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  1. Hi Orso. Thanks for the image for the wheels Do believe I have that set somewhere. John.
  2. Just placed my first order. Thankful to find some Roden 'Hens teeth' .looking forward to further happy purchases a reasonable prices. Interesting to note that the Roden element attracted VAT, whilst it was not listed on the other (Revell) elements. Could this explain Rodens WW1 AVF paucity in the uk. John
  3. Hi Courageous. Thanks for the link to Orso's build, very useful stuff. Just need to root out some spoke wheels ! May see if I can adapt some 1/48 0r 1/32 A/C etch wheels. Best. John.
  4. Hi All. Another newbie question. Want to do a RNAS Rolls Royce armoured car in 1/72, but can only source a Roden 1920 pattern kit, which itself seems to be fast disappearing ! Can any of you helpful people outline the main differences between the two types. The spoke wheels seems the most obvious on the 1914, but are there others ? Thanks in anticipation. John.
  5. Hi AWF Thanks for the extra heads up, looking more like the Master Box than ever !
  6. Hi Orso. Thank you for the info, seems like it's quite close between the two. The Master Box surface detail looks a bit better to my eye than the Emhar so will probably go for that. Regards John.
  7. Hi Jun Many thanks for the information, will probably go with grey green, and what a superb selection of photographs ! John
  8. Hi All. Title is probably pretty self explanatory, but as I'm expanding My interest from WW1 Aircraft to landships, which do you guys recommend, fully appreciating it's everyone's personal opinion. Thanks for all input. John.
  9. After the release of Mushroom Pubs' very welcome profile on the Shark, I was heartened to have a crack at the Frog offering. As the cockpits are open, can anyone supply information / educated guesses as the cockpit colours. Aircraft grey green, or possibly grey, given the fuselage is all metal monocoque ? Thanks in anticipation. John
  10. Thanks Mike. The old Prototype spit colour can be a real bugbear. I have heard that the colour was applied at the Rolls-Royce car plant, so was not a recognised BS308 air ministry colour, but looks great on your kit. Regards John.
  11. Really nice job, good to see an alternative to the old Airfix. Built the old Airfix as a Mk5. Took a ton of milliput for the nose ! Probably should have plunge moulded in retrospect . John.
  12. And a Red Tail ! Of course what else ! John .
  13. As a Lindy Hop and swing dancer, Covid and modelling permitting. That Jug is KOOOOOL!! John.
  14. Brilliant job on an absolute classic kit ! these Arma offerings must be the best Hurris in 1/72. Just wish they would do a hooked FAA version (moan, gripe ) John.
  15. Really nice job Mike. Superb finish, but I am going to ask an obvious question, what colour, or colour mix did you use ? John
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