Rudder assy to hold rear of fuselage up.
  5. What a delight ! Engine assy looks so neat. I note the forad engine mounts are a separate item. Hispano N/F anyone ? (OK, OK I know new, RE8? wings Single seat etc., etc.)
  6. Thanks for the tip Christian. Have been trying to use the Eduard colour scheme profiles, but the proportions seem a bit odd, hopefully the Wingnut profiles are more proportionally accurate. John
  7. I feel your pain Dave ! Have tried inverting everything myself, along with lego supports to prop the rear fuselage up, but again, because of the odd wing root configuration of the main struts, everything seems to twist, pivoting around them. I often use sandwich foam - board, with wing - thickness slots, at correct spacing and stagger cut in to hold everything steady, that is why I need info for the wing spacing, so I can make some up. Does anyone have the Wind sock data file drawings which dims could be taken from ?
  8. Currently "Challenged" by the strange strut configuration on the Eduard J1. The supplied struts are pretty flimsy, and I cannot get them set in place, without the substantial upper wing lolling around. Can anyone supply me with the gap distance between the upper and lower wings, so I can set up a jig to hold all in place. found a contemporary evaluation report, which quotes approx 2 meters, which comes out way to large. Can anyone help with dimensions ? Thanks in advance, Fred.
  9. There was a article on the Cork in a recent Cross and Cockade magazine. Cant remember the actual edition, but the website should clarify, and offer back issues.
  10. Thanks for the responses folks, will chase them up.
  11. I am looking for a source of 1/72 instrument bezels. Hannants seem to supply every scale but 1/72. Can anyone help ?
  12. Promising news, at last some one is recognising the 100th anniversary with some new releases, apart from WNW. S'pose hoping for some new 1/72 stuff is pushing it a bit.....Eduard's DV and J1 were very good.
  13. Model and Allied Publications (MAP) did some tomtit plans, cant remember scale though. There was a 1/72 conversion article in Aircraft Modelworld, October 1985, which used Airfix Hawker Hart wings, and a scratch built fuselage.
  14. Find standard Vallejo Ok for spraying. I use car screen wash, with a couple of drops of Rowney flow improver added. Thing is , they do not seem to do standard BS FS etc. colours. Does any one know of a conversion chart for matching Vallejo with military colours ?
  15. Greif! that cockpit is staggering! the engineering of these new Airfix offerings is really impressive. At risk of showing my age, I used to be happy if there was a seat! Floor and instrument panel was akin to super detail....
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